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Chapter 13 - The Most Reliable Weapon in Resident Evil is Actually…

Chapter 13: The Most Reliable Weapon in Resident Evil is Actually…

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Fang Qi carefully avoided its chase; the hunter’s speed was extremely fast, and its attacks were sharp and precise!

After countless years, this had become its most refined method of chasing down prey; it was simple, swift, and effective!

However, Fang Qi had battled the hunter for so long that he had gotten used to its attack patterns.

The hunter charged up to Fang Qi, trying to grab him with its strong claws!

If he was caught by the hunter’s muscular arms, the hunter would bite off his neck in the blink of an eye!

Yet, countless battles and intense practice helped Fang Qi remember all of the hunter’s attacks!

Moreover, he was now so familiar with its attacks that he could predict them before they even happened!

Granted that the hunter’s speed was fast, it lacked the agility of the licker, which was beyond a human’s reaction speed.

Thanks to practice, he perfectly predicted how and where the hunter was going to attack him from and thus swiftly moved off to the side, avoiding its claws!

The spacious side foyer gave him enough room to circumvent the hunter’s face-to-face attacks.

Approaching from behind was the most advantageous position for a hunter, whose body was massively built!

Before it had the chance to attack Fang Qi from behind, Fang Qi circled behind it and immediately choked its neck. Then, as if he had practiced his next move a million times, the dagger was accurately stabbed into its forehead!


Fresh red blood flowed out of the hunter’s head along with brain matter.

The hunter, who was in extreme pain, began struggling so hard that it threw Fang Qi across the room!


Fang Qi’s body hit the wall so hard that he left a crack on it!

Everyone’s hearts sank as they saw this scene in front of them! A monster with strength of this magnitude had surpassed the capabilities of a human body by too much!

Just now, it threw the player onto the wall while it was struggling. If it was attacking normally, what would the results be?

The answer was clear; the player would die for sure!

Being smashed onto the wall like that made Fang Qi dizzy, and his entire body became numb!

The hunter, on the other hand, headed over to him again!

It walked up to Fang Qi step by step. Then, it raised its giant claws up into the air and thrashed down!

“No!” The hearts of those people who were standing behind Fang Qi sank; this monster was too strong! It didn’t die even after it was stabbed in the brain!

They all thought that Fang Qi was going to die, no matter how good he was at this game!

However, the unexpected happened!

Fang Qi suddenly jumped up. Just before its claws touched him, he dodged it! At the same time, he pushed his long black dagger right into the hunter’s throat!

The hunter’s claws landed on the wall that Fang Qi was lying against just now, smashing it into pieces!

However, its muddy pupils finally dimmed. Its giant body crashed onto the floor as if nothing was supporting it.

“It… died?”

Everyone looked at Fang Qi’s screen in disbelief. They were so shocked that they all gasped in unison.

It was such a horrific monster, but Fang Qi stabbed its three vital points. The hunter didn’t even get to unleash all of its power before going down!

It was killed with three deadly stabs, and Fang Qi barely had any injuries on his body!

“How is that possible!”

By choosing Chris, the player would not be able to use the qi of a warrior! Therefore, if he wanted to kill these monsters, he had no choice but to use his own combat skills!

Every stab was calculated precisely. Although his body was weak when compared to the hunter’s, he was able to kill the monster easily through clever tactics!

He didn’t even have to use martial techniques!

It was unbelievable!

This was another form of combat!

It was a delightfully stimulating battle that was as exciting to the player as it was to the audience!

Just now, the new players thought that Song Qingfeng, who figured out the zombies’ weakness and killed more than a dozen of them, was a genius. Now, Fang Qi was a God in their eyes!

Of course, Fang Qi had his plans when he used the dagger to fight the hunter!

Daggers were known as ‘survival knives’ in the game.

It was a close-range combat weapon, and it had an unwavering status in melee combat.

It had a limited range of attack and was weak in killing. Therefore, not many players used it as a main weapon. Rather, it was something that players relied on when they had no other options. It was a way for them to show their bravery when their surroundings were beyond dangerous, and they had no ammo.

Yet, daggers also had advantages that other weapons just didn’t. There were no limits to times of use! It was simple, convenient, and didn’t attract enemy attention.

Moreover, daggers were extremely deadly to hunters and zombie dogs. With a shotgun, the player had to fire about four shots to kill the monsters. With a dagger, however, the player only had to stab five to six times to kill them. It meant that daggers were almost as harmful to hunters and zombie dogs as shotguns were!

