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Chapter 113 - Another Mix-up

Chapter 113: Another Mix-up

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While Fang Qi was cultivating in the Game Cultivation Room, the huge Lingyun Square which was paved with white stones inside Lingyun Academy was full of people.

Except the ones who had gone out to experience the world, all the disciples from the Heaven, Earth, Xuan, and Huang Houses were gathered here.

“Why are we here?” Thousands of disciples gathered on the big square of Lingyun Academy.

The academy rarely held disciple gatherings of this scale, which was why many disciples were puzzled by this unusual meeting.

“Why did they gather all of us here?”

“Did anything unusual happen in the academy?”

“It’s said that the meeting is held upon Elder Qin’s request. I wonder what happened that even he was alerted.” The daily operation of the houses was usually managed by the senior instructors, which was why people were surprised that the lofty Director decided to talk to them in person!

At this moment in Class A of House Huang, Song Qingfeng, Lin Shao, and Xu Luo were looking at Mu Hongzhu and a middle-aged male instructor beside her with dejection, begging, “Instructor, isn’t the punishment a bit too severe?”

The male instructor’s name was Chen Zhong, and he managed the entire Class A. Hearing Song Qingfeng and the others’ complaints, he shook his head helplessly and said, “You’re unfortunate that you were caught in the moment of Elder Qin’s fury. What were you thinking when you skipped the class to play games?!”

“It’s your bad luck that you are now being punished to warn others.” Mu Hongzhu also sighed slightly, feeling like the punishment was a bit severe. She wondered who had come up with the idea of dragging the elite disciples of her class up to the platform and scolding them in front of thousands of people as a way of deterring others.

“I’ll try to communicate with Elder Qin and see if I can reduce the punishment; that’s all that I can do,” Mu Hongzhu said with a faint sigh, thinking that the method of forbidding all the disciples from entering that small shop was vicious and effective.

However, she thought that it was a bit too much to reprimand the disciples in front of thousands of others.

Nalan Mingxue gave the three victims a condolent look since she had only gotten some deduction in credits.

Meanwhile, a fatty who was standing in the back of the class wiped cold sweat from his forehead and thought, I was lucky that I didn’t have class that day. If it were me who got into this kind of trouble, I probably would have been expelled from Lingyun Academy…

“I wonder what will happen to Qi’s small shop after this… Can he keep the business open?” Wang Tai looked at the gloomy sky and heaved a heavy sigh.

Meanwhile, Fang Qi was being hunted down by his game character.

In a jade-like green bamboo forest, a young man who was about 16 years old stepped on a stalk of bamboo lightly like a bird and flew into the distance when the bamboo bounced back. As soon as he jumped away, a silver light followed him closely and turned the stalk of bamboo into pieces.

About one month had passed in the Game Cultivation Room. That silver light followed Fang Qi like a shadow and got close to his back. Then, a silver sword energy flashed behind him and blocked the chilly light which was chasing Fang Qi like a ghost!

The sword energies knocked against each other several times in the blink of an eye with clanking noises resonating in the area.

Then, everything turned quiet.

[Cultivation: Li Xiaoyao, sword control technique

Synchronization (Sword control technique): 50%

Total synchronization: 10%

Skill experience gained/ Character’s cultivation strength gained: 1320/280

Assessment: your sword control technique has improved. Work harder, and you might master this sword technique.]

“Hu…” After coming out from the respawn station, Fang Qi still looked scared!

He had found that Li Xiaoyao was able to unleash double the power of the sword control technique. Even if Fang Qi had the same proficiency, he couldn’t win, let alone the fact that his understanding of the sword control technique in the real world was really low.

At this moment, Fang Qi suddenly heard a sharp whistling noise coming through the air and saw a bolt of sword energy flying toward him!

Surprised, Fang Qi subconsciously blocked the sword energy with the sword control technique and began to run!

Meanwhile, Jiang Xiaoyue sat behind the counter in boredom. She murmured with a pout, “The business today is so slow… And the owner isn’t live streaming. I’m bored! Where’s everyone anyway?”

When Su Tianji came in with Fenghua, Yuexin, and Xiao Yulv, she was also curious. “What’s wrong today? Where’s everyone?”

Since the Liuyun Daoist Palace was far from Jiuhua City, and she stayed away from worldly business, it was natural that she knew nothing about the situation.

“No idea… It’s quite strange today!” Loli Jiang Xiaoyue said listlessly.

“Forget it. I don’t care.” She glanced around. “The owner is out as well?”

“He’s upstairs, and I don’t know what he’s doing,” Jiang Xiaoyue answered with a pout.

“He isn’t live streaming today?” Su Tianji thought for a while and said, “Then, I’ll play the Legend of Sword and Fairy for a while.”

“Xiaoyue, get us three containers of Haagen-Dazs.”

“Okay!” Hearing the only customers today asking for Haagen-Dazs as usual, Jiang Xiaoyue felt a bit better.

However, she felt gloomy again and stared at the Haagen-Dazs sulkily. When can I have a taste of Haagen-Dazs?!

Besides Lingyun Academy, other places in Jiuhua City also began to boycott the Origin Internet Club and the games. In this world, the main promotional method was through giving out flyers, and many shops in the busy locations in Jiuhua City such as the Tianfu Street and Jiuhua Road sent workers out to give flyers to passing by cultivators and warriors.

Chen Xiaolang who called himself Young Master Chen was a distant relative of the Chen Family in Jingshi. Since the Chen Family in Jiuhua City had several high-level cultivators, it was quite powerful in the southern part of Jiuhua City, which made Chen Xiaolang a big bully; everyone called him Bully Chen.

Recently, Young Master Chen got tired of the southern side of the city and would occasionally come to the busiest Tianfu Street for fun. Today, a worker standing before a luxurious-looking shop handed him a flyer.

“What’s this?” If he was in the southern side of the city, he wouldn’t spare a glance at it. However, he looked up at the lofty-looking shop and accepted the flyer.

He was bored anyway.

He glanced at it and froze. “The games in this shop are so fun that people get addicted to them?!”

“Right!” The worker in green explained solemnly, “The stuff in this shop is very vicious. Young Master, please read this part.”

He pointed at the most eye-catching paragraphs.

“August 5th. In the southwest region of Jiuhua City, Xue Changgui, who was a free warrior wanted to get money for playing games, so he robbed an old man from Yang Family. He was imprisoned by Jiuhua City for robbery.”

“August 3rd. In the southern Jiuhua City…”

The worker in green read the stories one by one and then said to the astonished Chen Xiaolang smugly, “These games are addictive drugs that can make people lose their mind! Right now, all the big forces including Lingyun Academy and Southern Business Alliance are boycotting the shop!”

“All the people in Jiuhua City are avoiding these things as if they are poisonous snakes. I warn you; don’t ever touch them!”

“Hiss… There’s such a shop in the city?” Young Master Chen asked in a grave voice, “Where is this shop?”

“It’s in the east of the city,” the servant in green said, “But if you want to destroy the shop and beat those villains, you must be careful. That shop has a powerful background!”

“Destroy the shop?” Young Master Chen looked at him in bafflement and then waved his hand. “Little Wu!”

“Yes, Young Master!” The brawny man standing behind him answered with respect.

“Get a carriage, and we are going to the east of the city.”

“Get a carriage?” The brawny man whose nickname was Little Wu asked in bafflement, “Are we going and destroying the shop?”

“Not at all.” Young Master Chen grinned with bright eyes. “This place sounds exciting. Let’s go and see if it’s really so fun!”

Still clutching the flyer, the worker in green was stunned. “Seriously?!”

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