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Chapter 124 - Playing Using Keyboard and Mouse

Chapter 124: Playing Using Keyboard and Mouse

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People such as Young Master Chen had only played Counter Strike for one day, and they felt okay while playing with themselves who were also newbies. As soon as they entered the game, they were provided with gun skills and knowledge.

Today, Young Master Chen suddenly wanted to play with others. When he saw a room without a passcode, he just entered it without thinking.

Then, he was lost.

Not familiar with the map and not able to tell people apart, his aim at the distant targets was poor, and he got dizzy by the movements of his opponents in close range. Having died more than a dozen times, he didn’t even touch his opponents’ hair.

Therefore, when Fang Qi issued commands, he felt like a drowning person who had finally found a lifeline. Following Fang Qi closely, he looked at his teammates who were gathering together and felt much more confident.

“This spiritual artifact can be used without any spiritual energy?” Xue Daolv played with the machine gun in his hands curiously while he ran with Fang Qi and the others. Then, he asked Su Tianji, “Junior Sister, what’s the situation now? Are we going to test the power of this spiritual artifact?”

Knowing that her senior brother was running with the group without any knowledge of the situation, Su Tianji felt frustrated. “Follow me, and I ensure you that we will win. Just ignore this guy.”

In Dusk 2, the counter-terrorists and terrorists can fight on three paths. The terrorists could take the route on their left and walk straight to the big platform in Zone B. RUSH B was a strategy where every terrorist would dash to Zone B at top speed and catch their opponents off guard. This term was simple and straightforward for both new and old players, no matter what language they spoke.

At this moment, Fang Qi led his team through the outer room of Zone B. Meanwhile, Nalan Hongwu came and stationed his team outside of the door which was at a right angle to the direction of Fang Qi.

“In a moment, you all rush out the door and turn right. After that fire right away.” Fang Qi felt like his brain was unusually clear. Even though he was playing with only the keyboard and mouse, his movements were swift and exact; they were even better than before!

He pressed the space key and typed a line of words while he leaped forward without causing any delay.

“I can do this command too,” Su Tianji said from behind angrily.

There is nothing special in his commands.

Fang Qi didn’t speak. At this moment, they didn’t see any opponents or hear any footsteps. But then Su Tianji saw Fang Qi throwing out a stun grenade which hit the wall on the left and bounced to the right and out of the long corridor.

He had used the wall to block the flare, so it wouldn’t blind his team even if they rushed forward.

Stationed closer to the doorway, Nalan Hongwu heard the footsteps and immediately called out to his team, “Someone’s coming.”

Before he could finish his words, a stun grenade dashed out from the dark corridor!


Subconsciously, Nalan Hongwu turned his body!

Hearing Nalan Hongwu’s first shout, his teammates all pointed their guns to the corridor while taking defensive positions, and they were totally blinded.

Their screens all turned white!

They cussed silently, Such a lousy commander!

Nalan Hongwu had just turned his head to avoid the flash, and his sight was still blurry when he found that smoke was gushing out from the corridor!

Meanwhile, under the cover of the smoke grenade, eight terrorists rushed in with machine guns!

On the big screen, the eight terrorists fired at the three to four counter-terrorists who were still scrambling to find cover!


Li Haoran’s screen was total white; he died.

An Huwei died the moment he recovered some of his sight.

Ouyang Zhen scrambled to a cover. Then, he saw a figure turning to him in the smoke. With a gunshot, he died.

Nalan Hongwu was the first to dodge. With a roll, he hid behind a nearby box and found that half of his HP was gone!

Nalan Mingxue just jumped onto the window in Zone B and found a sniper’s spot. The moment that she stuck out her head, a bullet shot toward her.

Lan Yan was a bit behind and had just come to the door; only half of her body was revealed.

Suddenly, about five machine guns turned toward her.


She instantly moved back and saw that she only had 8 HP left.

The people who hadn’t entered the door kept asking, “What happened? What’s the situation?!”

Bu Lei. who had been outside monitoring the situation with a sniper rifle. asked, “How come so many people died?!”

Obviously, they were still confused.

Meanwhile, all the players who were watching the livestream were stunned.

“What’s this tactic?”

“It isn’t a tactic at all. It’s just rushing!”

“Rushing together can be so strong?”

“It was because the owner used the stun grenade and smoke grenade so well!”

“Sir! Are you sure that you did it with a keyboard and mouse?”

“You must have switched the VR mode, right?”

“The shot which killed the sniper was so accurate! He must have switched modes!”

Many people had seen that even though the firing came from the eight terrorists, the key lay in the timing and positioning of the stun grenade and smoke grenade.

The stun grenade blinded the enemies, and the eight terrorists pushed forward under the cover of two smoke grenade before firing!

How could one control so accurately with the keyboard and mouse?! No way! people thought.

[You can come over and have a look! The shop owner has been using with keyboard and mouse.] At this moment, a bullet comment appeared on the big screens in both shops.

“Impossible! It’s difficult to play with a keyboard and mouse!”

“I know that one can control walking with keyboard and mouse with ease, but aiming and shooting a moving target? Are you kidding me?”

“I, Gun God of Lingyun, am the first who doubt it!”

“I, Sniper God of Jiuhua, am the second who doubt it!”

A ton of bullet comments appeared on the screen.

[It’s okay to move from left and right with the keyboard, but how can you play with a mouse?]

[The mouse can only move to the left and right on the desk!]

[If you don’t believe me, come and check the 23rd computer in the old shop.]

As one of the first players of Resident Evil, Guo Xiong was a powerful disciple of the Heaven House and quite confident in his shooting skills. However, when he stood behind Fang Qi and watched him play the game, he became stupefied!

Could one play this game with keyboard and mouse?!

Could one play like this?!

-Meanwhile in the game-

Only Nalan Hongwu was left in Zone B. He tossed out a stun grenade and tried to retreat, but the moment he did it, about six hand grenades rolled toward him!

The grenades were thrown not that accurately, and the ground was soon covered by them, making it impossible to flee!

Although these players were newbies, they were able to do the basic cooperation.

Nalan Hongwu, “…”

When he got blown into the sky, he almost spat out a mouthful of blood onto the screen!

Nalan Mingxue threw out another stun grenade and tried to kill a terrorist with her sniper rifle. The moment that she stuck her head out of the window of Zone B and took aim, a figure suddenly leaped out from an impossible corner from beneath the window and struck a dagger toward her!

From her death cam, she saw a character resembling Fang Qi waving a dagger in front of her.


Nalan Mingxue’s face turned dark, and she almost smashed the keyboard onto the ground!

“Hahahaha! The shop owner is awesome!”

“He is really playing with keyboard and mouse! The aim is so good!” Some audience members coming in from the shop across the street and were dazed at the sight.

“Want to snipe? I will destroy you with a dagger!” Laughter sounded in the shop.

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