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Chapter 12 - It’s More Than Just a Game

Chapter 12: It’s More Than Just a Game

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They finally began to realize the charm of the game. After all, in real life, no one could put their lives at risk so carefreely, expecting to come back to life after they died. It simply wasn’t something that one could experience.

But, wasn’t this game a little too hard?

“How can you make a bet with us on a monster that can’t be killed? Don’t the three of you know any better?” Li Xi said, a little unhappily.

Lin Shao looked at him arrogantly with his head high up in the air. “How can’t it be killed? We killed quite a few!”

“You killed quite a few?” Li Xi sneered, “I used the Li Family’s finger-sword technique just now and smashed its chest. However, the monster didn’t die. Lin Shao, why don’t you tell me how you killed so many?”

“Lin Shao isn’t the only one who killed quite a few zombies.” Xu Luo grinned, “I killed some too, and even Qingfeng…” He pointed at Song Qingfeng, who was sitting next to him, and continued, “He killed more than ten!”

“How is that possible?” Both Ping and Li Xi looked at their friends in shock.How did they kill so many monsters? The one they just encountered was so hard to fight off!

Lin Shao and Xu Luo enjoyed their shock and slight admiration and smiled. “Of course it’s possible. Why else do you think your ranking is so much lower than ours in today’s examinations?”

“How did the three of you kill so many zombies?” Li Xi asked them, “What’s the key to success?”

Upon seeing how anxious Li Xi looked, Lin Shao and Xu Luo smiled at each other and asked, “Of course there is a key to success! Do you want to know?”

Li Xi’s expression immediately filled with anticipation as he continued, “When we come tomorrow…”

“Of course I’m buying!” Li Xi immediately said.

Only then did Lin Shao nod in satisfaction, proud to have gotten what he wanted. He smiled and said, “Smash its head!”

“Smash its head?” Li Xi’s eyes rolled around, and he asked, “That monster’s weak spot is its head?”

Therefore, he immediately went back to the game and tried. To his surprise, the zombie no longer came back to life after its head was smashed!

“How did you find this out!” Li Xi was filled with admiration. “I never even thought of this method!”

Faced with their friends’ admiration, the three people in the back laughed arrogantly.

A way to kill the monsters meant an extra layer of security when exploring this weird world. The two of them went back to playing and could barely stop.

However, the two of them were such newbies that Song Qingfeng and the others felt like they played much better. Therefore, after watching Li Xi and Ping for a while, they became bored and turned their attention away from them, glancing around with interest.

Lin Shao suddenly saw Xu Zixin sitting beside him and couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise, “A girl is playing this as well?”

Then, he looked up into her screen as if he just discovered a new continent. “Qingfeng, Luo, come take a look! She chose Jill!”

What was even more shocking was that Jill, controlled by this girl, accidentally activated the trap inside the room as she pulled out her shotgun. Before anything happened to her, her teammate Barry Burton quickly kicked open the door and saved her from death!

“What the f*ck, how do you have teammates who help you?” They were all surprised; they’ve been playing for a long time, but none of them had any teammates to help them!

How does she already have a teammate?

They had to admit that Resident Evil One was gentler to women. Not only was Jill given a gun at the very beginning, but she also had a device that could unlock doors and locks. Therefore, she could obtain a lot of bullets from all around the mansion. Moreover, her teammate Barry would occasionally come to help, so playing as Jill was slightly easier than playing as Chris.

The only bad thing about Jill was that she had fewer health points, and later on in the game, she would die easier if she didn’t pay attention.

The other two froze upon seeing this scene as well. That’s too awesome!

Then, Lin Shao immediately asked Xu Zixin, “Miss, could you please tell us how you picked this character?”

Xu Zixin had never played such a fun game. Although it was indeed somewhat scary, at least she had teammates. Thanks to Barry, she quickly learned how to kill zombies and naturally progressed faster than Song Qingfeng and the others.

She was lost in the game when she heard someone calling her. Upon turning around, she saw three men watching her from behind!

Why would people watch me play a game? Why are they asking me how to pick this character? Are there other characters?

Confused, she replied, “It was the first option in the beginning.”

“Isn’t the first option Chris?” The three of them were immediately dumbfounded.

“No…” Xu Zixin replied, “My first option was Jill.”

“What?” Xu Luo’s face fell; why was his first choice Chris, but her first choice Jill?

“Is it because we’re men?” Song Qingfeng asked as the three looked at each other, the other two just as speechless as he was.


“Maybe it really is because of that…”

It was normal for men to play male characters and women to play female characters, but why were women getting better treatment than men?

“I have no idea then; I’m going to go back to playing now.”

All three of them were interested to see a player using Jill. Therefore, they began watching Xu Zixin as she played.

“Miss, there’s ammunition below that table!”

“That drawer, there’s a clue in that drawer!”

