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Chapter 132 - The Pinnacle Duel Between Two Masters

Chapter 132: The Pinnacle Duel Between Two Masters

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“How come there are so many people in the internet cafe?” When Song Qingfeng and others came into the internet cafe after jumping over the tall wall, they found that there were almost no seats for them!

It was already 9 PM into the night!

They looked around, and then their eyes lit up. “Those old guys are leaving!”

“Move! Move! Let’s grab those computers!” They yelled, “Xiaoyue! We’ll take four hours!”

“Today, Act III of Diablo came out, right?” Xu Luo asked.

“Hurry!” Lin Shao said impatiently, “Activate it and play!”

An Huwei had just got off the computer, and he froze at the sight of them. “You guys still came!”

“Hush!” Lin Shao whispered, “We jumped the wall to get out.”

An Huwei’s face twitched, and he almost dropped under the table!

Stroking his chin, he looked them up and down, thinking, “With the academy’s gate closed, you just jumped the wall to get out?

How did Old Ghost Qin train these guys? They can find loopholes in every rule!

“I wish that the disciples in my Liuyun Daoist Palace could be as diligent as them!” Xue Daolv murmured to himself.

“If you bring your disciples here, they will be as diligent as these kids!” An Huwei said with a laugh.

“Good idea!” Xue Daolv’s eyes lit up. “Tomorrow, I’ll bring my disciples to get familiar with these new weapons! Then, I’ll show them the great power of the sword control technique!”

-The second morning-

In the summer wind full of the faint fragrance of lotus, a chilling atmosphere permeated the space.

The wind blew in through the windows, and the sunlight shone into the room. However, the sunlight felt as cold as the morning wind.

Ye Songtao’s gaze was even colder.

With about 100 disciples behind him, he stared ahead without blinking.

Like a wind, the newcomer seemed lighter than the sunlight, but his position in Dajin carried great weight!

He had also brought about 100 disciples.

Ye Songtao exclaimed in surprise, “Why did you bring so many people here, Palace Master Xue?”

“You can bring so many disciples here, so why can’t I do the same?” With many disciples with him, Xue Daolv had obviously come prepared.

Ye Songtao sighed faintly. “It’s a pity that the shop doesn’t have enough seats for all of us!”

With a cold sneer, Xue Daolv looked at the 100 disciples behind his opponent and said, “Then, only one of us can bring the disciples into the shop.”

Ye Songtao waved his right hand, signaling his disciples to retreat. “The person with the greater strength can enter the shop!”

“Fine!” Xue Daolv said with heroic spirits.

The wind on the street got even colder.

The intense lights in their eyes got brighter while they said at the same time, “Counter Strike!”

“The best of three wins!”

Ye Songtao immediately pushed the door open and entered the shop. “Xiaoyue, get me a computer! I’ll have a duel with Palace Master Xue today!”


“Is the Faction Master Song and Palace Master Xue going to duel in Counter Strike?!”

“Follow them! Follow them!”

The moment that they entered the game, many disciples came and stood behind them to watch!

While touching the exquisite bodies of the heavy sniper rifles, they both launched the commands of buying grenades and bullet-proof vests without hesitation!

“The Palace Master is walking out of the door!” Liuyun Daoist Palace’s Xiao Yulv, a veteran bystander, cried out while his face twitched, “This step is… Wuchen Step!”

“Wuchen Step?” Alerted by Xiao Yulv’s cry, the disciples of Cloud Ocean Faction immediately looked at Xue Daolv’s screen.

Ye Xiaoye froze and then whispered, “Isn’t it…”

Yun Lian immediately covered his junior sister’s mouth and then looked at their Faction Master’s screen, exclaiming, “Our Faction Master walked out of the door as well! Flick-shot! The Faction Master has used flick-shot without being taught. Although the shot missed, it looked proficient!”

“Ugh? What are all these people doing here?” Fang Qi saw a large crowd in the shop, and Jiang Xiaoyue was jumping around, wanting to see what was happening since she was too short.

“Faction Chief Ye and Palace Master Xue have both brought disciples to play games in the shop,” Loli Jiang Xiaoyue explained, “They are now competing in Counter Strike, and the winner’s disciples can play the games first!”

At this moment, people shouted in the crowd, “Our Faction Master is using quick-scope! Quick-scope!”

“It’s no big deal! Our Palace Master dodged all the bullets with Wuchen Step!”

These two guys are both noobs. How come they are so strong? With his face twitching, Fang Qi looked toward them but couldn’t see anything.

“My God! Our Faction Master is using quick-scope so frequently! Even the shop owner can’t do it!”

“Can the shop owner dodge bullets?” Xiao Yulv yelled in contempt, “Our Palace Master has dodged all the snipes from Faction Master Ye!”

“Our Palace Master has also dodged the many snipes from Faction Master Ye!”

“My God! Blind snipe! The Palace Master used blind snipe with the machine gun!”

At this moment, An Huwei and others also came to the shop.

Looking at the bustling crowd, they were confused. “What’s happening in the shop so early in the morning?”

Right now, few people in Jiuhua City come here to play games, but the shop has such a big crowd today?

“Getting close!” At this moment, An Huwei and others heard another exclamation. “The Faction Master Ye dug out the Desert Eagle and shot Palace Master Xue who is using Wuchen Step!”

“The first match is over!”

“So exciting?” An Huwei looked at the crowd suspiciously and patted the shoulders of two disciples standing before him. “Let me in! Let me in!”

“Sir! I want to watch!” Jiang Xiaoyue looked at the crowd eagerly.

“Let us in! Let us in!” Fang Qi had no choice but to squeeze to the front of the crowd while holding this loli’s hand.

“The Palace Master walked out of the door with Wuchen Step again!”

“The Faction Master is warming up with flick-shot. The bullets dodged all the obstacles with perfection!”

Fang Qi had just squeezed to the front, and his face twitched when he heard this exclamation. What are they yelling about?

Looking forward, he saw one person shooting without aiming and the other jumping like crazy. No blood was shed in the whole process!


“Let me see! Let me see!” Jiang Xiaoyue finally got to the front of the crowd and watched the two of them shoot at each other wildly.

She froze upon seeing this.

“Can’t you summarize it with a few words?” With his face twitching, Fang Qi whispered to Yun Lian who stood beside him.

“What do you mean?” Yun Lian asked.

“Just noobs fighting,” Fang Qi whispered with a dark expression.

Yun Lian glanced at the two masters who were busy playing Counter Strike, and his face turned red with stifled laughter. “Sir, I can’t…”

“I’m out of here! Go on with your play.” Fang Qi backed out of the crowd.

He didn’t know which side won the match. All he saw was that the two groups entered the two shops respectively and engaged in a large group fight in Counter Strike!

Fang Qi glanced at the task list and saw the activation target for Counter Strike being met instantly.

He only needed to achieve the activation target of Diablo Two before the launch of the TV drama – Zhu Xian.

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