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Chapter 133 - Diablo’s Sudden Popularity

Chapter 133: Diablo’s Sudden Popularity

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-Fusheng Restaurant-

It was a mid-range restaurant. Some warriors would come here for a drink, and nearby cultivators would occasionally come here to have meals. Although it wasn’t as high-end as the Wind and Moon Pavilion, it was quite famous among nearby residents.

Besides, since some big bookstores were close by, the customers’ favorite entertainment in this restaurant was listening to the stories.

“Here’s Mr. Yu!”

“What will Mr. Yu tell today?”

“How about Three Saints again?”

“Forget it! I’ve listened to it many times!” one customer complained. “He just told it yesterday, and it will be boring to hear it again today!”

“How about the part where the main character dropped down the cliff?” A cultivator said with a wine cup in his hand, “The only part interesting about that story is when he survived the fall and gained a great treasure.”

“I’m tired of that too!” A luxuriously dressed warrior shook his head and said, “How about the part where he met a powerful master? The hero met an old grandmaster when he was in a desperate situation!”

At this moment, Mr. Yu slammed the gavel on the table and began, “Everyone, do you know what lies at the end of the Tianjue Ocean to the distant west?”

“Ugh? I don’t remember this part in Celestial Warrior, right?”

“What is there?”

“Isn’t it the legendary endless death zone where the monsters live?”

“Today, I’ll tell you the story of Diablo!” Mr. Yu raised his head and said.


“What’s this Diablo?” All the people in the audience looked at each other and then gazed at the old storyteller in confusion.

“In the distant west, gods lived in the heaven with boundless light, and they were called angels. Their enemies were called demons!

“While the angels and demons fought, humans were caught in between and struggled to survive…”

“What’s this place?” Everyone looked at each other with curiosity.

“There are such entities like angels and demons?”

“How about humans? Were there any Emperor Warriors or Immortals who could build a force to fight the demons?”

“Good question…”

The customers had gotten tired of hearing stories about combat techniques and celestial spells. When they heard the novel elements such as Paladin and demons, they felt…

“Is this also a novel? Is it a new book?!”

They felt as if a new world were opened to them!

It seemed like there was really an unknown place on the other side of the ocean. And in that world, there were characters such as Paladins and Sorceresses, and there was a new power structure that they had never known before such as magics! In that world, the angels and demons battled each other fiercely!

A cultivator exclaimed, “They also have people like cultivators? Can the sorceresses make spiritual artifacts?”

“They even have lofty warriors such as Paladins?!” an aristocratic warrior inhaled deeply and said, “The Paladins can practice spiritual spells?!”

“They have crazy warriors who are barbarians?!”

A cultivator asked with great curiosity, “The Druid cultivated the transformational techniques to this level?! Who is his master? Is his master the legendary Thousand-Face Godly Master?”

Mr. Yu only went through half of today’s material, yet all kinds of questions were tossed at him.

I only read the first chapter; how can I answer all these questions?!

Mr. Yu slammed the gavel on the desk and cupped his hands to the audience, saying, “If you want to get the answers, come and hear the rest of the story in the future!”

He glanced at Li Fusheng and saw the latter giving him a thumbs-up secretly.

Mr. Yu said smugly, “Please come back tomorrow!”

“That’s all for today?”

“How about this evening?”

Mr. Yu said calmly, “I’ll continue telling Celestial Warrior at dinner time.”

The audience protested, “We don’t want to hear it! That story is boring!”

“At least tell us what happens to this world in the end? Did Diablo destroy the world or not?”

“We want to hear the story of the west!”

“We want to hear Diablo!”

“Quiet down!” Hearing their eager requests, Mr. Yu felt overwhelmed. “Tonight, I’ll reveal to you some of the contents in tomorrow’s session! Please wait until then!”


When the evening came, the owner of the nearby Jinxiang Restaurant was puzzled. “How come the business today is so slow?”

Meanwhile, the Fusheng Restaurant across the street was more crowded than usual.

“What’s happening?”

“I heard that Fusheng Restaurant told a new story today!” A busboy whispered to him, “The customers all went there to hear the story!”

“Is the ninth volume of Celestial Warrior out already?! That Owner Yu from Dongguan Book Forest didn’t tell me the news!” The fat owner was furious.

“From what I heard, they are not telling Celestial Warrior!” a busboy explained, “The ninth volume of Celestial Warrior won’t come out until tomorrow, right?”

“Then, what story are they telling?!”

“It seems to be a story named… Diablo,” the busboy whispered.

“Dial… What?!” What name is that?” The fat restaurant owner was confused.

“Go! Ask someone where they got this so-called Diablo!”

“From what I know, all the stories told in the restaurants have the books out first, right?” On the street, two warriors seemed to be searching for something. “How come none of the big bookstores has this book?”

“The Fusheng Restaurant tells only a small part of the story each day; I just can’t wait!” A warrior said with frustration.

“I never liked to listen to stories they tell,” the other warrior said, “But today, I found this story novel and enthralling!”

“That is Dongguan Book Forest, the biggest bookstore in this city.” One warrior said, “Let’s go and see if they have the book!”

Yu Rui, the owner of Dongguan Book Forest, was smug when he thought about the big profits that he would make when the ninth volume of Celestial Warrior would be published.

Dongguan Book Forest was the sole printer and distributor of Celestial Warrior in the entire Jiuhua City. Whenever a new volume came out, the other bookstores, restaurants, and even some aristocrats in the entire Jiuhua City asked favors from him!

It gave him great pleasure.

At this moment, two warriors came into the bookstore.

Standing behind the counter, Yu Rui asked them, “Are you here for the ninth volume of Celestial Warrior as well? I’m sorry, but you must come back tomorrow for it.”

“We don’t care about Celestial Warrior,” one of the warriors said, “Sir, do you have Diablo or not?”

“Pardon me?” Mr. Yu froze.



“What’s Diablo?” Standing beside them, a fat man in luxurious clothes said with a chuckle, “If you want to read a novel, Celestial Warrior is the only choice for you!”

“Forget it.” The warrior shook his head, looking unimpressed. “You’ll know what we’re talking about if you go and hear the story in Fusheng Restaurant. If you’re late, you can’t even find a standing spot!”

“Let’s go! You shouldn’t have told him that! If more people go there, we won’t even have a standing spot for ourselves!”

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