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Chapter 120 - Solving the Issue

Chapter 120: Solving the Issue

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“Hu…” Fang Qi exhaled with satisfaction, venting most of his frustration that he had accumulated in the Game Cultivation Room after being beaten in the battles.

Now, he felt great!

Of course, he didn’t show it on his face.

Without a word, Zhou Kaibei and Li Yang fled in desperation.

After they were gone, Fang Qi withdrew the sword and turned his head, meeting the stupefied eyes of the crowd.

“Sir! You even mastered the Innumerable Sword Scroll!”

“Sir, are you still a human?!” Liang Shi and the others asked in astonishment.

Just when we are trying to learn how to use the sword control technique in the realworld, the shop owner has begun using the Innumerable Sword Scroll?! Bai Lang and the others inhaled deeply and stared at Fang Qi.

It was the Innumerable Sword Scroll!

What was more shocking was the realization that if Fang Qi didn’t go easy on his opponents and didn’t care about destroying the whole street, he could have killed those two instructors with the huge sword energies!

They would have nowhere to escape to in the whole world!

Meanwhile, Fang Qi frowned when he saw the uneven ground and the scratches on the white walls of the street.

Due to his short time of practice, his control wasn’t good enough.

While glancing at the cheering young men and young women, he thought that it was enough for now.

Then, Jiang Xiaoyue walked over suspiciously and looked at Fang Qi up and down.

“What are you looking at?” Fang Qi reached out and pinched her cheek to stop her head from moving.

“I must make sure that you are really my boss!” Jiang Xiaoyue said while stomping her feet.

“No! I feel like he is the real shop owner!” Ye Xiaoye said, “I’m sure that senior gave him private lessons!”

Elated, Ye Xiaoye rushed over, saying, “I want to become that senior’s disciple. Sir, do you still need employees?”

Sudden understanding dawned on the others, and the rest of the people asked in a hurry, “Sir, do you need more employees?”

Seeing others trying to get her job, Jiang Xiaoyue got anxious like a kitten whose tail got trodden. “Not at all!”

“Of course, you do!” Ye Xiaoye pointed at the shop on the other side of the street and said, “You have a new shop!”

“What then? Can you do the cleaning? Can you do laundry and cook?”

“Why should I do those things?”

“Do you want the owner to do these chores?” Jiang Xiaoyue said with her hands resting on her hips.

Standing on the side, Fang Qi thought, I’m surprised at this loli knows so much about her job now!

“You’re right…” Ye Xiaoye froze and then felt dejected. “I guess I can do none of those things…”

Jiang Xiaoyue felt smug with her head raised.

“But I know spiritual spells!”

“It’s no big deal! I know spiritual spells too!”

“I’ll show you the Cloud Summoning Technique of our Cloud Ocean Faction!”

“Shame on you for showing us such a low-level spiritual spell!”

“… We have the Fog Summoning Technique!”

“Not impressed!”


Fang Qi watched the two girls bicker with each other, sensing a headache.

– On the other side –

“Hu! We’re saved finally!” Dropping onto the ground listlessly, Lin Shao and Xu Luo touched the cold sweat on their backs, saying, “If we were taken back, we’d be finished!”

They shivered uncontrollably when they thought of the potential contemptuous looks from their families if they got kicked out of the academy.

Song Qingfeng also heaved a sigh of relief. “Sir! Our hearts were in our throats… I almost died of fear!”

“Anyway, thank you for what you did for us!” After getting up from the ground, Lin Shao’s face twitched. “Sir… Can you do me another favor…”

“What’s it?”

“Our cultivation strengths are sealed, and we can’t break the seals…” Lin Shao and Xu Luo looked embarrassed. After all, they would be in trouble if people found that their cultivation strengths were sealed when they got back to the academy.

All in all, Song Qingfeng and the others went back home without incident.

Meanwhile, this incident was reported to Qin Bing.

“What?! Two instructors from the academy were defeated by the shop owner in front of the Origin Internet Club?!” Qin Bing slammed the desk with furious force. “What kind of wastrels are they?! How come they are so useless?!”

Standing before him was an iron-tower-looking middle-aged male instructor with a red complexion and a tough body. “That shop is extraordinary, and I’m afraid that ordinary instructors are no match for the shop owner.”

“Indeed…” Qin Bing trailed off and sank into deep thought.

– In the Instructors’ Residence of Lingyun Academy –

The morning sunshine shone in through the glass while Mu Hongzhu read the lesson plan on the desk as usual. The eminent national examination was of great importance to the whole Lingyun Academy and its elite disciples.

The combat techniques were the most important part of the examination, and she, as a combat technique instructor, had a great responsibility on her shoulders.

This morning, the Instructors’ Residence was livelier than usual, especially among the instructors who were managing the Huang House.

“I heard that Instructor Zhou and Instructor Li went to that small shop named Origin Internet Club to capture disciples but got kicked out in humiliation!”

“Is it true? Director Qin has issued the order forbidding the disciples from going there. How dare anyone break his rule?”

“It’s true! Instructor Zhou and Instructor Li are still recovering from their injuries! It’s said… they might be expelled from the academy!”

“That’s severe!”


“Instructor Mu.” As the supervisor of Class A, Chen Zhong was close to Mu Hongzhu. When he passed her desk, he greeted her and said, “The instructors have been talking about it since early morning. Don’t think much of it.”

Mu Hongzhu nodded.

The news spread quickly. Despite the academy’s efforts on hiding the incident, many people witnessed that battle, which meant that it was only a matter of time before the news was spread all over the place.

She was a bit more curious about this small shop and wondered what magic it had that drew the disciples to it even at great risks.

Then, she shook her head slightly, trying to get these thoughts out of her head. After all, many urgent matters awaited her.

– Meanwhile in Lingyun Academy –

“I head that some people entered the Origin Internet Club wearing masks and came back safe and sound!” Xi Qi had several school mates around him. “Come on, we’ll try it tonight as well…”

“Okay! Okay! Okay! We’ll go and get some masks now! We’ll leave the academy together tonight!”

Nalan Mingxue was also in the academy.

“Ms. Nalan,” Lan Yao looked regretful, saying, “We left early last night. If we stayed longer, we would have watched the shop owner use the Innumerable Sword Scroll!”

“With the shop owner defeating two instructors, it means that we can go and play games without worrying about being caught, right?”

With a frown, Nalan Mingxue said, “Tonight, we’ll go and play Counter Strike and practice our skills with guns.”

“Awesome!” Lan Yan said. She felt happy that she could finally play in relaxation. “We can ask the shop owner and the others to join us to play that map called Dust!”

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