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Chapter 119 - Real battles Need Nimbleness

Chapter 119: Real battles Need Nimbleness

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“It’s coming to an end!” After battling for a long time with the decorative sword that they had scorned, Li Yang couldn’t get within three meters of Fang Qi, let alone touch his clothes!

Now, Li Yang was forced into a corner!

To everyone’s astonishment, a black shadow dashed out soundlessly from the side while a chilly knife light slashed toward Fang Qi who was controlling the sword!

“Sneak Attack?!”



“How come Lingyun Academy has such a shameless instructor?!”

“Shop owner, be careful!” Furious yells and cusses rose, but it was too late for any of them to help due to the suddenness of the attack!

The knife slashed toward Fang Qi’s belly as swift as lightning!

Even if he could manage to dodge it narrowly, he would be severely wounded by this sudden and vicious attack!

“You’re indeed just a cultivator!” When the knife got close and Fang Qi showed no intention of dodging it, Zhou Kaibei smirked smugly!

However, a faint light lit up on Fang Qi’s chest while a row of data flashed across his eyes!

The knife was only a few inches from Fang Qi’s body!

All the people had their hearts in their throats, thinking that they would see blood gushing out the next moment!

However, they witnessed an unbelievable scene in the next moment.


With his knee pushing up and his elbow crashing down, the two strongest parts of human body clashed and locked down the swift and vicious knife like two huge hammers!

The extremely vicious knife froze suddenly! It couldn’t even be drawn back, let alone moving forward!

Even the warrior qi that was wrapped around the knife was shattered by this extremely vicious blow!

“This is…”

“Close-range combat skills?!” Song Qingfeng and others were stupefied!

Although Fang Qi’s sword control technique was very powerful, he had also previously experienced a huge buff from the T-Virus! Adding that to his strong cultivation strength, the close-range combat skills, and his complete synchronization with Chris, his strength was beyond that of an ordinary cultivator!

He could handle most of the close-range combats!

“The combat skills from Resident Evil?” Liang Shi was also stupefied. “Isn’t that the combat skills for low-level warriors?”

Which high-level warrior would use these techniques? How could one parry a combat technique with a grappling technique?

“The shop owner blocked this attack with combat skills for low-level warriors?!” The crowd gasped.

They looked at Fang Qi and saw no fear on his face after being attacked from behind!

After all, when he practiced the sword control technique, he was always attacked before he could see the sword. If he couldn’t parry this attack, his hard efforts would be wasted.

Fang Qi turned his head and glanced at the stupefied crowd who claimed that the combat skills were only for low-level warriors. “It seems that you misunderstood these combat skills. In fact, if you master them, you can enter the competition in the King of Fighters…”

“Competition of the King of Fighters?” Jiang Xiaoyue blinked. “What’s that?”

“Can we use the combat skills against the high-level warriors?!” Liang Shi asked in surprise.

At this moment, Zhou Kaibei finally withdrew his knife from between Fang Qi’s knee and elbow. After retreating several steps, he stared at Fang Qi and asked in alarm, “Are you a cultivator or a warrior?”

No cultivator could be so strong in close-range combat! He felt like he was seeing a ghost!

To conceal his sneak attack, Zhou Kaibei didn’t use his full force, but he hadn’t expected his knife to be caught by a person who looked like a cultivator either!

Glancing at the dumbfounded crowd, Fang Qi said, “Since you still have doubts about the combat skills, I’ll show you how powerful they are.”

“The combat skills needs nimbleness.” Fang Qi made a stance. “If my opponent doesn’t attack, I don’t attack; I feint.”

“Feint?!” Zhou Kaibei stared at Fang Qi coldly. Although he knew nothing about these combat skills, he understood feint. “Then, I’ll give him a feint attack and see what trick he’s playing!”

Now, the crowd watched the battle with concentration, wanting to know how to use combat skills on a warrior who could release the warrior qi.

Liang Shi even hurried over, bought a container of Haagen-Dazs, and watched the fight while he ate it.

About two meters away from Fang Qi, Zhou Kaibei slashed out his knife, and the energy reached Fang Qi before the knife did!

Meanwhile, Fang Qi swayed slightly and easily dodged the knife energy. Then in the blink of an eye, he had moved very close to his opponent!

