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Chapter 122 - Playing Games? Impossible

Chapter 122: Playing Games? Impossible

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“Look at you! While you cultivated in seclusion, you’ve dumped all the internal affairs of the Tianji Palace to me, your senior brother. Now that you came out of the seclusion, you go out each day! Shame on you!” In the grand hall of the Liuyun Daoist Palace, a handsome middle-aged guy with grey hair scolded with a dark expression.

Sitting in the hall, Su Tianji looked calm with a cup of tea in her hand. “Palace Master, I’m doing it to study new spiritual spells and new weapons for the benefit of our palace.”

“You dare to bring up the topic of new spiritual spells!” Hearing her words, Xue Daolv got angrier. “Some disciples reported to me that you teach them so-called sword control technique Drunken Immortal Moon-Observing Steps which are neither spiritual spells nor combat techniques! They can’t even understand them! Even more, you teach them the gun skills?! If you continue teaching them this way, you’ll ruin the few talented disciples!”

“It is why I plan to take them out of the mountain to play the Legend of the Sword and Fairy and Counter Strike. They will have a personal experience this way,” Su Tianji said earnestly.

“Play what?!” With a dark expression, Xue Daolv widened his eyes while the veins bulged on his forehead.

“The Legend of the Sword and Fairy.” Su Tianji said, “Palace Master, you’ve been busy with the operation of the palace and don’t know the Legend of the Sword and Fairy or Counter Strike…”

Su Tianji was late today. Despite the many businesses that she had to do after coming out of seclusion, she still wanted to play the games.

Even after she finished the Legend of the Sword and Fairy, she would play it again and try to get a better ending.

“Well, Junior brother Xiao didn’t come with us today.”

“Isn’t it nice? He kept babbling and throwing out his comments even though he couldn’t play. How annoying he is,” Fenghua and Yuexin whispered to each other while they followed Su Tianji into the shop.

Standing beside them, the guy who wore a zombie mask got mad when he heard these comments.

Meanwhile, Su Tianji had a man who was wearing a wooden mask by her side. He looked around and whispered, “Junior Sister, do you really think that the Legend of the Sword and Fairy and Counter Strike are so useful to our Liuyun Daoist Palace?”

Su Tianji’s expression turned dark as she asked, “Palace Master, why are you wearing the mask?”

“I must cover my face!” Xue Daolv snorted with his hands clasped behind his back. “As the master of our palace, I would feel ashamed if the disciples know that I came out so late to play games!”

“This mask has a history!” Xue Daolv said, “When I was young, I used to sneak out of the mountain but got caught by our master each time I tried… Later I asked for this mask from our uncle-master, Liu Fengzi… I’m sure that no one can see through this mask!”

Su Tianji, “…”

Xue Daolv glanced around and saw many customers wearing masks, just like him. With his hands clasped behind his back, he said proudly, “See? They share my thoughts!”

Before he finished his words, a guy wearing the full Paladin helmet threw his arm around his shoulder and said, “Hey, Junior Brother! Your mask is unique. Where did you buy it?”

“Come on. We need some more players for Counter Strike! Come and join us!”

Xue Daolv, “…”

“How about the girls? Do you want to join?”

Su Tianji, “…”

At this moment, a guy wearing a zombie mask ran over and raised his hand. “Count me in! I want to play Counter Strike too!”

While he spoke, he sneaked a glance at Fenghua and Yuexin and thought, You dared to bad-mouth me behind my back! I’ll give you a good beating in the game!

“Come on then.” The young man wearing the Paladin helmet glanced around them and said, “We have enough players now!”

Xue Daolv and Su Tianji looked at each other.

“These friends are so enthusiastic…”

“It’s fine! Anyway, I planned to try Counter Strike that you mentioned.” Xue Daolv felt awkward, but luckily no one saw his expression under the mask. “I’ll see what kind of novel spiritual artifacts are the guns that you told me about.”

Today, many disciples of Lingyun Academy came here, hiding their identities under the masks.

Some of them were new customers coming with friends.

“What on earth is this Origin Internet Club? Why is the academy forbidding us from coming here?” A disciple who was covering his face with a black scarf asked in a low voice.

“I have no idea. I just heard that it’s fun here. Let’s see what’s so fun about this place! Even casinos are not in the blacklist of the academy, so I wonder why this shop is so special.” This disciple was also wearing a black scarf.

“Resident Evil? Or Diablo? We can choose one of the four games?”

“Which one should we try first?”

“Diablo. This name sounds thrilling!”

“Counter Strike. I heard them talk about it…”

“Let’s try them separately!”

At this moment, a guy wearing a zombie mask walked over and knocked on the counter. “Xiaoyue, activate Counter Strike for me.”

He handed the money to Jiang Xiaoyue.

“Another person wearing this kind of mask?” Jiang Xiaoyue mumbled and accepted the crystals.

Hahahaha! Xiao Yulv laughed silently. I was right!

He hurried back to his seat.

“Hey! One with the zombie mask!” The guy wearing Paladin helmet yelled, “You go to the terrorist team!”

“Oh! Okay!” Excited, Xiao Yulv copied the others and double clicked the game.

While putting on the virtual headset, he leaned back on the chair cheerfully and imagined how he would be killing his opponents in a moment.

Hahahaha! I’m smart!

Then, he saw a line of red words on the screen: [You are on the blacklist of the shop. Please exit the game and get a refund at the counter.]

Xiao Yulv’s face turned green instantly!

It felt like he had just finished foreplay with a girl when they were caught by the girl’s relatives!

“Ahhhh!!!” Xiao Yulv felt so frustrated that he wanted to kill someone!

“Where’s your boss?!” Desperate, Xiao Yulv slammed his hand on the table and yelled, “There’s a malfunction in your spiritual artifact!”

His shout drew attention from the players around him.

Jiang Xiaoyue also looked toward him.

“Malfunction?” Jiang Xiaoyue walked over in bafflement. “I never saw a malfunction in our shop.”

Meanwhile, Fang Qi finally finished the hard training in the Game Cultivation Room.

He remembered that he had a treasure chest to open after finishing that task yesterday.

He opened the System Interface again.

“System, what’s in this random treasure chest?” Fang Qi asked.

[Please open it yourself. I can’t reveal the information to you.]

Fang Qi’s face twitched. “What’s your use to me?”

Fang Qi clicked open the treasure chest on the system interface.

[Beep! You get a pack of Owner-Brand cigarettes.]


Stupefied, Fang Qi glanced at the System Interface. “Owner-Brand cigarettes?!”

“There’s only one pack?!” After all, he got 200 bottles of Sprite last time.

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