Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 117 - This Internet Cafe is Your Strongest Support

Chapter 117: This Internet Cafe is Your Strongest Support

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With their cultivation strengths, Song Qingfeng and his buddies couldn’t outrun the two instructors from the academy.

“Split up!” An idea dawned on Song Qingfeng, and he immediately turned into a side alley.

“Right! Split up!” Lin Shao immediately turned into another alley.

Xu Luo suddenly found that he was alone, and then he looked back. “F*ck!”

He continued running!

“They split up; what should we do?” The younger and taller instructor asked.

This young instructor was obviously inexperienced.

“Each of us can chase after one! Seal their warrior qi when we catch him!” The shorter, middle-aged instructor looked dignified and experienced. “We’ll search for the last one later!”

“Good plan, Instructor Zhou!” Hurriedly, the taller instructor chose one alley and sped after the fleeing disciple.

Zhou Kaibei had been an instructor in Lingyun Academy for some years and had trained many elite disciples, but he was still not a high-level instructor yet.

He took this task that Director Qin assigned to them as an opportunity of promotion if he could catch some disciples who came into the small shop to play games.

With this thought, he continued the chase!

“Em?” Quickly, Zhou Kaibei saw Xu Luo running into a side lane swiftly. He kicked the ground with his right foot and leaped up into the air before landing steadily on the top of a house with his hands clasped behind his back.

Soon, he saw a figure running in the darkness from the corner of his eyes!

Meanwhile, Lin Shao was blocked by a burly instructor!

How come he’s so fast?! Lin Shao got ready to fight almost subconsciously!

“You want to resist?” The burly instructor sneered as he bent his knees and pushed out his right hand with a shout!

Almost simultaneously, Lin Shao felt a huge force crashing toward him like an essence wall!

Combat technique? Air Vibration?! Lin Shao’s heart sank as his hope of escaping vanished. I’m finished!

Before he could move, he was sent flying by this huge force!

Feeling all of his internal organs squeezing against each other, Lin Shao flew up into the air. When he landed on the ground, he lost all sensations in his body!

This combat technique released a powerful force with warrior qi which could shake the opponent’s bones and internal organs. It was hard to block for a lower-level warrior. It was no surprise that Lin Shao was suppressed by one attack!

Meanwhile, Xu Luo was caught in Zhou Kaibei’s hand like a small chick as his warrior qi was sealed.

Zhou Kaibei sneered as he looked at Xu Luo in his hand. “The academy has repeatedly ordered the disciples not to enter this small shop, but you still went there!”

Xu Luo felt cold and thought, How come I’m so damn unlucky?!

“There’s one more.”

The darkness of the night deepened.

Feeling tired after playing, Fang Qi opened the door and inhaled the fresh air outside while stretching.

At this moment, Fang Qi saw a figure racing toward him while yelling and panting, “Sir… Sir! Help me!”

Fang Qi’s face twitched. “Why are you back?”

“Instruc… Instruct…” Song Qingfeng pointed behind him. “Forget it. Let me in!”

Song Qingfeng raced into the shop. Since he couldn’t outrun that instructor, the shop was the safest place for him. After all, no one could make trouble in the shop.

In the moonlight, Fang Qi saw a figure flying down with his arms spread like a huge eagle!

He was a short, middle-aged man who clutched another guy in his hand. Seeing Fang Qi, he narrowed his eyes and observed the ordinary-looking young man who was standing at the door. “Little Guy, I remember that you’re the owner of this shop, right?”

At this moment, the burly instructor also jumped down from the roof. “I got this one! I’ll see who else dares to enter this shop again!”

Zhou Kaibei nodded and reached out his hand. “Hand over the student who ran into your shop. It’s the private business of our Lingyun Academy, so please don’t intervene.”

Although he used the word ‘please’, his tone oozed with threatening vibes.

Fang Qi was amused. “You’re stopping people from coming to my business and still want me to cooperate?”

“I know that you have a master inside your shop,” Zhou Kaibei said with a sneer, “But you can’t mess with our Lingyun Academy as well. I won’t go into your shop and make trouble, but I’ll wait outside. We’ll check in the academy tomorrow morning to find out who is absent, and we’ll know who is inside your shop now!”

Fang Qi’s face twitched when he felt the academy instructors’ persistence.

It was one thing for the academy to create new rules, but it was another thing when they tried to order him around in front of his shop!

Do they really think that I’m made of clay?

At this moment, Fang Qi’s eyelids twitched and saw a task appearing in the System Interface.

[New task: Play Safely and Peacefully at the Internet Café (2)

Task description: Defeat the instructors from Lingyun Academy who are blocking the door and rescue the customers from them.

Task reward: One random treasure box

Task instruction: When you are blocked by instructors, remember that this internet cafe will provide you with the strongest support.]

Ugh? There’s even a task for it? Fang Qi looked surprised.

“How about having a friendly battle with me in my shop?” Fang Qi smiled politely and said, “If you win, you can capture anyone you want. But if you lose, you have to give them to me.”

After saying that, he pointed at Xu Luo and Lin Zhao who were captured already.

Zhou Kaibei froze for a moment and then smirked. “Enter your shop? What trick are you playing? Do you take me as a moron?”

“We can battle here outside!” The burly instructor grinned. “If you win, they are yours.”

“We can battle here outside.” Fang Qi shrugged.

“You can’t use the weapon that can spit out fire!” Zhou Kaibei immediately added since he had done some investigation before he came and knew that even Ancestral Warriors found that mysterious weapon a headache.

“Sir! You can’t agree to that!” Song Qingfeng immediately opened the door and yelled.

“No?” Zhou Kaibei said with a smirk, “Little Li, take these two back to the academy. They will be severely punished for breaking the rules purposefully! They probably will be kicked out of the academy!”

Fang Qi stopped him immediately and said, “Fine. I will not use the rocket launcher.”

“Well…” Zhou Kaibei stroked his chin. “They are your friends? It seems that you care about these two kids.”

Lin Shao and Xu Luo had tears on their faces.

“The shop owner is so kind!”


The owner is a loyal friend… Jiang Xiaoyue who watched the scene from behind was also touched. I thought he was black-hearted, but he’s a reliable friend when needed!

Fang Qi’s face twitched, thinking that he was just doing a task.

“Sir! You can’t agree to that!” Seeing Fang Qi agreeing to battle with them without the rocket launcher, Xu Luo said anxiously, “The strength of the instructors at Lingyun Academy is greater than ordinary warriors!”

Although Mr. Fang seems to have great strength, it mainly comes from the rocket launcher!

“Do you want me to allow these two guys to catch whoever they want in front of my shop?” Fang Qi glanced at them and then walked to the center of the street. “Who will fight me first?”

Song Qingfeng and his buddies felt dead inside. We’re finished. The shop owner agreed to fight them like this…

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