“Now, we must get close. At such a close range, there’s no room for your opponent to use fancy techniques. It’s impossible!” Fang Qi spoke while he punched, looking as if he were taking a stroll in a courtyard.

“Sir, I want to learn it!” With bright eyes, Song Qingfeng watched Fang Qi dodge his opponent’s knife energy with only a slight sway.

“The owner knows everything!” Jiang Xiaoyue watched with envy on her face. “I want to learn it too!”

“The shop owner can even do this?!” Liang Shi watched in amazement while he ate the Haagen-Dazs!

“Sir, you’re so strong! I want to learn it too!” Ye Xiaoye yelled instantly.

While his face twitched, Yun Lian said with a whisper, “Junior Sister, we’re cultivators! Cultivators!”


Zhou Kaibei’s face twitched non-stop. When Fang Qi got close, his fists, shoulders, head, elbows, and knees all became powerful weapons!

Compared with formal combat techniques, Fang Qi’s attacks looked compact and tight like a continuous storm!

With only one knife in his hand, Zhou Kaibai found that it was impossible to parry these attacks! He wished that he had three heads and six arms. Otherwise, it was impossible to block his opponent!

The close-range combat advantage that the warriors had over the cultivators was a joke in this situation!

“Want to stick to me?!” Zhou Kaibei’s expression turned dark while his feet moved in a certain pattern and his warrior qi gathered in him. Abruptly, he stomped his foot, shouting, “Shatter Step!”

Meanwhile, Fang Qi continued his live broadcast.

“When punching, we must reserve thirty percent of our strength. At the same time, we must watch our opponent’s movements to see if there’s a weakness that we can use. For example, if he moves his feet, we can focus on his hands because most of his warrior qi will be on his feet. We must be nimble and don’t collide with his force head-on.”

While he talked, Fang Qi’s left hand grabbed onto his opponent’s wrist. While the Shatter Step took Zhou Kaibei more than three meters away instantly, Fang Qi had caught the latter’s wrist and moved with him.

They were still one foot apart!

Zhou Kaibei was startled!

He had tried to put distance between them, but his opponent still stood before him!

More importantly, Fang Qi’s feet looked as if they were rooted in the ground and showed no sign of imbalance.

“The moment he lands, use Kuzukaze, heavy punch, and 127 Shiki – Aoibana.” Looking at Zhou Kaibei who had been sent flying several meters, Fang Qi brushed the dust off his hand and said, “He can never block this combo.”

[TL Notes: These are Iori Yagami’s moves from the King of Fighters].

“I didn’t know that combat skills could be used this way! I feel like I learned a lot!” Many Resident Evil players said excitedly.

“Kuzukaze, heavy punch, and 127 Shiki – Aoibana?!”

“Sir! You’re playing in the game! You must be!”

Everyone was stupefied.

Ye Xiaoye was elated, saying, “I’ve decided. I don’t want to be a cultivator in the future! I want to learn combat skills!”

Standing beside her, Yun Lian’s expression turned dark, thinking that her father would kill her if she did that.

“Sir, you’re so strong!” Song Qingfeng had thought that the combat skills they learned in Resident Evil were only for them to use when they ran out of warrior qi, but now he found that these combat skills could be so powerful!

Zhou Kaibei struggled up from the ground, and Li Yang didn’t fare any better.

When they got up, Fang Qi asked, “Do you still want to fight?!”

They looked at each other and said, “We’ll use techniques together!”

“I don’t believe that you can block our combined force!”

They got into position. Each of them had a cultivation strength greater than Fang Qi’s, let alone their combined force!

When they gathered all the warrior qi in their bodies, the whole street turned chilly!

“In real-world battles, being clever is important. Now, we can show our trump card…”

While he explained, the sword that was hovered in the air behind him split into two, then into four, then eight, until the space was filled with swords.

A moment ago, one sword had unleashed unbelievable power, and now…

Zhou Kaibei, “…”

Li Yang, “…”

With so many swords attacking at such a close range, they would be turned into sieves before they could use their techniques! How could they combine their forces then?!

While shivering, their faces turned green. “Run! Run! Run!”

All the people were stupefied by this sight.

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