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Chapter 115 - Don’t Fire!

Chapter 115: Don’t Fire!

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“Hahahaha! Aren’t you the idiots who skipped class to play games and were scolded by Director Qin personally?” When Song Qingfeng walked around the academy, a round-faced young man pointed at them with contempt.

“They will be kicked into the class of wastrels!”

“No way! No class in our academy will accept such scum!”

Song Qingfeng’s face turned dark. He had become notorious in the academy since everyone from the instructors to the disciples in every house knew about him.

“What did you say?!” Enraged, Lin Shao wanted to dash over to them but was stopped by someone.

“What? You want to mess with us?” Seeing others look their way, Liu Shijie got more blatant in his taunting, “Little kids from the Huang House!”

They were disciples of the Xuan House, where the threshold of entrance was the Master Warrior Realm!

After just being punished by the academy, Song Qingfeng and the others shouldn’t cause trouble. Also, even if they did, they were no match for their opponents.

Lin Shao turned his head and saw that Song Qingfeng was pulling him back. The latter roared in a deep voice, “Let’s go!”

“Huh! I thought you had some balls, but I was wrong.”

The three guys were furious while they walked away…

“Young Master Song, we’ll just forget the whole thing?” When Song Qingfeng stopped walking, Xu Luo asked the question that was on his mind.

“They were counting on us to rush over! Didn’t you see that?” Song Qingfeng said with a dark expression, “Do you think a warrior can defeat a master warrior?”

Xu Luo was silent.

Even if they could defeat those guys, they would get themselves into more trouble at this moment right after their punishment.

Despite his fury, Song Qingfeng didn’t lose his mind.

“What should we do now?” Lin Shao asked, “We’ll just forget the whole thing?”

“We must work harder!” Song Qingfeng said through gritted teeth, “We must reach the Master Warrior Realm as soon as possible!”

“Work harder…” The other two’s faces twitched while they looked at Song Qingfeng. “How?”

“Work in the internet cafe and charge at the Master Warrior Realm!” Although their strength had grown, it was not enough!

After all, the time since they started cultivating was not long.

It was the only way for them to improve their strength faster than others.

No other method was as good as this one!

Xu Luo froze for a moment before saying, “Young Master Song, can we still go to the internet cafe? Old Ghost Qin must have stationed spies there! They stated that they are prohibiting all the disciples from playing games!”

Now, Director Qin had become Old Ghost Qin in their minds.

“I’m afraid that we’ll be kicked out of the school before we can improve our strength if we are caught!” Xu Shao said, “You’re really brave.”

Soon, they had walked to the gate of the academy. Xu Luo looked up and saw two familiar figures slipping out.

“Ugh? How come those two looks so familiar?”

“Why are they wearing cloaks while leaving the academy? They’re acting so sneakily…”

“Cloaks?” Song Qingfeng furrowed his eyebrows while he looked at those two figures. “I have an idea…”

“Damn it! I should have asked him for the address!” With several servants walking behind him, Chen Xiaolang cussed while he glanced at the shops on the street.

“How can I f**king find this place?” Suddenly, Young Master Chen saw a team of patrolling city guards marching over.

“Little Wu, go and ask them! I must find this place today!” He kicked the butt of the man named Little Wu, and the latter trotted to the city guards and asked, “Would you please tell me where the Origin Internet Club is?”

“Walk down the street to the end and turn left.” The captain glanced at him and said, “But I warn you not to make trouble, otherwise you’ll be punished!”

“Okay! Okay! We’ll not make trouble!” Little Wu nodded enthusiastically.

The city guards’ loud reply reached Young Master Chen behind them, and he mumbled, “This small shop has some background then… Let’s go and have a look!”

Soon, he came to the shop and saw the extraordinary glass walls which looked quite fancy among the surrounding white walls and black tiles.

“Are the walls pure glass? Aren’t they afraid that the walls might get damaged by someone?”

Curiously, Young Master Chen knocked on the glass door and so did his servants, making clanking sounds.

“Auch! Be careful!” Young Master Chen yelled immediately, “Don’t you dare break this door!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” The servants pulled back their hands in a hurry. The glass was not only fragile but very expensive. As servants, they couldn’t afford to break this big glass door which was quite pricey!

Seeing his servants moving their hands, Young Master Chen pushed open the door carefully and looked inside.

The decoration was totally different from the styles of this world. The simple and grand-looking counter and the rows of unknown square-shaped spiritual artifacts on the black stone desks that were as smooth as mirrors made him feel like he had entered another world.

“Hiss… This shop is interesting!”

He beckoned at his servants and said with joy, “Come in! All of you come in!”

After his servants came in, he glanced back and saw several figures behind them.

Two petite figures glanced around outside the door.

“Ms. Nalan, no one is watching!”

“Okay! Let’s go in.”

Then, two figures who were wrapped tightly in black cloaks slipped in quietly.

“What the f**k?” Chen Xiaolang was stroking his chin in bafflement when several other figures walked toward the door from outside.

These figures walked so stiffly that they looked like zombies, and their rotten faces scared Chen Xiaolang. “What the f**k are these things?”

The ‘zombie’ that was walking in the front of the group pushed open the door, and the figures following him slipped into the shop with greater agility than monkeys, startling Chen Xiaolang!

“Hahahahaha! I told you that we would be fine to dress up as zombies!” The three ‘zombies’ laughed, and then one of them pulled his mask off and revealed his handsome face.

“They are just masks…” Chen Xiaolang relaxed with relief.

At this moment, another “zombie” said, “I’ve made a detailed study plan! We can play the Legend of the Sword and Fairy three hours each day! Through practicing the sword control technique, we can master it sooner. Then, we’ll play two hours of Counter Strike which will help with our concentration, and it will benefit our cultivation! For the last hour we’ll play Diablo… Follow my plan, and we’ll surely reach the Master Warrior Realm!”

“You’re talking about playing games, right? Even I can see that!” Chen Xiaolang got more confused. “And you call that a study plan?!”

Meanwhile, two instructors from Lingyun Academy who had been watching the shop were confused. They looked at each other, wondering, “What were those things that just entered?!”

– At the counter –

“Wow! Your cloaks even have ears! So cute!” Looking at the black triangle-shaped furry ears on the hoods of the black cloaks, stars appeared in Jiang Xiaoyue’s big eyes.

“Ms. Nalan bought them.” Lan Yan’s pretty face blushed.

“They are the newest cloaks from Xiyun Pavilion, and they can cover one’s aura,” Nalan Mingxue said earnestly, “The old style doesn’t look as good.”

Lan Yan: “…”

“Can I touch the ears?” Jiang Xiaoyue reached out her hand expectantly.

“Ugh…” Embarrassed, Lan Yan considered her request.

Before she could open her mouth, Jiang Xiaoyue shrieked and almost fell from her chair when she saw the rotten faces appearing behind Lan Yan!

Fang Qi who had just come down from upstairs dug out his weapon at the sight without thinking!

“Sir! Don’t fire! It is us!” Seeing Fang Qi digging out the rocket launcher, Song Qingfeng and his buddies jumped up with fright and yelled immediately.

Fang Qi: “…”

Jiang Xiaoyue: “…”

Lan Yan: “…”

Nalan Mingxue: “…”

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