Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Chapter 38

Chapter 38.1 : This is the Person In Your Heart?

“That isn’t just any regular crystal stone. That is the full grade ferocious beast, Hurricane Condor’s Core Crystal!”

‘Gasp!’ “Is that true? The Hurricane Condor is a full grade ferocious beast! Many a number of powerful pugilists have given up their lives under its talons, and you say that was its Core Crystal! ?”

“Why would I lie to you for? I specialize in collecting these beast type Crystal Cores and I immediately recognized it the moment I laid my eyes on it.”

“That is just absolutely Heaven defying!”

“Really wonder who he is. If not for the fact that looks so terrifying, I would have really liked to go up to him and make his acquaintance. To have a friend like that, it’ll be a proud thing just telling people about it.”

“You? Hahaha. Just forget it. A nobody like you wants to befriend that powerful entity? Stop pulling my leg.”

“That’s so true. Hahahaha…..” The main hall exploded into a bout of raucous laughter, the atmosphere becoming exceptionally boisterous.

On the eighth floor, there were two independant courtyards. One was the Water Moon Chambers, the other, Fragrance Dome Abode.

These two little courtyards were large, with three or four rooms each inside.

The young man leading them brought the guests in and turned around to bow at the waist as he said: “The Water Moon Chambers will have everything you’ll need inside and we’ve prepared it all for you. If there is anything else you need, you will only need to infuse your spirit power into this and I will be here to assist shortly.” The young man said and handed a red jade token to Qing Ye Li.

Ah Jin reacted and accepted the jade token as he said: “Thank you. You may carry on with your other duties.”

The young man nodded, and then retreated his way out.

“Big Brother Ye Li, why are we here?” It was only at that moment that Yue Xin Yan voiced her doubts out aloud.

Although this was the best inn these lands had to offer, but Qing Ye Li was not the type of person who coveted such leisurely pleasures. When she brought up that question, even Ah Jin who had served them for many years was looking rather puzzled as well.

“They’re here.” Qing Ye Li sat upon a chair and had his eyes raised to look outside, suddenly making that short statement.

“What?” Yue Xin Li was taken aback.

But in the very next second, she saw several figures walking towards them. The footsteps of white robed man leading the group was extremely strange where his figure was a blur as he moved, appearing right before them in a blink.

“A guest has come from afar. We’re late in offering our respect.”

The white robed man had his hand clasped over his fist, his eyes tinged with smiles. His pair of charming and expressive eyes seemed to have gathered the stars in the sky, to the extent they could even be said to be amorous and heart stirring.

Yue Xin Yan’s blue eyes were wide as she started. In all her years till now, this was the first time she was seeing someone that could carry pure white robes to….. look so charming and dashing.

And, it was even worn upon a man! ?

“This little beauty here, why are you looking at me like this?” The man’s gaze turned slightly, his gentle calming tone of voice undulating, highly captivating.

A mere moment’s of weak mindedness very nearly had Yue Xin Yan hooked as the corners of her mouth twitched slightly.  “Wearing those white clothes….. really does no justice to your being….”

A man with feminine looks, bewitching and alluring. Even as a woman, she was feeling inferior.

“That’s enough. Stop teasing her already.”Qing Ye Li shot the white robed man an expressionless glance, and the man then retracted that teasing look on his face while he went on to the side to find himself a seat. He poured out a cup of tea for himself and then took a sip.

“I heard about the assassination attempt on your life. That bunch of fools are going to get themselves killed sooner or later.” The man said with stiffened lips, and then lifted his eyes up to say: “You do not have to take me into account when you strike them. Although I was once one of their members, but I have come out from there and am no longer linked to them. They were courting their own deaths and they cannot blame anyone for that.”

“That is not what I wanted to talk about.”

“As I thought, I knew that you aren’t really that concerned about me.”

“Concerned about you?” Qing Ye Li arched up an eyebrow. “Never before.”


Chapter 38.2 : This is the Person In Your Heart?

