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Chapter 128 - Popular Business

Chapter 128: Popular Business

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Looking at the instructors who were inspecting the dorms round after round, Wang Tai’s heart rose to his throat. “My God! It’s fortunate that I stayed in today!”

“So, this is that old man’s tactic?” Nalan Mingxue and Lan Yan had a small private house in Lingyun Academy. While watching the instructors coming and going, Nalan Mingxue was deep in thought.

“Hu… That was close!” Lan Yan patted her chest to calm her racing heart while she watched the instructors leave. “It’s fortunate that we stayed in the school today.”

“What shall we do? If the academy does the check once a day, we will not be able to go out and play games anymore.” Lan Yan said worriedly, “This is happening inside of Lingyun Academy, and Mr. Fang can’t intervene.”

“The academy can’t do this every day.” Nalan Mingxue said, “One time is too much work already. Besides, it can only work when they catch us off guard.”

“If they did it again, the disciples could prepare excuses and fake witnesses ahead of time,” Nalan Mingxue said mildly, “I guess Qin Bing just wants to give a grave warning to all the disciples by doing this large-scale dorm check so that we wouldn’t dare to do it again in the future!

“I’m not worried about the next time… I’m afraid that the disciples who are caught this time will be in big trouble…”

Meanwhile, Song Qingfeng sat in a quiet room cross-legged and the warrior qi emitting from his body puffed up his clothes!

His face turned pale and then red as if the warrior qi in his body gathered together and was blocked at some obstacle.

Obviously, he had come to the critical moment of a breakthrough!

Calm down… Concentrate… The cultivation techniques of our Song Family are a bit too harsh… He furrowed his eyebrows. No. Did I progress too fast?

No… No… His face turned redder as if all the warrior qi was blocked in one place.No! If this continues without success, my meridians will be severely damaged!

If I back out at this moment without success, my cultivation strength will be greatly reduced. I can’t fail at this critical moment!

To ensure the success of this breakthrough, I even took the Dragon-Tiger Vital-Nurturing Pill. I can’t fail…

I remember a technique on concentration from the Legend of the Sword and Fairy… However, our Song Family’s cultivation techniques can’t work with outside techniques… But…

“Ms. Nalan!” Lan Yan hurried and followed Nalan Mingxue out of the door.

Behind the private courtyard was a vast training field. Candles were lit on the walls, and there was a row of neatly placed weapons on both sides of the field.

“How is your sword control technique?”

“I can use it,” Lan Yan said with some hesitation, “But I’ve never used it in a real battle.”

Nalan Mingxue picked up a long sword and tossed it at Lan Yan. “Try it.”

On the second day, the punishment decision of Lingyun Academy finally came out. Sitting in Class A of the Huang House, Xi Qi looked gloomy.

Besides him, many other disciples in Lingyun Academy were gloomy as well.

“Expelled from the Lingyun List?” Mu Hongzhu frowned and looked at these disciples whose heads were lowered; she felt extremely sad.

At least half of these disciples were going to be expelled from the Lingyun List!

The Lingyun List released by Lingyun Academy was the standard used to measure the disciples’ strengths and talents for all the other big and small academies in the entire Jiangnan area.

It also determined the resources that a disciple could receive from their academies and families. After all, no force wanted to waste resources on a wastrel who couldn’t even enter the Lingyun List!

This wasn’t a big deal for those ordinary disciples who weren’t on the Lingyun List, but most of these disciples who were going to be punished had good talent and strengths.

Being expelled from the Lingyun List meant that most of these young people would see their much-needed cultivation resources greatly reduced!

It meant that their hard efforts on cultivation were all wasted!

It felt like one who got a good grade after studying hard heard the declaration from the school that their marks were invalid.

Although they were not expelled from the academy, this punishment was more effective!

Sure enough, only the people from outside of the city like Ye Xiaoye and high-level aristocrats such as An Huwei came to Fang Qi’s shop on the second day.

Today, even the independent warriors such as Liang Shi didn’t dare to show up!

“That’s how it should be!” In his garden, Pang Rulie drank wine with enjoyment. “Now that most of the businesses declared that they won’t welcome customers who have dealings with the Origin Internet Club, all the residents are avoiding this shop as if it is a snake. Huh! I’ll see how your business can continue!”

“Dad! Look at these people! They are going too far!” In the front hall of the Castellan Estate, An Cheng looked very displeased.

An Huwei was frustrated. After all, the businesses in the city had the right to decide whom they wanted to serve. Those people were still respectful to him, but they were like bullies toward the weaker people.

This situation was worse enough for a small shop.

“This Hou Chong is a trouble maker.” Sitting in the Castellan Estate, An Huwei was angry but didn’t know how to vent it. “He is turning the city upside-down!”

However, despite his displeasure, he couldn’t deal with these complicated forces head-on.

“Dad, do you think the senior in Mr. Fang’s shop will show his hand?”

“Yawn…” Jiang Xiaoyue sat behind the counter and yawned. Only a few people came into the shop in the morning, and Jiang Xiaoyue was not used to this quiet atmosphere.

At this moment, Fang Qi walked downstairs with fatigue on his face. Obviously, he had just come out of the Game Cultivation Room.

“Boss, you got up so late?!” Jiang Xiaoyue pouted with resentment. “Look! We have a very slow day!”

“I guess they realized that the stuff in your shop is too expensive and have decided not to come anymore,” Jiang Xiaoyue glanced at the shop and said with her hands resting on her hips.

“Is that so?” Fang Qi glanced around the shop and realized that the business today was indeed slow. He waved at Jiang Xiaoyue, saying, “You watch the shop while I’m out.”

“Go out?” Jiang Xiaoyue stared at him curiously and then said with a pout, “At this moment, you still want to go out?”

“Yeah.” Fang Qi walked out of the door.

Today was the day that the official novel of Diablo came out, and he wanted to check up on them.

“The despicable owner is so carefree!” Jiang Xiaoyue returned to her seat in a huff.

“Ugh?” At this moment, Yun Lian looked at the almost empty shop with elation. “Faction Master had been planning for a group training for the elite disciples in the Origin Internet Cafe!”

In the past, the internet café didn’t have enough seats, and it didn’t accept bookings. But now…

Excited, he immediately took out the communication jade and said, “I’ll send this good news to the faction right now!”

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