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Chapter 11 - Get Up If You Can

Chapter 11: If You Don’t Go Looking for Death, Death Won’t Knock on Your Door

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She was a genius student of Lingyun Academy, how could she be frightened by something like this?

However, before she even finished, the zombie suddenly opened its eyes and grabbed her ankle!

“AH! It came back to life?” She didn’t anticipate this at all!

After all, she didn’t know anything that could suddenly come back to life!

Xu Zixin’s character lost balance and fell onto the ground. She did everything she could to kick that zombie away, but it was too strong. She struggled for a while but couldn’t free herself, so she shot at the zombie. Yet, it wouldn’t die. Instead, it went crazy and bit her ankle!

This time around, Xu Zixin was really shaken up.

She really wasn’t a coward nor someone who had never seen blood. The truth was that even special agents who had lived through countless wars would be startled by this scene in front of them.

Why couldn’t she kill it?

It was horrific! How did she not see how strong and powerful it was?

“Am I supposed to do nothing while being eaten by this monster?” She clenched down her teeth and felt a speck of despair. She even felt like she was going to die.

She underestimated herself.

“Shoot its brain with your gun.” Just then, a voice sounded out from behind her.

“Huh?” She paused for a second. Then, right before the zombie was about to bite into her calves, she quickly fired her gun.

Bam, bam, bam!

Countless bullets shot right into the zombie’s forehead as it finally stopped what it was doing. Then, with a mournful cry, it fell right onto the floor.

“That’s why I think girls shouldn’t play these bloody and violent games. After all, if you don’t court death, death won’t knock on your door…” Like the system, Fang Qi was calm and righteous.

He watched as Xu Zixin exited the VR mode beside him. She looked at him with a complicated expression on her face. Fang Qi looked right into her eyes and said with all seriousness, “You’re welcome.”

Where did he get the audacity to say: ‘You’re welcome’!? Talk about a face that is as thick as the city walls!

Xu Zixin looked at him with anger and amusement; even if she did feel a tiny speck of gratitude, everything happened because she was playing Fang Qi’s stupid game!

At this thought, Xu Zixin glared at him while Fang Qi shrugged innocently.

Xu Zixin thought, Wasn’t I just complaining how nothing in Jiuhua City interests me?

Although this game was at times terrifying, she now had ways to deal with those monsters. Therefore, the horror vanished and was quickly replaced with excitement!

At the same time, she felt her bottleneck loosening up a little under the nerve-wracking battle just now!

She was shocked; she paid a great price to cultivate at the Martial Arts Tower at Lingyun Academy but didn’t reach any breakthroughs. How did her bottleneck loosen up as soon as she played this game for a few minutes?

How was that possible?

Upon seeing Fang Qi falling silent and turning his attention back to his game, she decided to go back to her game as well and continue her Resident Evil adventure. She wanted to see if she could reach a new breakthrough.

Xu Zixin had a feeling that this game was a giant treasure hunt, just waiting for her to discover!

As she kept playing, she used the method Fang Qi taught her and destroyed the heads of a few zombies in a row. Slowly, that initial fright disappeared and was replaced by an enormous sense of achievement and stimulation that only came from intense adventure-seeking!

Before playing this game, she didn’t think that any adventure this exhilarating existed!

This game was a cross-era masterpiece!

Most importantly, this game gave her more than an exciting new adventure! Even the game plot was extremely interesting.

“What will be my fate in this game? Will I be able to find my teammates?”

The plot in Resident Evil One was simple and easy to understand. This was a search and rescue mission where the player acted as a rescuer, so he or she could quickly immerse themselves into the game plot.

As an outstanding young warrior, she was a courageous woman. After the initial shock, her rebellious side was slowly evoked!

The plot was simple, yet it was shrouded in endless mystery. It drew her in, stimulating her urge to explore.

What is hidden inside the mansion? What is the biochemical crisis? she wanted to solve all these questions!

Therefore, she couldn’t wait any longer and completely forgot that she thought Fang Qi was a swindler just moments ago.

Instead, she fell into Jill’s role and declared, “I will find the truth behind this incident!”

“Sir, there are people who want to play?” A few people suddenly barged in; Fang Qi glanced over and immediately recognized them; it was Song Qingfeng, Lin Shao, and Xu Luo.

“Why are you here again?” Fang Qi immediately burst out in laughter, “You’ve played for six hours already, you can’t play anymore.”

“Do shop owners these days all ask why customers come? It’s fine if owners don’t stand up to greet customers, but why would they ask ‘why are you here’?”