Yue Xin Yan looked at the white robed man’s highly mournful look and could not help but burst out: “Pffft”.

Qing Ye Li completely ignored the man’s aggrieved eyes and opened his mouth to say to him: “I want you to help me look into someone.”

The man then looked at Qing Ye Li in surprise. “Look into someone? Who could have stepped on your tail? Are you here to seek vengeance? ?”

Qing Ye Li did not respond but just stretched his hand out, a rather unique looking portrait scroll suddenly appearing in his palm, which Qing Ye Li then handed to the man. “Help me look for the person in the painting.”

Hearing that, the man took the painting and then slowly unfurled the scroll, his charming and alluring eyes widening. “A woman? !”

With that loud cry, it immediately drew the eyes of Yue Xin Yan and Ah Jin to turn over towards him.

They saw that the woman in the portrait was dressed in white formidable looking attire, wrapped around a curvy slender waist, her long hair bound up high at the top of her head with a hair ribbon, with several strands hanging down over the side at the temples, her arms crossed as she leaned against a tree, her stance languidly indolent.

Her facial features were delicately exquisite, exceptional and outstanding looking. The one thing that was most attractive was that pair of long upslanted eyes that looked highly intelligent and crafty as a fox, the lifted ends of the eyes exceptionally alluring. The edges of her faintly pink lips were slightly curled up, tinged with a faint playful smile.

She seemed to be looking at something focusedly, but was completely unaware that someone else was staring at her so intensively.

The portrait depicted everything to the finest detail, especially that woman, where even her demeanor was so well captured and lifelike. It was clear to see that the artist’s skills was exceedingly superb.

Having served Qing Ye Li for such a long time, Ah Jin had naturally known that Qing Ye Li knew how to paint.

However, what he was not aware of was when Qing Ye Li had drawn such a beautiful portrait.

Hence, at this moment, he was greatly surprised.

What shocked Yue Xin Yan why, Big Brother Ye Li whom she knew was a man who always kept his distance away from all beings of the female species, would paint a portrait of a woman?

And one she could tell with just one glance, that a lot of effort had been put into it.

The fact that she was able to speak to Big Brother Ye Li, and come to become close to him, was only because she had always stuck herself to him since she was very young. Additionally, it was also because of his friendship with her royal brother, that she could come to be so close to him at all.

So, at that moment, she could not help but become very curious. [Who is that person in the painting!] Yue Xin Yan was never a person who could keep her thoughts to herself. As that thought came into her mind, she then asked it out aloud: “Big Brother Ye Li, who is she?”

That was similarly the question Ah Jin and the white robed man had in mind.

Qing Ye Li looked at the person in the painting and his gaze softened quite a bit. “She is someone very important.”

Once those words came out, several people were taken aback with shock.

Qing Ye Li turned his eyes away and looked at the white robed man. “She could possibly have altered her looks, but that pair of eyes she has isn’t what normal people can possess. Look out for people with such eyes, and she also possesses a unique air about her. If you’ve seen her once, you will never forget it.”

“That magical?” The white robed man pursed up his lips thoughtfully. “I’ve never seen you like this when you speak. Could she possibly be the lady in your heart? And she’s really beautiful looking. Her eyes are even more alluring than mine…..”

“Fine. I won’t say anything more. How petty. I was only taking a closer look.” The white robed man saw Qing Ye Li keeping the portrait, and he could not help but complain.

“I’ll leave it to you.” Qing Ye Li’s voice was low and a little hoarse, his dark green eyes serious, and seemingly tinged with a hint of plea.

The white robed man was startled. It seemed to be the first time he was seeing this man show such a demeanor, that was like a certain kind of emotion called vulnerability, and the white robed man’s thin lips curled up slightly. “Alright, I did not say I wouldn’t help you. We’ve been friends for so many years, and it’s just to locate a person.”

“Thanks.” Qing Ye Li nodded.

Chapter 38.3 : This is the Person In Your Heart?