The main character in Resident Evil Two, Leon S. Kennedy, once said that, ‘Under certain circumstances, knives can be more reliable than guns.’

Chris was highly skilled in the use of daggers, and in the beginning, Fang Qi wasn’t familiar with how to use it. But he had been trying to pass this level for a few days now, so he had been practicing his dagger skills like crazy!

These three godlike stabs contained all the experiences he gained through countless battles with the hunter along with a speck of luck.

“There are monsters as powerful as this one later in the game?” Xu Zixin looked at the screen in front of Fang Qi in surprise. “How did he defeat this monster without martial techniques?”

She thought that the owner was just an ordinary man, but that didn’t seem like the case.

Someone capable of opening up a shop like this was not ordinary at all!

“Sir, what was that monster?” Song Qingfeng suppressed the shock in his heart and asked with a straight face, “Was that the leader of those zombies? Did it cause the human-eating incident?”

“Leader?” Fang Qi smiled slightly. Just as he turned around a corner, another hunter jumped out!

“F*ck!” The few of them were immediately dumbstruck!

“What is going on? Is that another leader? Are these monster brothers controlling this mansion?”

After he defeated the first hunter and was left unharmed, Fang Qi became more confident than ever.

This time, he took significantly longer to kill the hunter, but the situation wasn’t as dangerous. After a while, he finally defeated the second hunter!

Upon seeing that the hunter didn’t pose such a big threat to Fang Qi, everyone sighed in relief.

These are probably the strongest monsters in the mansion, right?

Nothing scarier will pop out, right?

As these thoughts entered their minds, they saw Fang Qi’s character pass a corridor, where another hunter jumped out.

Another one?

What is happening?

Moreover, they noticed that Fang Qi was no longer in the mansion. Rather, he was walking on a stone pathway.

Is he close to the monsters’ nest?

A hint of disbelief crept up into their heads. Are there scarier monsters down the road?

What Fang Qi said next confirmed their speculations, “After a while, hunters will be no more than small critters.”

“Small… critters? Did you just say that hunters are just ‘small critters’?” Although the word ‘critter’ didn’t exist in this world, everyone still understood what it meant.

Fang Qi said it so calmly and casually that it seemed like he really did think hunters were just critters!

However, were they really? They seemed so powerful!

“Wait… Sir, are you saying that the mansion is filled with monsters like these?” Song Qingfeng couldn’t accept this. If hunters were just ‘critters,’ then the zombies they fought were probably harmless compared to what they were going to encounter down the road!

No wonder the owner didn’t care about their gaming progresses. Their limited scope was nothing compared to what Fang Qi had experienced!

They all felt so embarrassed that their faces turned red; but…

Can we learn how to kill hunters from the owner?

Perhaps they would be able to kill those monsters with daggers as well.

At this thought, they turned their attention back to Fang Qi’s screen.

“Sir, does that mean two monsters like this will appear at the same time?” Lin Shao asked, sending everyone into despair.

“Two monsters?” Fang Qi repeated as he took out a silver revolver from his backpack. The others noticed that its muzzle was almost double the size of handguns, and the barrel was significantly longer than regular handguns as well!

The icy gun didn’t hold back, showing everyone how extraordinary it was!

“My magnum isn’t one to reason!” Fang Qi smiled and pulled the trigger just as the hunter was about to pounce on him!


The hunter was immediately thrown back as a bloody hole was punctured into its body!

It was a frightening scene!

Before the hunter could crawl up from the ground, Fang Qi shot at it again!

Only then did the hunter die on the ground.

“This gun!” Everyone looked at Fang Qi’s gun in jealousy. The gun killed the hunter before it could even defend itself!

If this was in real life, they would want to steal this treasure from Fang Qi!

“Sir, what’s this gun called?”


Yes! This was the well-known ‘Magnum’ from Resident Evil! Of course, when Fang Qi was young, these guns were merely called ‘revolvers.’

Magnum resolvers were large-caliber pistols that used Magnum rounds. They performed like the Desert Eagles that Magnum Research produced.

After firing two shots with his revolver, Fang Qi quickly put it back into his bag.

“Why did you put the gun away?” Lin Shao couldn’t help but ask. Why would Fang Qi risk himself by using the dagger when this gun was so powerful?

“I bet that the bullets are rare.” Song Qingfeng frowned.

When a player reached this point in the game, he or she was going to experience a bullet shortage.

Song Qingfeng was right! Bullets were extremely rare, so the less he used, the better!

Therefore, he didn’t want to waste any unless he was in real danger.

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