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Chapter 116 - Guilty

Chapter 116: Guilty

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“Hey, what are you doing?” Fang Qi’s face twitched, wondering why they came to the internet cafe dressed as zombies.

“And you as well.” He looked Nalan Mingxue and Lan Yan over as well.

Jiang Xiaoyue heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that they were not real zombies, and she glared at them. “Take off your masks! You’ll scare the other customers!”

On the side, Young Master Chen gave her a thumbs-up with tears on his face.This loli knows me!

“The academy forbids you from playing in my shop?” Fang Qi rolled his eyes.

“Owner, how come you’re not surprised?” Jiang Xiaoyue looked at Fang Qi curiously.

Fang Qi glanced at the hot sun outside and mumbled, “It’s just one of the rules from schools that forbid students from entering the internet cafes and swimming in the rivers on their way from school. It’s nothing surprising.”

[TL Note: This is quite common in China where students are forbidden from playing games at all.]

“Sir, what did you say?” The others looked at him, confused.

“Nothing,” Fang Qi said while touching his nose. “It’s why you sneaked into my shop?”

“Of course! We put a lot of thought into how to get into the shop without being caught!” Lin Shao said with a laugh.

“I bet there are spies outside of the door! Okay, we’ll go and play games!”


Seeing the guys paying and walking to their computers, Jiang Xiaoyue looked touched. “Owner, your customers are so loyal! They came to support your business at such great risks!”

Fang Qi’s face twitched while he said awkwardly, “There are players who go to the internet cafe at greater risks.”

“Greater risks?” Leaning her head to one side, Jiang Xiaoyue stared at Fang Qi and murmured doubtfully, “I’ve seen no one like that.”

“You have seen one of them.” Fang Qi sat down before a computer. Looking at the young guys and girls with youthful passion on their faces, he remembered his old life where he went from a young game addict to a professional gamer and the contemptuous looks people cast at him during the process.

He remembered his old ‘battlefields’ and teammates.

Subconsciously, he shook his head and smiled self-mockingly, I’m an old retiree, and it’s no use to bury myself in memories.

Meanwhile, Xiao Yulv who stood behind Su Tianji watching her play saw Song Qingfeng and the others with masks in their hands. He rolled his eyes and thought, So that’s…

After some consideration, an idea dawned on him, and his eyes lit up.

On the other side, Young Master Chen finally got his wish of playing the ‘despicable’ games. According to his request, Fang Qi recommended Counter Strike and Diablo to him since both could be played in teams.

This guy activated both games at the same time and activated Counter Strike for each of his servants while he was doing it.

After all, it was easy to spend money that wasn’t his. While touching the almost empty pocket, Young Master Chen thought, “Tomorrow, I’ll ask Dad for more money.”

“Hahahaha! This is fun!” On the screen, he fired repeatedly while his servants fled desperately.

“Xiao Wu, hurry up and call over Young Master Yang and Young Master Yu!” Chen Xiaolang yelled between his wild laughs. “Dadadadada!”

Diablo Two wasn’t the most popular game in the internet cafe right now not because it wasn’t fun, but because the sword control technique was more appealing to cultivators and warriors.

While some of them began to master the sword control technique, some old players returned to Diablo, and among them were Nalan Hongwu, Elder Fu, Song Qingfeng, and his buddies.

Compared with the Legend of the Sword and Fairy, the monsters in Diablo that were lurking in the darkness to launch sneak-attacks gave the players the thrill of adventures.

Each of the games in Fang Qi’s shop maintained the feel of the original versions, including the combination of skills in the Diablo and the spiritual spells and sword techniques in the Legend of the Sword and Fairy that were more powerful than the players’ own martial arts techniques and spiritual spells.

Besides, the buffs in the game and proper arrangement made those techniques more powerful than those in the real world.

For example, when Fang Qi played the Paladin, all he had to do was to use the skill, Holy Shield, drink potions, and use Blessed Hammer to kill all the monsters. He didn’t need to do anything.

Therefore, when players fought the monsters and the boss, they could handle most of the situations as long as they could use the skills with proficiency.

This way, the players with lower strength in the real world, such as Song Qingfeng and his buddies, could still play the game even when they encountered high-level bosses.

However, it didn’t mean that the players’ own techniques were useless.

For example, when Nalan Hongwu played Diablo with Elder Fu, they had consciously combined their own combat techniques and skills into the game, so they could kill monsters faster and handle special situations.

This was another reason why Song Qingfeng and others decided to spend one hour on Diablo on top of leveling up faster.

They treated the games purely as games before, but they were getting more serious now.

“Young Master Lin! Let’s see if we can master these basic techniques!”

“Don’t we have the sword control technique to learn? I barely have time for one!” Lin Shao immediately complained.

“Then, we focus on one!”

“In the real world, we can’t use the techniques and spells that we don’t master!”


Six hours later, it was dark outside.

Song Qingfeng and his buddies put their masks back on and got ready to leave the internet cafe.

Lin Shao opened the door and glanced outside stealthily.

“It looks fine,” Lin Shao said in a low voice.

“Go! Go! Go! Hurry up!” Song Qingfeng waved his hand, and they ran out from the door before walking across the street with faked calmness.

In a dark corner outside Fang Qi’s shop, two men smiled faintly when they saw a few weirdly dressed young men walking out of the internet cafe.

Director Qin had promised them large sums of rewards if they caught disciples who entered the shop. “These sneaky guys are very likely disciples from the academy!”

“Their strange outfits are obviously disguises. Let’s follow them.”

“Bad news. Young Master Song, I feel like we are being followed!” Lin Shao suddenly sensed something, and he whispered to the other two.

Having engaged in highly intense battles in the games, they were more sensitive to danger.

“Hail a good beast carriage, and they won’t be able to catch up!” Song Qingfeng whispered back.

“My God! They are really instructors from the academy! They are chasing after us!” Lin Shao looked back and saw two black figures following them, and he shrieked with fear.

“My God! Danger! Beat it!” Scared, they ran like mice seeing a cat.

“Run! Run!” They were caught the moment that they left the shop!

“They look guilty! Hurry up and get them!” The middle-aged male instructor was elated that he had finally found some potential trouble-making students after hiding in this damned place for the whole day!

Meanwhile, Nalan Mingxue and Lan Yan walked out of the internet cafe calmly as if nothing had happened.

The other male instructor glanced at the shop entrance and saw them. “Two more came out.”

“Ms. Nalan, are you sure that we’ll be fine?” Lan Yan shivered and almost exposed themselves.

“I’m sure.” Nalan Mingxue continued walking.

The middle-aged male instructor looked back and saw these two people walking out casually.

“They don’t look guilty. We will chase the ones before us; I’m sure they are our targets! Don’t let them get away!”

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