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Chapter 112 - Hunted Down by my Own Game Character...

Chapter 112: Hunted Down by my Own Game Character…

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Soon, Fang Qi felt something cold on his chest. After looking down, he saw a mouse-shaped metal pendant hanging around his neck on a thin silver thread.

The metal pendant’s front side looked like a mini mouse, and the back side was covered with complicated patterns.

Here was the description from the system.

[Key to the Game Cultivation Room

Function: Connect to the Game Cultivation Room

Instruction: Please use it when no one is around]

“So many restrictions…” Mumbling, Fang Qi returned to upstairs and closed the door.

He sat cross-legged on his bed and turned on the System Interface.

Then, he clicked [Yes] on the option of [Use the key to the Game Cultivation Room].

Instantly, Fang Qi felt like the lights around him dimmed.

The scene before him blurred as if many strands of data flowed around him!

He felt as if his entire body floated in the air, and the old world disappeared. He felt like the streaks of data took him to a strange place.

When his feet touched solid ground again, he found himself in a pitch-black space without any source of light.

While he was wondering where he was, light beams appeared before him and illuminated several familiar figures!

They looked vivid but stood there like statues.

With a crew cut and a brawny body, the first figure held a rocket launcher in his hands. He was the special forces soldier, Chris.

The second figure wore heavy armor and had a shield in his left hand and a scepter in his right hand. He was a Paladin.

The third figure wore a blue and white Daoist robe and carried a long sword behind his back, looking forward with intense eyes. He was Li Xiaoyao.

“These are…” Fang Qi stared at them in astonishment.

Glaring at the ancient looking sword with the black sheath and golden patterns, he remembered clearly that it was the Wuchen Sword that he had used to battle Baiyue in the Legend of Sword and Fairy.

He also remembered using the golden shield named [Ancient’s Pledge] in the Paladin’s hand to fight monsters.

As for Chris, Fang Qi remember that he had left the rocket launcher in Chris’s hand after he practiced it on the Tyrant and exited the game.

[Your game characters,] the System said.

“Isn’t this a cultivation room?” Fang Qi asked immediately, “Why did you bring out my game characters?”

Then, Fang Qi saw a line of description under the Game Cultivation Room on the System Interface.

[Instruction: Activate your game character and begin cultivation. The more you’re in sync with them, the more experience you will get.

All senses in the cultivation room such as pain are in the grade of “real” and can’t be adjusted.

The flow of time in the cultivation room is 365 to 1 compared with the real world.

The cultivation room is mainly used to increase combat abilities and nothing else; one must think carefully before using it.

“365:1?” Fang Qi said in surprise, “Does it mean that one year of cultivation here is equivalent to one day in the outside world?”

It sounded lofty, but…

“The cultivators in the outside world cultivate for dozens and even hundreds of years at a time. What’s the use of only one year?”

[Don’t make a judgment before you try,] the System replied.

“Try it…” Fang Qi looked at his three game characters curiously. Among them, Li Xiaoyao had the highest strength. Knowing that he could acquire skills, experiences, and cultivation strength, Fang Qi activated his game character Li Xiaoyao since he was now into the sword techniques of the Shu Mountain Faction.

The moment that Fang Qi activated the character, a whole world spread under Li Xiaoyang’s feet and swallowed the darkness around them. The scenery changed into the ancient world in the Legend of the Sword and Fairy.

Li Xiaoyao was the only game character facing him.

Expressionlessly, Li Xiaoyao pointed the fingers of his right-hand to the sky!

The sky, the earth, mountains, lake, trees… All the spiritual essence around them gathered together and formed a horrifyingly huge spiritual essence sword!

Heavenly Sword! It was the Heavenly Sword that Fang Qi had mastered with proficiency!

As soon as Li Xiaoyao waved his finger, the huge spiritual essence sword crashed down like a giant mountain. Before the sword came, the sword energies emitting from it cut into Fang Qi’s body like a blade. In the blink of an eye, it left many scratches on his body!

Having practiced the Heavenly Sword from the basic level to mastery, Fang Qi knew the great power of the Heavenly Sword more than anyone else. If he allowed the huge sword to crash down, his body would be torn into pieces by the sword energies alone before the sword cut into him, despite the fact that his body had been strengthened by the T-Virus.

“Stop! Stop! Stop!” Fang Qi cried out immediately.

In fact, Fang Qi didn’t expect the sword to stop. Since he was in the Game Cultivation Room, he assumed that he could be resurrected.

However, to his surprise, the sword paused in the air, and the System Interface began calculation at the same time.

[Cultivation: Li Xiaoyao, Heavenly Sword

Synchronization: (Heavenly Sword): 0%

Total synchronization: 0%

Skill experiences gained/Character’s cultivation strength gained: 0

Assessment: you’re not here to cultivate]

Fang Qi heaved a sigh of relief and felt exasperated while he looked at the System Interface.

“How can I battle the Heavenly Sword right away? Can’t you give me something like an ordinary sword control technique?”

[Please make your own choice.]

“Make my own choice? How?” Fang Qi looked carefully and found options at the top of the Game Cultivation Room.

He clicked into the page and saw a more detailed breakdown beneath each character.

For example, here was the description under Chris.

[Total synchronization: 62.11%

Guns: 75.3%

Combat: 70.66%

Cold weapons: 62.54%

Character’s weapon owned: Unlimited rocket launcher

Complete synchronization available: yes]

“Complete synchronization?” Fang Qi asked, “What does it mean?”

Quickly, an explanation appeared.

[Explanation: the player can temporarily possess all the techniques and power of this character. The synchronization time limit is determined by the synchronization rate and the player’s own strength.

The threshold of complete synchronization is to clear stages in the game, reach 20% total synchronization rate, and possess the important item of this character.]

“In other words, by cultivating in this room, I can quickly increase my strength and also temporarily gain all the characters’ strengths?”

“However…” Fang Qi glanced at his total synchronization with Li Xiaoyao; it was only 7%.

He pondered and asked, “It sounds good, but where can I get an important item such as Li Xiaoyao’s Wuchen Sword?”

The System answered, [Host, please do more tasks.]

Fang Qi said, “You are tricking me to do more work.”

It seemed like he had to work harder on cultivation.

He clicked on Li Xiaoyao in the System Interface and selected to cultivate the sword control technique. Soon, a simple-looking steel sword hovered in the air beside Fang Qi’s right hand, and another sword appeared by Li Xiaoyao’s right hand.

They stood facing each other. Without an expression, Li Xiaoyao waved his finger, and his sword slashed toward Fang Qi’s chest with sharp whistling noise like a shooting star!

“F*ck!” Fang Qi cussed silently. With no time to think, he jumped to one side and felt a burning pain on his back!

Disregarding the wound on his back, he dodged the sword that was turning blurry due to its high speed and dancing like silver snakes!

Obviously, Li Xiaoyao was much more powerful when he was moving on his own rather than under Fang Qi’s control.

While dodging the attacks desperately, Fang Qi controlled the long sword beside him to block the next attack from his opponent!

It was a merciless battle!

Fang Qi had regretted leveling up Li Xiaoyao so well!

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