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Chapter 123 - A Comedy Livestream?

Chapter 123: A Comedy Livestream?

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“I worked hard to do the task, and the reward is only a pack of cigarettes! How lame is this?!” Fang Qi was frustrated. “Does it have any special functions or something?”

Curiously, Fang Qi turned the exquisitely-made metal cigarette box in his hand but couldn’t see anything special.

At this moment, a line of words suddenly appeared on the System Interface, [The Owner-Brand cigarettes are specially made by the System and can activate one’s potential without any side effects.]

“Ugh?! Activate my potential?!” Fang Qi froze after looking at the explanation on the System Interface.

After all, snacks such as Sprite and Haagen-Dazs were just luxuries made by the System. Despite their great taste, they had no effects on people’s strength. Only wealthy customers could afford them constantly while others would just have a taste of them occasionally.

Yet, this pack of cigarettes could activate the potential ability in one’s body?!

“Smoke or not?” Fang Qi hesitated since he hadn’t smoked for years after quitting smoking with a lot of effort.

“Maybe I’ll try one to see the effects.”

At this moment, Jiang Xiaoyue knocked on the door, saying, “Owner, someone downstairs is claiming that his computer is malfunctioning. Can you come down and have a look?”

“The computer malfunctioned?!” Fang Qi sat up from the bed. “How can the computers in our shop malfunction? Someone is making trouble for us I guess.”

When Fang Qi followed Jiang Xiaoyue down to the first floor, Xiao Yulv was still yelling, “It’s my first time in this shop, and I’m on the blacklist! The spiritual artifact in the shop must have a malfunction!”

Fang Qi heard him and wondered why this voice was familiar.

“Xiao Yulv!” Fang Qi yelled.

“Who called my name…” The guy wearing the zombie mask stopped yelling, feeling like his heart had frozen. I’m finished!

Before he finished his words, Xiao Yulv found himself flying out of the door again!

Su Tianji dusted her hands and returned to her seat before the computer with a cold expression.

Could anything be more humiliating than that?!

– On the other side –

“Well, the shop owner finally came out!”

The two girls wearing black cloaks who sat opposite to Xiao Yulv said, “It seems that Xiao Yulv is out. We can ask the shop owner to join the game.”

“Good.” Nalan Hongwu was sitting beside them, and he snorted. “I faced a crushing defeat last time against this kid. I must return the favor today!”

“Thanks to this kid, I have a lot on my plate with the disorders in the city. Today, I’ll give him a good beating!”

“How come Su Tianji is on their team? Who pulled her in?”

“It’s fine. Except her, the others on their team are all rookies!”

“They are not experienced at all!” An Huwei smirked.

They had planned to get some practice in the game and were surprised that Fang Qi came down at this moment.

“How about sending a message to Su Tianji and ask her to work with us?”

To prepare for this game, they had secretly practiced their skills and picked the more complicated map: Dust.

Since Fang Qi tricked them last time, the sly and experienced old guys decided to return the favor and teach him a lesson!

“Sir!” At this moment, Nalan Mingxue stood up and called to Fang Qi with a calm expression.

“What’s wrong? Is your computer malfunctioning as well?” Fang Qi glanced at her.

“Do you want to join us in a game of Counter Strike?” Nalan Mingxue said.

“Play Counter Strike with you guys? You guys are too weak…” Fang Qi glanced at the people who were sitting there.

With their faces twitching, they cussed in their minds, We’ll beat you senseless later!

“It’s fine! We are just practicing!” The guy wearing the Paladin helmet walked up and threw his arm around Fang Qi’s shoulder as he said, “Come on! Play a few rounds with us.”

Fang Qi was pulled into the game and found 16 players in the lobby; it was eight versus eight.

They had played a few rounds.

The moment that Fang Qi entered the game, he heard that the counter-terrorists had won the last round.

According to the System’s explanation, people learned that the counter-terrorists were like the city guards, and the terrorists were like robbers. It wasn’t hard to understand.

He turned on the livestream while he was doing it.

“Ugh? The shop owner turned on the livestream again!”

“That’s unusual! He turned on the livestream this late in the night!”

“Is he broadcasting Counter Strike tonight?”

“Good. I have a problem with flick-shooting. I’ll watch it!”

Although many players had begun their games, quite a few turned to watch the livestream.

“We have a full house today. I hope that you don’t mind my smoking.” Fang Qi opened the pack and found only ten cigarettes and a small lighter inside.

“The System is very considerate.” Fang Qi’s eyes brightened, and he lit a cigarette for himself.

With a dark expression, Su Tianji was about to put on the virtual headset, knowing it would be a tough fight.

Looking at the screen, Fang Qi inhaled the smoke leisurely. Increasing potential? How?

How come I don’t feel any difference… But the cigarette smells great without any strange scents. With the cigarette between his fingers, Fang Qi controlled the characters in the game with the keyboard and mouse.

While he was waiting for the loading screen and buying guns, Fang Qi glanced at the record and then typed several words in his team channel,

[Are you all newbies? RUSH B!]

“RUSH B? What does it mean?” The people looked at each other in puzzlement.

[A new strategy?] The livestream screen was full of question marks.

Just entering the game, Xue Daolv bought a machine gun, which was the only thing that he could afford, and then he looked at Su Tianji in confusion. “What does it mean?”

Fang Qi froze for a moment after hearing that and then typed immediately, “Rush to the left after me.”

Su Tianji’s expression turned darker, thinking, Now that I finally persuaded the Palace Master to play Counter-Strike, can’t you play it properly?

[How can you command the operation properly while you smoke?]

Fang Qi typed the reply, [Will you do it then?]

Su Tianji, “…”

When the game began, Fang Qi issued a radio command: [Follow Me.]

Fang Qi’s face twitched, wondering why the System didn’t translate the commands.

However, he had no time to dwell on this now.

While typing, [GO! GO! GO!], he summoned his teammates.

“How come the shop owner’s movements look stiff?” While watching Fang Qi dash forward with his team, the customers who were watching the game soon realized that something wasn’t right.

“He switches guns pretty quick, but his movements look stiff.”

“They lacked nimbleness.”

“Not nimble at all.”

[The shop owner is smoking. He is playing using keyboard and mouse.] At this moment, a bullet comment appeared on the screen.

[Playing with keyboard and mouse?]

[Sir, are you serious?]

[Sir, are you broadcasting a comedy livestream today?]

[You slipped and are using game language?]

Rows of bullet comments shot up.

Today, the shop had many customers, and the screen was almost flooded.

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