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Chapter 131 - A Bold Idea

Chapter 131: A Bold Idea

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After Song Qingfeng’s breakthrough, Lin Shao and Xu Luo had also come close to the Master Warrior Realm from the peak of Official Warrior Realm!

They had been cultivating in their rooms, which was why they still didn’t know what happened.

“What?! What happened?!” Due to his successful breakthrough, Song Qingfeng was in a great mood. But when he walked into the training field, he found that many of his classmates looked gloomy.

There was still some time before the class, but almost all the disciples looked heavy-hearted.

“Hey! Xi Qi! What’s wrong with you? Are you sulky because I made the breakthrough one step before you?” Song Qingfeng patted Xi Qi’s shoulder and said.

With their talents and cultivation strengths on the same level, they had been competing to see who was better. But now…

“Congratulations,” Xi Qi answered him listlessly.

“Hey! What’s wrong with you?” Song Qingfeng froze.

“Yesterday, the academy checked the dorms,” someone explained in a low voice. “Their targets were disciples who went to the Origin Internet Club. Now, many people are…”

Indeed, Class A of the Huang House was immersed in sadness in the last two days because almost half of the disciples in the class were caught in the dorm check while they went to the internet cafe!

Many of them could gain a good rank in the Huang List, which was one of the components of the Lingyun List. But with this incident, almost half of the disciples in the class were not qualified to enter the list anymore!

“How did this happen?!” Song Qingfeng and his two buddies looked at each other and frowned.

Yesterday, thanks to Nalan Mingxue’s warning, they didn’t go to the internet café. Instead, he had stayed in the academy, cultivating all day.

However, the moment that they came out, they were greeted with this bad news!

“Our Class A has become the laughingstock of the whole academy,” one disciple said angrily. “All of us had the opportunity to enter the Lingyun List, but now half of us lost the qualification.”

“I’m afraid that Instructor Mu and Instructor Chen will get into a rage…”

“That’s a small concern compared with the restriction of resources. Without cultivation resources, how can we cultivate in the future?”

Song Qingfeng tightened his fists. “It must be another trick played by Old Ghost Qin, right?”

“You’re fine this time.” One disciple patted Song Qingfeng shoulder and said, “But we are in trouble.”

“I didn’t know that Old Ghost Qin would be so vicious!” Xi Qi said with red eyes.

“I don’t know what we shall do in the future.”

“Don’t be so desperate!” Song Qingfeng clenched his fists. “I have… a bold idea!”

While all the disciples got busy cultivating, Lingyun Academy issued another order, prohibiting all the disciples from going out of the school before the national examination!

This rule would prevent them from going to the internet cafe to play games completely.

Looking at the tightly closed academy gate, the instructor behind Qin Bing said worriedly, “Director Qin, do you think that it’s a good idea to restrict the disciples’ freedom this way?”

“I’m doing it for their own good!” Qin Bing said with a snort, “To ensure that they can cultivate without distraction, I created this seclusion teaching method for them!

“By the way, how is Jiang doing?”

“Don’t worry, Elder Qin. Gongzi Qin Jiang will soon reach the late stage of the Grandmaster Warrior Realm! With his newly mastered combat technique, he will surely get the first place of the Earth List! As to the other disciples, they are in excellent states, and their talents are great! Besides, the No.1 of the Heaven House, Wang Zhishui, has returned.”

[TL Note: Gongzi means Childe in Chinese.]

“Good!” Qin Bing nodded and said, “Put more effort on their training. With the No.1 Position on three lists, we’ll have the chance to become the best academy in the national examination!”

“Ms Nalan, what’s your plan? Don’t make me wait…” Lan Yan was extremely curious. After a shower and changing into fresh clothes, they strode to the practice field.

“It’s simple.” Nalan Mingxue said, “The academy prohibits the disciples from going out, but it doesn’t apply to the instructors, right?”

“Instruc… Instructor?!” Lan Yan froze.

“Ms Nalan, do you mean…” Lan Yan had been with Nalan Mingxue for a long time and knew her personality, but she was still shocked by her bold idea!

Ms. Nalan is even turning her eyes toward the instructors this time!

“That’s true, but…” Lan Yan said, “I don’t think the instructors will take your orders.”

Nalan Mingxue replied, “You’re right. The instructors won’t take my orders, but do you think that the instructors aren’t curious?”

“About what?”

“For example, Castellan An and Faction Chief Ye spend all day in the internet cafe.” Nalan Mingxue said, “If we could inform the instructors without alerting Oldman Qin, what do you think they would do? What do you think they would do after learning the benefits?”

“Ugh…” Lan Yan froze.

“Just like us, the instructors are also want to become more powerful, and that is the top priority for them. However, Qin Bing is different since his priority is to ensure the status of the Lingyun Academy and the Lingyun Martial Arts Tower, thus ensuring his own status.

“In fact, the instructors are on our side,” Nalan Mingxue said with good logic. “They haven’t gone to the internet cafe because they still need a push.”

Lan Yan accepted Nalan Mingxue’s analysis, but she still felt like it wasn’t so easy. “But I’m sure Oldman Qin wouldn’t sit back and watch if that happened.”

“He will be off to supervise the national examination.” Nalan Mingxue’s lips curved up. “Before we come back from the national examination, many things can happen!”

Lan Yan was stupefied.

Soon, it was night, and several figures walked in the darkness. “Young Master Song, do we have to take such a great risk?”

“Think of the disciples who are suppressed by Old Ghost Qin! We must prove to the three major academies and the entire Dajin during the national examination!”

“We must work hard! We’ll show our strengths to these near-sighted people!”

“Do you think that big array around the Lingyun Academy is on?”

“Don’t worry! Oldman Qin would never imagined that we could do this!”

“The wall is very high… Can we get over it?”

“Hush! Don’t let anyone hear us!”

“Hurry! Use the sword control technique to send the swords up!”

Although they couldn’t fly on the swords yet, it was enough to make the swords their stepping stones!

Behind the wall that was several meters tall, three swords hovered in the air like steps.

Song Qingfeng looked at the shaky swords uneasily. “Young Master Lin, Young Master Xu, can you do it? The swords look unsteady! If something happens, none of us can escape!”

“Don’t worry! We will be fine!”

“Then, I’ll go first!” Song Qingfeng gritted his teeth and retreated several steps to prepare for a charge. “We carry the hope of the whole class, and we can’t mess it up!”

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