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Chapter 121 - Beat the Wrong Guy

Chapter 121: Beat the Wrong Guy

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To keep his mind from being disturbed, Fang Qi split up the 24 hours that he had in the Game Cultivation Room and used about 6 hours of it every day, which was about three months per day in this special room.

Now that Jiang Xiaoyue had gotten used to the daily business in the internet cafe, Fang Qi had more time to manage other things. Seeing everything going well in the shop, he went back upstairs and inhaled deeply before entering the battles with his game characters.

“I didn’t know that one can play games while wearing a mask…” Xiao Yulv had been craving for the games and Haagen-Dazs in Fang Qi’s shop for a long time!

Every day, when he watched everyone else enjoying the games and snacks, he had the urge to rush over and play as well!

However, the only thing that he could do was watch others play; he wasn’t even allowed to send bullet comments, let alone playing!

However, he found that people could hide their identities and play the games in the shop with masks on their faces yesterday!

He was thrilled at this discovery!

He glanced up and saw the name ‘Zhou’s Shop’ on the board; it was an ordinary small shop.

With a faint smile, Xiao Yulv walked in and saw a white-haired old man. As he chuckled, he took out the crystals that he had prepared and asked, “Oldman Zhou, how is my mask?”

“It’s on the table.” Oldman Zhou glanced at Xiao Yulv. “I put a small stealth array on the mask, and no one can detect your aura while you are wearing it.”

“Hehe! That’s great!” Xiao Yulv weighed the mask in his hand and put it on, finding that it fit his face perfectly. He immediately took out more crystals and said, “Make some more for me and don’t tell anyone about these masks!”

After all, he was going to use these masks to conceal his identity, and he would be in trouble if Fang Qi found out.

Even his aunt would give him a good beating, let alone Fang Qi if he were discovered.

At this thought, Xiao Yulv felt like crying, wondering why he was treated so badly by his own family members while others were being spoiled.

They even claimed that they did it for my benefit! Damn it!

After threatening Oldman Zhou a little with his background, Xiao Yulv put on the mask and walked out of the door with satisfaction.

“Instructor Zhou… You have clues so soon?” With his hands wrapped in bandages and his face beaten black and blue, Li Yang asked in resentment.

“Of course!” Zhou Kaibei looked gloomy. “I have my resources in Jiuhua City! They dared to ask the shop owner to beat us! These students don’t have the slightest respect for the instructors! It is outrageous!”

“Right!” Li Yang said through his gritted teeth, “When we find out the identities of those unruly disciples, I will report them to the academy and get them expelled!”

They had some helpers with them, and the person in the lead had a deep scar in his face. Zhou Kaibei glanced at them and urged, “Old Ba, show the way.”

“Calm down. We are almost there.” The guy with scar said, “Turn right at the end of the alley, and it’s our destination. I’ve done some investigation and found that only three people ordered this kind of masks. When we get the looks of those guys, you can find out who they are.”

Before they reached the end of the alley, Zhou Kaibei saw a figure flashing past them.

“Ugh?” Li Yang was startled. “That person is wearing the kind of zombie mask that those disciples last night wore!”

“I saw it too!” Zhou Kaibei’s face turned dark. “They even dared to come here?!”

“Is he the guy who caused your misfortune yesterday?” Behind them, Dao Ba picked up a paper bag from the ground and said, “Let’s follow him. When we get close to him, you two seal his cultivation strength!”

He was experienced with such things.

Meanwhile, Xiao Yulv was musing to himself in excitement, “What a loophole I’ve found! With this mask, the shop can’t forbid me from playing the games!”

He found that the masks which Song Qingfeng and the others wore yesterday were quite interesting. They looked so real that some customers almost dropped to the ground with fright when seeing them.

He had liked the mask instantly, and he asked around and found the only shop that was able to make such masks in the city!

He went to the shop yesterday and placed the order, so he got the mask today.

Xiao Yulv got excited and thought with relish, This time, I’ll pretend to be one of the other customers and buy all the delicious snacks I want! I’ll play without stop for 24 hours! I’ll flood the screen with bullet messages and scare away the few remaining customers in the process!

At this thought, Xiao Yulv felt so great that all the frustration that had accumulated in his heart were suddenly gone.

“Hahahaha!” While he was laughing, Xiao Yulv’s vision suddenly darkened.

What’s happening?! Why did everything become dark? Something covered my head!

Before he could react, he felt two strong surges of essence rushing into his body, sealing his spiritual essence!

Then, fists landed onto him!

“Auch! Who’s beating me?!”

“Who f*cking dare to beat me?! Do you want to die?”

“Still stubborn! Beat him some more!”

“You dare to threaten us?! Do you want to die, kid?”

More punches and kicks landed.

“You dare to beat me, Xiao Yulv! Are you seeking death?!” Xiao Yulv exploded.

“Xiao…” The attackers froze and looked at each other. “Xiao Yulv?!”

“The big bully from the Liuyun Daoist Palace?!”

“His voice sounds different from the three guys from yesterday…” Li Yang said.

“No…” Dao Ba froze.

“No! We got the wrong guy!” Zhou Kaibei’s face turned dark. “Run! Run! We’re finished if he sees us!”

“Run! Run now!”

Xiao Yulv, “F**k you!!!”

It was said the disciples from Lingyun Academy would be holding a masquerade ball in the Origin Internet Club. It was a happy gathering, but Xiao Yulv who had worked hard to get his mask looked furious.

He didn’t get to the Origin Internet Club until the evening, and he was in a bad mood since he had been beaten by some people while he was walking!

Seeing the players who concealed their identities under masks or full helmets walking into the Origin Internet Club, Xiao Yulv who hid his bruised face under the zombie mask, thought with gritted teeth, Today, I must get my hands on a game!

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