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Chapter 114 - National Examination

Chapter 114: National Examination

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“The elite disciples from Class A of House Huang are addicted to games?” When the meeting was over, all the disciples who gathered at Lingyun Square burst into heated discussions.

“Didn’t you hear that those aren’t just games? They were tricked by the promise of gaining strength through playing,” someone tried to argue for the punished disciples.

However, this voice was quickly overpowered by a lot of sarcastic words. “Nonsense! If they want to improve their strength, why didn’t they go to Lingyun Martial Arts Tower? Don’t tell me that these disciples from Class A don’t have enough credits!”

Some young disciples shouted indignantly, “It was their excuse so that they could go enjoy the entertainment!”

“They are lucky that they’ve just entered the academy. If they continue like this until next year, they probably would’ve been kicked out of the school!”


Hearing the gossip from the crowds, Song Qingfeng felt his veins bulging on his forehead.

He clenched his fists and gathered the warrior qi in the center of his hands. If someone noticed it, they would have realized that he was in the late stage of the Official Warrior Realm.

Despite the relatively fast advancement process in the Official Warrior Realm, ordinary warriors had to spend years on training to achieve it. Even for someone with Song Qingfeng’s talent and resources, they wouldn’t be able to reach this level until half a year later!

“Young Master Song, what shall we do now?” Lin Shao asked uneasily.

“How should I know?!” Song Qingfeng answered angrily.

They had been in the top tier of Class A, but now they became the laughingstock of everyone in the academy; even the instructors looked at them with anger in their eyes. It didn’t feel good.

“Ahh…” Xu Luo put his arms around his head and said painfully, “Will they really kick us to the classes for wastrels next year?”

“I don’t think so!” Song Qingfeng inhaled deeply, feeling depressed while thousands of pairs of eyes stared at them with scorn and contempt.

“Then… Are we going to the internet cafe today or not?” Lin Shao asked again.

“Are you stupid? Didn’t you hear that the instructors would watch us closely?” After a moment of consideration, Song Qingfeng said, “I’ll take a break first.”

On the other side, Lan Yan looked at the furious Song Qingfeng and others who were walking away and said in a wary tone, “Ms. Nalan, the situation looks bad…”

“I know.” Nalan Mingxue looked calm. “The situation is getting out of control.”

“How about…” Lan Yan said with some hesitation, “Shall we report the truth to the management of the academy?”

“No.” Nalan Mingxue shook her head. “Who would believe us if we tell them that the games in a small shop can improve our strength better than the Lingyun Martial Arts Tower?

“Even if Qin Bing and most of the people believe us…” Nalan Mingxue turned her bright eyes toward Lan Yan and asked, “The status of the Lingyun Martial Arts Tower would be in danger. Do you think Qin Bing will allow such a thing to happen?”

Lan Yan was at a loss for words, knowing that the whole thing concerned the foundation of Lingyun Academy.

“Then… What should we do now?” Lan Yan asked, “Can we ask help from that mysterious senior in Mr. Fang’s shop?”

Nalan Mingxue said, “That senior is indeed deep and mysterious, but he is obviously restrained by something. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have to spend so much effort on training Mr. Fang. He even harmed his own realm to inject essence into Mr. Fang’s body.”

This was her explanation for Fang Qi’s fast improvement of strength.

She was smart enough to doubt certain things, but she wasn’t someone to resort to illegal actions.

As meticulous as she was, she never liked to touch totally unknown stuff or do things that she wasn’t sure of.

“Besides, the situation now isn’t as the same as hundreds of years ago.”

Hundreds of years ago, the powerful warriors and grand cultivators could do whatever they wanted, including slaughtering a whole city. However, if they tried doing such things at this era, they would be put into the underground cells in the Heavenly Prison of Jingshi!

Hundreds of years had passed since that ancient family used powerful strength to suppress the chaotic society into a peaceful world.

In today’s society, even the powerful figures didn’t dare to use their strength however they wanted.

“Then, we’ll sit back and wait for whatever comes our way?” Lan Yan asked in bafflement, “It’s not your style, Ms. Nalan.”

“This situation is indeed tricky.” Nalan Mingxue furrowed her pretty slim eyebrows as she took out two black cloaks that she had prepared and handed one to Lan Yan. “We’ll change into these later.”


Nalan Mingxue said as if it were obvious, “So we can go to the internet cafe!”


“Don’t we need to find a solution?”

“We will find a solution.”

“What!?” Meanwhile, in the instructors’ office, Mu Hongzhu asked in astonishment, “The Lingyun List will be combined into the joint list of three major academies in Dajin? And there will be a national examination across Dajin?”

“We must strengthen the training of the elite disciples?”

“To show everyone the strength of Lingyun Academy, Director Qin is behind the push of this national examination? Everyone who is on the Lingyun List can enter the national examination?”

“This national examination will be supervised by the high-level representatives from all the academies?”

-In the Game Cultivation Room-

Sword energies and metal-colliding noises rang out from the bamboo forest!

One of the swords moved with a light and magical rhythm, looking like a dragon.

The other sword struggled to block the attacks in an orderly manner, and it was holding up. Neither of them gained the upper hand.

After 100 rounds, Fang Qi could no longer block the attacks and thus withdrew his sword.

[Cultivation: Li Xiaoyao, sword control technique

Synchronization (Sword control technique): 70%

Total synchronization: 12.890%

Skill experience gained/Character’s cultivation strength gained: 2756/486

Assessment: you are proficient at this sword technique.]

Fang Qi exhaled deeply at this information. He had realized that the more advanced he got with the sword control technique, the more difficult it became to improve. It wasn’t easy to move from the proficient level to the master level even with the help of the Game Cultivation Room.

Now that he had passed the threshold and was able to cultivate the Innumerable Sword Scroll, he decided to master it first so that he would have a powerful sword technique with him.

More than two months had passed in the Game Cultivation Room.

Fang Qi quickly selected the cultivation of Innumerable Sword Scroll on the System Interface.

Standing across from him, Li Xiaoyao waved his hand and summoned back the steel sword. The sword stood before him and then shot up into the sky.

In the sky, the sword split into two, then two into four, and four into eight… The pattern repeated until the sky was filled with dense sword energies like a cloud of swords!

“F*ck!” Fang Qi cussed silently and ran!

His butt was about to be kicked again.

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