Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 118 - Broadcast It on Livestream

Chapter 118: Broadcast It on Livestream

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“Wow! I’ve never watched the shop owner in a real fight!” Ye Xiaoye who loved watching drama came over immediately.

The players who were still playing at the internet cafe were mostly people living outside of the city such as the Cloud Ocean Faction disciples Yun Lian, Bai Lang, and Zhan Yan.

Xu Zixin and Shen Qingqing didn’t show up here lately. Out of all current players, only Liang Shi and his buddies were residents of this city.

“He is… a Grandmaster Warrior, right?” Liang Shi looked at the big instructor who came over to battle Fang Qi. “Can the shop owner win without the rocket launcher?”

“Sir! You can do it!” Ye Xiaoye waved her small fists and shouted since she couldn’t see whose strength was greater with her current cultivation strength.

After shouting, she saw the people around her all looking at her weirdly.

“Ugh? Senior Brothers, why are you staring at me?” Ye Xiaoye was puzzled.

“It’s obvious that the shop owner’s cultivation strength is weaker than his opponent’s,” Yun Lian said. “Junior Sister, can’t you see that?”

At this moment, Fang Qi took out an exquisitely-made black sword from a sheath and held it in his hand.

“Sword?” Not only Li Yang, the burly instructor facing Fang Qi, but the surrounding people all froze as well.

“I bought it while I went shopping. I can finally put it into use now.” Fang Qi waved the long sword in his hand and looked at the burly guy in front of him, saying, “After you.”

At this moment, laughter burst out from the instructors.

“This sword looks pretty.” Ye Xiaoye looked at the sword sheath which looked like a slab of black jade and the long sword that was engraved with exquisite patterns of bamboos. “The shop owner has good taste. What are they laughing about?”

Yun Lian’s face fell while he whispered, “It’s of course pretty! It is a decorative sword which one hangs on the wall!”

“Deco…” Ya Xiaoye froze. “Decorative sword?!”

Hearing these two words, Song Qingfeng, Lin Shao, and Xu Luo touched their foreheads, thinking, We’re finished!

“Don’t you even know how to select a sword?” Li Yang looked at Fang Qi coldly while he raised his fists that were protected by gloves that had metal scales on them. “You’re lucky that you have a powerful figure behind you. Otherwise, you’d be dead now!”

“Don’t waste your time on him! Get rid of him!” Zhou Kaibei said in a grave voice, “We can finish the task sooner!”

“Got it!” Li Yang bent his knees and spread his arms, staring at Fang Qi like a hungry tiger that was looking at its prey!

“The instructors of Lingyun Academy are indeed extraordinary…” Liang Shi sighed faintly and said with concern, “Just their presence alone can scare opponents!”

Song Qingfeng and others were not in the mood to watch the fight.

At this moment, people suddenly saw a flashing sword light appeared in front of Fang Qi!

No one saw him draw the sword; it came out of the sheath by itself as if it had a spirit of its own!

The moonlight reflecting on the body of the sword looked like water flowing from a spring!

“Combat technique!” Everyone could sense the warrior qi flowing through Li Yang’s body in a certain pattern and gathering in his palms!

He examined the distance of about six meters between them and shouted, “Enough! Tiger…”

His shout stopped suddenly when he saw a flash of silver light slash toward him viciously from the corner of his eye, and a sharp ear-piercing whistling noise sounded!

He wondered how his opponent’s sword blade could be so long! However, he had no time to mull over it; he turned his combat technique toward the sword flash in a hurry!


Two huge forces collided with each other and let out an earth-shaking loud noise!

Obviously, Li Yang had greater power, and the force from his technique instantly shattered the street behind the sword!

The violent force expanded outward and crashed toward the internet cafe by the side of the street!

The ground in front of the shop shattered first. Young Master Chen was about to walk out of the shop, but he was so frightened that he almost dropped onto the ground on his butt when he saw the scene through the transparent glass door.

However, nothing happened in the next moment, and the fragile glass door of the shop was intact!

The qi gathered on Fang Qi’s sword was obviously much weaker, but it all landed on Li Yang’s body, shredding his clothes and wounding him!

“What’s this combat technique? How can it be so powerful six meters away?!” To his astonishment, Li Yang saw that no one was holding the sword that was striking him; Fang Qi was standing six meters away from him!

Besides him, all the customers of internet cafe watched in a daze as a thought dawned on them.

Is it really the…

Fang qi waved his finger and the long sword flew up slowly under his control. It was an ordinary long sword, but it looked alive with its silver body under his control, looking like an agile silver snake.

The sword was so nimble that it seemed like it could attack from any angle!

Li Yang felt like his opponent was only a sword, but he had been forced into a tight corner instantly!

“The sword control technique?!” The people watching the battle couldn’t believe that they were seeing the sword control technique in the real world!

They had experienced the great power of the sword control technique in the game, but they had never imagined that they could watch it in the real world!

“You… mastered it?!” Song Qingfeng almost thought that his eyes were playing tricks on him, but he witnessed the silver sword cut many bloody wounds on Li Yang’s waist and belly. If the latter wasn’t good at dodging, these cuts would have been fatal!

On the other hand, Fang Qi stood where he was and didn’t move an inch!

“Is it really the sword control technique?!” Ye Xiaoye opened her mouth subconsciously, until it was wide enough to fill an egg!

The cultivators such as Bai Lang and Yun Lian also gaped while they watched the incredible sight!

Sword control technique! The sword control technique which they had been contemplating and practicing day and night showed its great power in the real world for the first time!

Seeing Fang Qi beating a more powerful warrior by just waving his fingers, the people watching the battle were all shocked!

“With a celestial sword, I can go to the heavens and enter the netherworld.” The sword control technique was indeed powerful!

“When did the owner become so strong?!” Jiang Xiaoyue widened her eyes at the sight, and her small face filled with astonishment.

“F*ck! The shop owner is awesome!” Lin Shao cussed subconsciously and yelled in elation.

“The shop owner is the best!” Seeing that Fang Qi had turned the tables, Xu Shao immediately yelled after Lin Shao. With tears flowing down his face, he felt exhilarated. I’m damn saved!

“With a celestial sword, I can go to the heavens and enter the netherworld!” Song Qingfeng yelled in excitement.

“The imperial sword arrives with the wind, eliminating evil from heaven and earth!” Ye Xiaoye also shouted.

Many people cheered in excitement as well.

The sword control technique was awe-inspiring!

Fang Qi shrugged casually as if he were broadcasting on the livestream. “The key to the sword control technique is speed. Among the combat techniques in the world, speed triumphs all! I don’t need to exert much strength, but do you think he dares to use combat techniques against me? No, he doesn’t.”

“The shop owner is awesome!”

“The most powerful shop owner in history!”

“The sword control technique is amazing!”


If there were a livestream screen here, the bullet comments would have flooded it.

“Humph! You’re a cultivator!” Zhou Kaibei’s face twitched, and his expression turned cold. He watched from a dark corner while Li Yang was put into a disadvantage.

“Cultivators are not so great at close-range combat. After all, we can’t fail the mission that Director Qin assigned to us… Fine!” An ordinary-looking knife flashed and appeared in his hand as a chilly presence released from it. He curled his lips, saying, “I never said that it was an one-on-one battle…”

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