Song Qingfeng’s face darkened. “Sir, why would you say something like that…”

“We’re not playing!”

Fang Qi then saw two other rich young men walk through the door, and Lin Shao pointed at them, “We are getting more people to come and play, what do you think? Can we play for a few more hours?”

“You three,” a long-faced young master said. “Is a shop as small as this really as amazing as you say it is?”

Then, he looked around at the shop interior; sure, this place was clean, but there wasn’t anything special about it.

“You said you can play as the main character of a novel?” The two young men asked suspiciously, “This place isn’t that big, can we even fight in here?”

“You’ll see; don’t be frightened when you do.” Lin Shao and Xu Luo were still mesmerized by their experiences this morning and said in a low voice, “Cultivator!”

“Cultivator?” The two young men became even more suspicious at what Lin Shao and Xu Luo said. The shop owner doesn’t look like a cultivator at all! What do they mean by that? Is this a cultivator’s creation here?

A cultivator’s creation was an extremely rare object; the truth was, most spiritual artifacts sold in the city were inferior goods modelled after real artifacts. Therefore, genuine cultivator creations were extremely rare!

This was because there were countless talented potential warriors in this world, but little to none were talented or qualified enough to become cultivators.

In Dajin, being connected to a cultivator in any way would command respect.

“I made a bet with Qingfeng. He loses if I can kill that ‘zombie’ monster,” a younger boy said. “I don’t care how horrifying the monster is, I want to beat it first.”

Fang Qi looked at the group of people in front of him and covered his forehead in exasperation. Should I put up a ‘No Minors’ sign outside?

“You have a point!” The long-faced man chimed in, “I made a bet with Qingfeng too. If I kill a zombie, he’ll give me his Icy Star Sword!”

None of them cared much about money, so they walked in and sat down, ready to play the game.

Song Qingfeng and the others, on the other hand, sat behind them as they helped their friends to start the game.

As soon as they started playing, the realistic experience immediately attracted their attention.

After watching the beginning animation, they finally understood what Song Qingfeng and the others meant by ‘playing as the main character of a novel’!

They never imagined that they could be the main character!

“Qingfeng, why didn’t you tell us something this good existed earlier?” Their breathing became rapid since they had never played such an amazing game!

They were quickly led into the mansion. The creepy environment, along with the dimmed lights, gave the mansion an oppressive ambiance. Soon, they both encountered the first zombie.

Since the players could only see the zombie’s back, most first-timers would assume that it was a survivor. Therefore, they both walked up to the zombie, wanting to obtain information about this mansion.

To both their surprises, a horrific, disgusting, rotten face appeared before them!

Then, it charged up to them!


Two shrieks immediately echoed within Fang Qi’s internet café!

Although Song Qingfeng warned them about how gross the zombies looked, they were still left in shock. One of the player’s arm was bitten, and he ran away. The other was left unharmed but was still dumbstruck by what he saw.

“Ping is out.” Lin Shao, who sat behind the younger boy, laughed upon seeing what happened.

Then, the other young man ran back into the lobby and realized that his other teammates, who used to be there, had disappeared!

Suddenly, he noticed a scratch, not too big or too small, on his arm.

The wound was already turning black; anyone who had eyes could see that it wasn’t just an ordinary injury.

“I guess Li Xi’s out as well,” Xu Luo burst out in laughter upon seeing that his friends lost less than 15 minutes into the game; they were even worse than him this morning! He pointed at them and said, “We already told you that the zombie’s claws are poisonous, how can you still be so reckless!”

They both looked down, looking dejected. “We didn’t know that the monsters you were talking about used to be humans!”

The long-faced young man’s name was Li Xi. Since his character wasn’t so heavily injured, he said with determination, “Even if I die, I’m going to make that monster die with me!”

Then, he raised his hand and charged towards the zombie!

Because he went all out and wasn’t scared of infections, he quickly beat the zombie up until it fell to the ground. Then, he clapped his hands proudly and said, “The monster only knows how to sneak attack, it’s not as scary as you said it was, Qingfeng!”

Upon hearing this, Lin Shao and Xu Luo looked at each other and smiled. If the player didn’t destroy the zombie’s head, it would come back to life and go berserk; that was the most horrifying part!

As expected, the zombie quickly stood up from the floor; its body turned red, and its face became twisted!

“What’s happening!” Li Xi couldn’t help but shriek in surprise.

Soon, the exhausted Li Xi died under the claws of the zombie.

Only then did he turn around and yell, “How is that possible? This thing is unkillable?”

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