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Chapter 125 - Binge-watching in This World

Chapter 125: Binge-watching in This World

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At this moment, Fang Qi’s team was intact while his opponents had less than four people left!

On the Dusk 2 map, the terrorists must plant the C4 bomb and destroy one of the chemical weapon stashes at either Zone A or Zone B.

Hearing C4 being planted in Zone B where many people were stationed, everyone knew that this round would soon end.

Soon, Zone B turned into an ocean of fire with the explosion of C4.

“My God! That’s awesome!” Young Master Chen, who had been killed countless times before, found that not only was he alive, but he got one kill! Tears slid down his cheeks since it was the first kill that he had gotten after playing for so long!

When he rushed into Zone B, he was lucky enough to get a kill without losing a single HP!

The other young men who came with Young Master Chen also shed tears of excitement. “It was awesome! Young Master Chen, this round was so cool!”

“The shop owner is so strong!”

“This spiritual artifact can release such great power without activating any spiritual energy! Even the Yuan River Realm cultivators are no match for it if they are not careful!” Xue Daolv had just gotten a kill. While looking at the exquisitely-made machine gun, he felt great in the game!

Xue Daolv chuckled and said, “It was surprising how well that young man commanded the operation. Junior Sister, didn’t you say that the more kills you have, the more powerful you get? How many people did you kill in the last game?”

Reluctant to follow Fang Qi’s orders, Su Tianji had been the last one to rush out.

Looking at her score of zero, her face turned stiff. “He just caught the opponents off guard. He won’t be so lucky next time. In the next round, we can buy sniper rifles, and then I’ll show you my strength!”

Somehow, I feel like this kid’s movement is quite stiff today. Su Tianji glanced at Fang Qi’s character and saw that he had a sniper rifle in his hands.

“Where did you get the sniper rifle?!”

[I got it from the ground.] Fang Qi typed the words, [Continue our old strategy.]

Su Tianji’s expression turned darker. [You are trying to rush with the sniper rifle? Why not leave it with me, and I’ll guard the base. I’m sure that they will be on guard in this round.]

Fang Qi typed another line of words, [What’s the difference between snipers and dead fishes if they don’t rush up?]

Su Tianji felt like cussing. How did I end up on your team!

-Meanwhile on the big screens-

[What’s the difference between snipers and dead fishes if they don’t rush up? Sir, I’m your fan!]

[Playing with a sniper rifle with a keyboard and mouse? Are you serious, Sir?]

[Can we play seriously?]

“No way! The owner is going to try to flick-shot with the keyboard and mouse?” The players who didn’t believe that Fang Qi was playing with the keyboard and mouse had all rushed over from the shop across the street. While watching Fang Qi rushing up, the players who were standing behind him were stupefied.

“He is playing with the keyboard and mouse while smoking?!”

At this moment, Fang Qi suddenly felt like his intuition was much stronger than before. Before he entered the doorway, he threw a smoke grenade into it.

This time, Nalan Hongwu had learned from their last mistake. After rushing into Zone B at top speed, they each took a shooting position.

Smoke spread out slowly, blocking the entire corridor while permeating into the large space outside of the doorway.

With the gun in her hands, Nalan Mingxue hid in a corner on the left of the doorway. Although the smoke made it hard for her to see clearly, no one could spot her since the space in front her was filled with smoke.

She was sure that this hiding place that she chose was a blind spot for most people. When someone rushed out, their backs would be facing her.

Someone’s coming!

Soon, she heard footsteps and immediately raised her gun. However, just when she got ready to pull the trigger…

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Dagger strike!

Nalan Mingxue who shot three bullets with her Desert Eagle was turned into a corpse. Dumbfounded, she watched as a person made a circle around her spot and ran out while the smoke scattered a bit.


The audience watched the smoke on Fang Qi’s screen, and then the message appeared, saying that he had gotten a kill.

“What was that play?!”

“He can kill without seeing?”

“You dared to hide in the first spot?” Fang Qi mumbled to himself while he rushed out of the smoke with all his teammates.

Then, he searched for the second spot, and then the third…

While he cleared the spots one by one, the audience watched him shake his mouse and fire before switching to the dagger and getting a kill immediately.

Then, he switched back to a gun, fire, and changed again; his movements were orderly and rhythmic.

“Did you just use the flick shot with the keyboard and mouse?!”

[The shop owner just used flick shot with the keyboard and mouse!] Soon, someone sent a message onto the screen.

[Playing flick with keyboard and mouse?!]

[Impossible! How can one flick-shot with the keyboard and mouse?]

[Come and see for yourself!]

The bullet comments flooded the screen, and Fang Qi instantly had a large group of people behind him, watching him play.

“Hiss…” They all rubbed their eyes as if they were afraid that their eyes were playing tricks on them. “It can be played like this?”

After playing for so long, they had never seen anyone play like this with the keyboard and mouse!

Standing behind him, they watched Fang Qi’s hand turning into a blur while he made the accurate plays as he found cover and sniped!

“The owner’s skills are amazing!”

Looking at Fang Qi standing in Zone B while covered in blood with only a few HP left, the audience were stupefied.

“He really won!?”

“How could he?! He even won in such a situation!”

“The last kill was really dangerous! With only 20 HP left, he faced someone who had almost full HP and a submachine gun.”

“How come I feel like the shop owner is playing better with the keyboard and mouse?”

Looking at the end-match interface which was showing the victory of his team, Fang Qi leaned back on his computer chair.

“Weren’t you smoking?” Su Tianji put down the virtual headset with a dark expression. In this match, she almost did nothing, but they won it under Fang Qi’s leadership.

“Don’t you know that the shop owner was playing with the keyboard and mouse?” Someone standing behind answered for Fang Qi.

Keyboard and mouse? The accurate sniping plays came from keyboard and mouse?!Su Tianji froze.

Fang Qi stubbed out the cigarette when it burned to the end and tossed the butt into a nearby garbage can.

No one in this room but Fang Qi knew that in another world, the games were originally played with the keyboard and mouse.

There had been a group of people who had been crazy for the games and gained glory because of them.

Fang Qi took a deep breath nostalgically and put on his virtual headset. “Why are you staring at me? Let’s continue!

Meanwhile, Su Tianji got a message which said, [Daoist Su, this kid is quite good. Will you do us a favor so that we can get our revenge?]

With a twitch on her face, Su Tianji answered, [The kid played with keyboard and mouse, but now he switched to the virtual headset. Are you sure that you want to continue?]

An Huwei’s entire face twitched as well

Totally defeated! He felt like he was totally defeated inside!

Meanwhile, Fang Qi got a message: [The host has become a popular internet cafe owner with skills, strength, and popularity. You have gained access to a new program – TV Dramas. Watching Method: Super Theatre, pay on demand. Two episodes will be updated each Monday and Tuesday.]

[New task: Binge-Watching TV Dramas in this World

Task process: Total activations of Resident Evil One: 150; total activations of Resident Evil One the Movie: 100; total activation of Diablo Two: 200; total activation of the Legend of the Sword and Fairy: 100; total activation of Counter Strike: 100

Task Reward: Zhu Xian, the original novel]

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