“There, there’s a key there!”

Thanks to the guys’ hints, Xu Zixin found countless treasures here and there, causing her to have good impressions of the three of them.

“I didn’t expect that the three of you would know so much,” she said.

“Of course!”

“Qingfeng has already passed many levels!”

“That’s impressive,” Xu Zixin replied and nodded.

She was liking the game more and more. Not only was it fun, but it also helped her train! She had a feeling that if she kept playing, she would soon reach a breakthrough!

Pleased with the fact that they could help out new players, Song Qingfeng and the others felt like powerful senior warriors.

At that time, a voice suddenly came from the other side, “Qingfeng, come see what the shop owner is fighting against! It’s different from the monsters we’ve been fighting with.”

“The owner?” Upon hearing this voice, they realized that although the owner played all day as well, they’ve never gone to see him in action.

“How well does he play?”

At this thought, everyone turned around to glance at Fang Qi’s screen.

It was better if they didn’t because what they saw was horrifying beyond words.

Song Qingfeng saw a horrendous-looking, mutated, half-human monster with scales all over its body. It also had long and sharp claws!

“What is that?”

He originally thought that zombies alone were terrifying enough. Who knew that there would be other monsters?

This monster was so much scarier than the zombies!

“Didn’t Qingfeng say that the strongest monster in the game was the zombie dog? What’s this?”

That 13 or 14-year-old young boy pointed at Fang Qi’s screen and asked in befuddlement.

“Don’t speak!” Song Qingfeng’s expression changed drastically upon seeing what was on Fang Qi’s screen; have they been playing the same game?

His face dimmed; he could tell just by looking at the screen that this monster wasn’t easy to kill!

Then, they quickly noticed that all Fang Qi had in his hand was a dagger!

Upon seeing this, Song Qingfeng and the others all froze!


Why would he only use a dagger?

Fang Qi’s character bent down and concentrated all his attention on the monster in front of him!

One couldn’t rush when fighting a hunter – position, dodging, and attacking were important!

Although daggers were capable of gravely injuring hunters, it was still extremely difficult to kill them with just a dagger!

Fang Qi familiarized himself with the hunter’s techniques through numerous battles. This way, he soon understood its most frequent attacks, giving himself a higher probability of killing it!

“Qingfeng!” Lin Shao shouted, “Don’t tell me that we have to fight monsters like this in the future!”

“That’s a possibility! Let’s watch how the owner plays!” Song Qingfeng’s expression grew even gloomier, feeling the hairs stand up on his arms.

The scale-covered monster looked scarier by the second!

It looked like a tailless dinosaur that was standing up, emitting a dangerous aura!

It looked like an experienced and brutal predator, icily glaring at the target in front of it!

Ordinary zombies were powerful enough, and zombie dogs were also seen as a nightmare to these people; none of them dared to be reckless when faced with these monsters!

They all thought the scariest monsters in the mansion were the zombies or zombie dogs, but there were also monsters like the one in front of him!

In Song Qingfeng’s point of view, this wasn’t a monster that could be defeated with a dagger!

However, that was exactly what Fang Qi was doing right now!

All he wanted to know right now was how Fang Qi was going to kill that thing! Suddenly, the hunter jumped up into the air, and its giant body blew up a gust of wind, landing in front of Fang Qi in the blink of an eye!

“It’s so fast!” the people behind Fang Qi exclaimed.

Does it only appear to be strong but is actually weak?

No! The hunter’s speed and the wind it swept up alone embodied extreme power!

Plus, those thick claws made the others wonder what would happen if the player was scratched by them. Would they be cut into halves almost immediately?

Everyone stopped breathing as they watched the scene unfold in front of them!

Suddenly, Fang Qi moved as well!

His center of gravity was already low to begin with. Then, he suddenly bent down even lower. The others watched as he pierced his sharp dagger upward as hard as he could!

It was such an ingenious strike; the hunter seemed to have fallen into the path of his dagger.

When the two clashed together, the dagger easily split the monster’s stomach open!

After this exchange, Fang Qi successful injured the hunter!

However, the hunter wasn’t so easy to kill!

Without thinking, Fang Qi rolled off to the side.

He stood in a position that he spent a long time choosing. When he was fighting the hunter just now, he was standing near the door of a side foyer!

The corridors in the mansion were extremely narrow, so much so that the hunter’s big and tall body could fill up an entire hallway. Therefore, fighting in the hall was extremely disadvantageous to him!

Then, Fang Qi somersaulted onto the side foyer!

The hunter’s injuries began to bleed, obviously provoking its ferocious urge to kill! Upon seeing Fang Qi going into the side foyer, it followed closely behind!

Scratching, pouncing, tearing, and biting were the natural instincts of the hunter!

Everyone was absorbed in the fight as they watched intently, no one daring to make a single noise.

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