“Alright then. You all must be tired travelling all the way here and I should not disturb you any longer. Get some good rest!” The white robed man said with a smile, and then stood up. With the same strange skill he showed when he appeared earlier, the ten steps’ distance to the door seemed to only require a single step from him to traverse, before he disappeared in a blink, together with all the others with him.

“That person is so powerful.” Ah Jin said in awe.

“Big Brother Ye Li, was that a friend of yours?” Yue Xin Yan just remembered that he had immediately mentioned about the assassination attempt the moment he came in. “How is he related to those assassins?”

Qing Ye Li looked at her a moment and then slowly said: He is the godson of the Carefree Valley’s Valley Chief, but he distanced himself from the place when he left a few years ago. This Afterlife Loft is opened by him.”

Yue Xin Yan blinked her eyes in amazement. “Wow, that’s amazing. He is the owner of the place?”

“Mm. His real identity is that he’s the Young Lord of one of the Four Great Family Clans in the White Fen Lands. Although he has acknowledged his roots and ancestors to a faction, his uninhibited personality personality still has him running between two separate different lands.”

“His background is indeed rather illustrious!” Yue Xin Yan nodded her head, only half comprehending what has been said, but what she was more curious about was…..

The deep blue eyes swiveled. “Big Brother Ye Li, is that Big Sister really the woman of your heart? Why haven’t I heard you mention her before?”

The light in Qing Ye Li’s eyes then dimmed. “She died.”

Yue Xin Yan’s eyes widened, like she had not expected to receive such a response, and she bit her lip to say guiltily: “I’m sorry. I didn’t know…..”

“She died before, but she is still alive in this world.”

Yue Xin Yan did not know how to react for a moment and then suddenly recalled. Her royal brother had told her that Big Brother Ye Li was a man from another world, who descended upon these lands twenty years ago.

Then that means the woman would definitely be his lover from the previous he came from!

With that thought in mind, she could not help but become even more curious. To be able to move Big Brother Ye Li’s heart, who was a man that was so cold but frightfully powerful, that woman must be highly amazing as well!


Cloud Heaven was not all that peaceful recently.

Throughout the ages, regardless whether it was in the high level or the low level lands, bloodshed, slaughter, and the seizure of territories was law that remained unchanged.

But it was just that the scuffles and scrimmages in the lower level lands were more brutal and cruel in Cloud Heaven.

The Dark Legion had been relentlessly persecuted by the various powers for close to the past hundred years and their situation had grown to be highly precarious. Especially for the Hunter’s Guild, they were like demons after their lives, sinking their teeth relentlessly into the people of the Dark Legion. The moment they found any sign of the Dark Legion’s people, they would rather kill a thousand innocents than to let one go.

The reason for that merciless pursuit and persecution, was because the top man of the Hunter’s Guild was once from the Dark Legion who did not manage to win the favour of the Dark Lord, and was even once ridiculed and scorned by him.

That caused his high ego to be severely humiliated and he deserted the Dark Legion and set up the Hunter’s Guild, vowing to stand against the Dark Legion his entire life.

Though the face of the accused who came to hear about that had no recollection of it at all. [Have I really ridiculed and poured scorn on anybody before?]

The mass of people around him could only look up into the sky in speechlessness. [My Lord, not only have you done that, it was definitely more than once you know?]

[What makes it even more infuriating is that you have clearly done it before and you are acting like you’re completely innocent and have forgotten cleanly about it!]

Back then, Luo Jun Yao was not so restrained and low profile. He was the Dark Lord that was the epitome of arrogance and tyranny, and the one thing that everyone knew him for was, not only was he unbelievably arrogant, he had an extremely venomous tongue, where a light and casual statement from him could humiliate someone so much they wished they would just die on the spot.

Using Bai Zhi Yan’s words, it would be: “If the day comes when the various powers collide, the Dark Legion would not need a single soldier or footman, but with just the Dark Lord’s tongue alone, they would be invincible!”

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