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Chapter 126 - Don’t Go to the Internet Café Tomorrow

Chapter 126: Don’t Go to the Internet Café Tomorrow

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Tonight, many disciples from Lingyun Academy came to the internet cafe, including many new players who were brought by old ones. That was why Fang Qi witnessed such a huge growth in his task progress.

Around 12 o’clock at midnight, the number of activations of Resident Evil and the number of viewers of the movie had almost reached the task targets. Likewise, the number of activations for the Legend of the Sword and Fairy had also almost reached the target. The only two games that were still far from reaching their targets were Diablo Two and Counter Strike.

More noteworthy was that Act III of Diablo Two was released.

Meanwhile, Fang Qi received the task for getting Act IV: 100 activations of Act III.

Since this task could be done along with the task of binge-watching TV dramas, it would save Fang Qi a lot of work.

In other words, Fang Qi’s top two priorities right now were leveling up his techniques so that he could get the task reward of being able to fly on swords and the completion of the new task.

As to the new task, tonight’s livestream was quite a boost. During the night, Counter Strike had about 20 new players. After all, in this era without information technology, the customers would play whatever the shop owner played.

Meanwhile, Xue Daolv had returned to the Liuyun Daoist Palace in a spiritual boat.

“Junior Sister, do you think that we can make the spiritual artifacts which we used tonight?” Xue Daolv wasn’t an artifact master, but he was curious. “Those things don’t need spiritual energy or other conditions; they can be used by ordinary people and can release such powerful force…”

With his cultivation strength, he wasn’t afraid of the guns. But as the leader of a big force, he saw the value in guns.

Do these spiritual artifacts have bigger potential? If we combine them with our artifact making techniques, can we produce more powerful spiritual artifacts?

Besides, the sword control technique combined both the functions of offensive and flight. Its flight speed was greater than the spiritual boats that cultivators used and being able to fly on swords would bring a lot of convenience to cultivators and warriors.

“I’ve decided!” Xue Daolv said, “Tomorrow, I’ll ask Junior Brother Tian Fengzi and Duan Buyi, who excel in artifact making, to play Counter Strike!”

“Another thing. Tomorrow, I’ll ask that young shop owner, Mr. Fang, to teach me how to do flick-shots and quick-scopes!”

Su Tianji’s face turned dark while she said, “Senior Brother, I know these two techniques as well.”

After all, she was a Divine Ocean Realm cultivator, and it hadn’t taken her long to master these techniques.

“Your techniques are not nearly as good as Mr. Fang’s,” Xue Daolv said with disdain.

“Tomorrow, I’ll still join Mr. Fang’s team. Those two rounds were awesome. Did you see how An Huwei and others were tortured by us…” Xue Daolv laughed and said, “That’s what he gets for calling me a newbie!”

“Also, Old man Nalan and the young girl in his family killed me several times. I’ll pay them back tomorrow!”

Su Tianji, “…”

Nalan Mingxue didn’t leave the internet cafe until 12 AM.

Most of the disciples of Lingyun Academy did the same.

“How fast the night passed!” Lan Yan walked out of the internet café reluctantly, still savoring the enjoyable moments of playing with her peers from the Lingyun Academy without any pressure from the school.

On their way back to the academy, discussions about the games were everywhere.

“Hey! What did you play tonight?” A young man who was wearing a pair of large-sized sunglasses asked, “Did you play the Legend of the Sword and Fairy? It was my first time with this game tonight, and the sword control technique is awesome!”

“I played Counter Strike! I tried flick-shooting with the mouse like the shop owner did, but it was too difficult for me! I wonder how he did it!”

“Still playing the Legend of the Sword and Fairy and Counter Strike? I heard that Act III of Diablo will open tomorrow! Let’s team up and get good items, okay?”


“Ms. Nalan,” Lan Yan had obviously also gotten the news about the arrival of Act III of Diablo. “How about playing Diablo tomorrow?”

Watching the crowd leaving the internet cafe, Nalan Mingxue seemed distracted by some thoughts.

“Ugh?” She glanced at Lan Yan and said, “No, we aren’t coming here tomorrow.”

“No?” Lan Yan asked in surprise, “Why?”

Lan Yan’s heart lurched while she wondered, Is Ms. Nalan still angry at being killed by the shop owner in the game…

Remembering the big dagger kill sign on everyone’s screen, Lan Yan’s heart hurt for Nalan Mingxue for being killed by the shop owner with the dagger while the latter was playing using the keyboard and mouse.

“Another thing,” Nalan Mingxue continued, “Tell Song Qingfeng and others including the fat friend of Mr. Fang not to come here tomorrow.”

Lan Yan froze while she thought, Is Lady Nalan going to destroy Mr. Fang’s business to get revenge on him?

“What are you thinking about?” Nalan Mingxue glanced at her.

“Elder Qin, what’s happening?!” In a secluded private compartment in the Wind and Moon Pavilion, Huo Chong asked with a dark expression. It was late, but they had no intention of leaving.

“Didn’t we agree to suppress the Origin Internet Club together?!”

Yesterday, the instructors who went to the Origin Internet Club to catch disciples were beaten away, but Lingyun Academy showed no response. Furthermore, many disciples went into the internet cafe today, but Qin Bing acted as if he had seen nothing!

“Calm down, Master Huo.” Qin Bing looked calm. “According to my intelligence, the Origin Internet Club isn’t easy to handle.”

“Do you suggest that we just ignore it?” Huo Chong asked in a cold voice, “Director Qin, you must know that this issue concerns not only the businesses in Jiuhua City but the status of Lingyun Academy as well!”

“Ignore it?” Qin Bing sneered. “These disciples keep on ignoring my orders. As the director, I can’t sit back and watch such behavior!

“Since these disciples are stubborn, I, Qin Bing, will prepare a good show for them!” Qin Bing said with a sneer, “I know how to deal with the business in Lingyun Academy. Master Huo, you don’t have to worry about it!”

“Then, I’ll wait and see!” Huo Chong said, “This is an important issue, and I hope Director Qin will pay more attention to it!”

When they walked out of the Wind and Moon Pavilion, it was already midnight.

The iron-tower-looking instructor walked out with Qin Bing, and the nightly wind fluttered their clothes. “Shall we put it into action? Do you think that it’s ok to move so many instructors at this moment?”

“Because this period of time is sensitive, I can’t allow anything unusual to happen!” Qin Bing walked forward against the chilly wind in the midnight. The sky was gloomy without the moonlight, and it seemed like a storm was coming.

“But… If so many disciples are…” The instructor said in a grave voice, “Will that affect our ranking in the National Examination?”

While squinting his eyes, Qin Bin said with a cold smile, “Our trump cards are the few disciples whom I value the most. On the other hand, these disciples are of no importance to us!”

With his hands clasped behind his back, he said calmly, “Don’t worry; just do it.”

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