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Chapter 127 - The Killing Strike of Lingyun Academy

Chapter 127: The Killing Strike of Lingyun Academy

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After playing Counter Strike for a while, Song Qingfeng had found a pattern.

After spending some time on Counter Strike, his mind would be in a state of high concentration, and his efficiency on cultivation and practice of combat techniques would improve greatly.

With the aiding herbs that he prepared for his cultivation, he found that his cultivation speed had doubled!

For people like An Huwei and the others, they wanted to study the weapons in Counter Strike. However, for people like Song Qingfeng, the greatest benefit of the game was giving them a temporary boost to their concentration.

“Go! Go! Go! Let’s go back and cultivate hard, so we can reach the Master Warrior Realm sooner!”

While they were on their way back to the academy, Song Qingfeng received a message from his communication jade.

“We’d better stay at the academy tomorrow?” Song Qingfeng looked at the message from Lan Yan and was baffled.

Lin Shao and Xu Luo had also got this message.

“We’d better stay in the academy?” They looked at each other. “What does it mean?”

“She asked us to forward this message to Fatty Wang.”

“Maybe she had seen my hard work and is afraid that I’ll overtake her?” Xu Luo said, “Maybe that’s why she sent this message to scare us.”

“Don’t joke around.” Song Qingfeng gave him a dirty look and then said after a moment of consideration, “Her message reminds me that Old Ghost Qin isn’t someone who gives up easily.”

“Is Old Ghost Qin going to make a move? And she got the wind of it?” Lin Shao asked.

“If that’s the case…” Song Qingfeng frowned and said, “Send a message to Wang Tai. I remember that he has a lousy communication jade?”

“Okay…” Lin Shao nodded. “Tomorrow, we’ll cultivate in the academy and see who is playing tricks, Old Ghost Qin or these two girls.”

Meanwhile, Fang Qi stayed alone in the internet cafe playing Diablo, gaining levels, and obtaining items until early morning.

In Diablo, one could level up skills fast if they kept gaining levels and acquiring items which could add levels to the skills.

Fang Qi still had some time left in the Game Cultivation Room, and he planned to choose some of the current skills and techniques which could be used with the sword control technique and master them. He would be able to have another trump card without having to have total synchronizations with his game characters.

Before the task that would reward him with Li Xiaoyao’s Wuchen Sword came out, he wouldn’t be able to use complete his synchronization with Li Xiaoyao. Right now, he can satisfy the other condition of complete synchronization with Li Xiaoyao, and that was reaching 20% of total synchronization.

He didn’t need to waste his time on practicing the Heavenly Sword. In the game, it was a progressive technique to the Innumerable Sword Scroll, but they were both powerful AOE techniques in the real world. Comparatively, the Innumerable Sword Scroll had less power but was nimbler while the Heavenly Sword had more power but was harder to master.

Fang Qi couldn’t have them all. Right now, his priority was to master the Innumerable Sword Scroll.

He was considering which other skills and techniques could work with the Innumerable Sword Scroll.

He went to Akara in Act I and reset his skill points before leveling up the offensive aura, Holy Shock.

With this aura, one could use the essence in the body to add lightning damage to each attack, and the consumption of essence was so little that it could be ignored.

In theory, the higher the attack frequency, the more damage it would do.

Fang Qi thought about the many energy swords that the Innumerable Sword Scroll creates…

While touching his chin, he mused to himself, “It might work…”

More importantly, this offensive aura was effective no matter if the user was attacking close-up or from a distance.

As to the other auras and skills, some were ineffective in close-range combat and some were not suitable for pairing up with the sword control technique.

In fact, there were powerful skills in Diablo Two, but for the cultivators and warriors in this world, the first technique that they considered was the sword control technique.

After redistributing the skill points, Fang Qi got himself busy in leveling up. At this rate, he should be able to finish the task about mastering ten skills and gain the ability to fly on swords in two days.

Some time passed, and the first volume of the official novel of Diablo finally came out.

On a street not far from Dongguan Book Forest, the setting sun shined on the neat and clean ground and the few pedestrians who were walking on it.

“Zixin, thank you for doing this for me.” On one side of the street was a simple but elegant small bookstore. Standing in front of the store, Shen Qingqing looked tired while she fixed her windblown hair behind her ears. They had hurried here to tidy up the books right after school.

“Don’t mention it.” Xu Zixin waved her hand casually. “I came here to see the book. If it’s lousy, I’ll bring you to account!”

“I’m sure you’ll like it!”

In this world, the scholars were typically poor while the warriors and cultivators were rich. It was good if one mastered both roles but as a mere scholar…

Even for the government officials, if they didn’t have warriors or cultivators among their descendants, their wealth wouldn’t be able to be passed on for many generations.

In fact, if the civil officials lost their offices due to convictions of criminal behavior, their descendants would never be allowed to enter the official system, no matter what the causes were.

The owner of this bookstore was a serene and elegant woman who was the descendant of a dismissed civil official. After her family declined, she had to open a shop to earn her living.

Sitting straight on a square wooden chair, she had turned to the last page of an exquisite book scroll, looking as if she craved for more. “That’s the end?”

“Zhiwei, what do you think?” Shen Qingqing asked, “Do you like this novel?”

“The word ‘like’ can’t describe my feeling!” Yu Zhiwei exclaimed, “Who is this person that created such a miraculous and imaginative world? I’d say that this book opens a brand-new door!”

With a bitter smile, she asked curiously, “Such a novel should be put in a big bookstore like Dongguan Book Forest and be treated with great attention. With their help, you can sell this book more quickly. Qingqing, why do you want to put the books in my shop?”

Shen Qingqing told this woman about what happened. “The shop owner of Dongguan Book Forest wants to promote Celestial Warrior, and so…”

Before she could finish, she saw a blink in her communication jade; someone sent her a message.

She took out her communication jade, and her expression suddenly turned weird.

“What happened? Qingqing.” The other two looked at her curiously.

[The instructors are checking on the dorms in the academy. Come back ASAP!]

“Checking on the dorms?!” Shen Qingqing and Xu Zixin looked at each other in confusion.

– Meanwhile in Lingyun Academy –

“Do you think it’s a good plan?” Behind Qin Bing, the tall instructor asked in a deep voice.

Qin Bing narrowed his eyes. “According to my investigation, the disciples like to go out to the Origin Internet Club in the evening, since they can sneak out easier. About this time yesterday, many people were absent from the school!”

The disciples of Lingyun Academy were diligent cultivators, and they usually didn’t go out of the school except those who were going out for missions and trips. When a large group of people went missing, it would be very conspicuous!

“At this moment, we can catch them all!” Qin Bing glanced at the time. “It’s past seven, and it’s time to do the check! Anyone who’s absent from school must have a good explanation. As to those who can’t give a good explanation, you know what to do, right?”

With a snort, Qin Bing continued, “Even if that shop has a master behind it, I don’t believe that he dares to intervene with the internal affairs of our Lingyun Academy!”

“Elder Qin, your plan is excellent! I’m sure we can give a tough lesson to these reckless disciples this time!”

In the internet cafe, Xi Qi touched his communication jade and saw the message, [Brother, the academy is doing a dorm check. Come back ASAP!]

Besides Xi Qi, many other players in the internet cafe received the message as well, [The instructors are doing dorm check. Come back quick!]

“My God!”

“Are they trying to find out who is here playing games?!”

“Why do they do this right now?!”

“Hurry! Go back to the academy!” Many players in the internet cafe panicked.

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