Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Chapter 37

Chapter 37.1 : Afterlife Loft

That person’s voice was one that she remembered.

No matter how much time passed, she would never forget this voice.

Yan Ning Luo stood up all of a sudden, and walked outside under Yu Xiao Ning’s completely stunned gaze.

Outside, Yu Jing Zhuo and Xuanyuan Che were looking at each other in dismay, looking like they did not dare to believe their own eyes.

“Where is he! ?” Yan Ning Luo’s face actually sounded a little flustered.

“Who?” Yu Jing Zhuo’s face was one of bewilderment.

“The person who just spoke!” Yan Ning Luo’s voice suddenly turned shrill. “That man who released that oppressive aura! Where is he?”

Yu Jing Zhuo then managed to recover his senses and answered: “They disappeared all of a sudden, together with that enormous pleasure boat! They must have employed some special technique to move themselves.”

Yan Ning Luo’s gaze then dimmed in that instant.

[That person is gone again? Will she never see him again?]

[The man she had kept on her mind for eight long years.]

Xuanyuan Che had naturally noticed the highly agitated emotions she had just shown, and she had then suddenly turned depressed right after. He then opened his mouth to say: “You hold strong interest towards the Duke of Vast Seas?”

“What about the Duke of Vast Seas?” Yan Ning Luo furrowed up her brows. “What does this have to do with the Duke of Vast Seas?”

Xuanyuan Che then laughed. “That depressed look you are showing. The man inside that pleasure boat earlier is the Duke of Vast Seas. He has come to the Green Wave Kingdom ahead of time but he did not reveal himself. But we did see the Ninth Princess.”

“What?” Yan Ning Luo stared with her eyes wide in shock.

[He….. is actually the legendary Duke of Vast Seas?]

“Hey, didja hear? Something momentous happened at the New Moon Lake yesterday!”

“What happened?”

“Quite a number of people went to the lake for leisure yesterday, and they suddenly saw a great number of black robed assassins appear, all of them with highly profound cultivation. A good number of people were hurt.”

“Such a thing really happened? What could possibly draw so many assassins there?”

“I heard that they were there to kill one man, but he was just too powerful. Without even showing his face, he completely decimated all those highly skilled assassins with just one move!”

“You just can’t imagine just how grand that scene was. The vast New Moon Lake froze over entirely and those assassins were turned into human popsicles. After the ice broke and crumbled, there wasn’t even pulp left of those killers. It was so pitiful.”

“One can actually possess such terrifying power? I do not think that anyone across these lands could possibly hold such Heaven defying power at all!”

“Could it possibly be someone from foreign lands?”

Over a leisurely cup of tea after their meal, many people sat together to discuss about the incident that occured at the New Moon Lake.


The spirit sap that he herb beds needs had run out, and Qing Yu had just come out to purchase some when she overheard the strange incident people were chattering about.

Her brows unconsciously raised up upon hearing about such an interesting incident. A pity she had not been there, or she would have been able to witness a good bout between highly skilled pugilists.

But, that person who just went ahead to freeze the entire lake was really brutal and crude though. To kill his enemies in just one stroke, what kind of a sense of satisfaction could one get from that?

If it were her, she might have slowly tortured her opponents. That would then be interesting you know?

“That person’s methods….. Why does it feel so familiar…..” Her slender fingers cradling her chin, her eyes narrowed as she mumbled softly to herself.

The surface of the New Moon Lake was extremely vast. To want to freeze the entire lake, it was not a feat any ordinary person was capable of accomplishing. According to the lucky survivors who were present, the ice was at least ten feet thick, which would be able to hold up even a hundred people without cracking.

It was also able to freeze instantly and melt instantly, according to that person’s will. Unless one had cultivated a secret technique to its pinnacle, otherwise it would be difficult to control it, as the slightest missteps might cause one to suffer backlash.

Chapter 37.2 : Afterlife Loft

Of course she was not about to believe that anyone would readily face the risk of backlash just to show off before people, that created such a big commotion.

Unless that person was already a terrifyingly powerful entity.

Qing Yu furrowed her brows to think about it for awhile and finally shook her head in the end. “I should just forget about it all. I am thinking too much into it.”

From the time she came to this other world, together with the years that she wandered and roamed around as a spirit body, even she could not remember how long it had been. Not to mention after she entered this young lady’s body, another six years had passed.

As for that fella, even if he was not yet dead, it was thought that he would be incredibly old already.

Thinking that that person might now have a full white beard, his face old and haggard, Qing Yu could not help but laugh aloud.

She had changed into another disguise when she came out this time. Where she had merely slightly altered her looks before, her countenance had still been much too attractive and even when she dressed herself up as a male, she still drew countless gazes onto herself.

This time, she went ahead to darken her complexion and thickened her eyebrows greatly, making herself look a lot more handsome looking but less eye catching, which would attract a little less attention.

After making her purchases, she immediately left. Her gaze drifted over to glance at the Gathered Cloud Loft a moment and saw that its doors were tightly shut, the building already emptied out. Upon the steps in front, an old man in grey sat, hugging his arms in front of him as he dozed, his mouth seemingly muttering something intermittently.

Qing Yu raised an eyebrow quizzically and then paid him no mind before turning around to walk away.

Behind her, it was not known when the grey robed old man had opened his eyes, though they did not show the slightest bit of grogginess despite having just woken up, staring straight at that petite back, and a sharp glint flashed in those eyes.


The New Moon Lake was a famous place of interest for leisure.

And because of that, the place also had a most regal and luxurious inn there, called the “Afterlife Loft”.

But do not be taken aback by the name of the inn. The reason the place was named the Afterlife Loft was because of a kind of wine they had at this place.

The name of that wine was called “Afterlife’s Water”.

Though it’s called water, it was in fact wine. But it was not the same as regular wine, as it did not feel like it would pack the same kind of strong and dominating wallop in the beginning. When it first entered the mouth, it was as tasteless and bland as water, but once you drank a few cups, before one could react, its powerful kick would strike, which would be strong enough to even knock out a cow.

Drinking the Afterlife’s Water would keep one drunk for three days and three nights, and when one awoke from it, one would feel like one had awoken to a new life, all the past suffering and worries completely and cleanly forgotten.

This was considered to be another one of its amazing attributes but unfortunately the secret recipe was not shared, and you will only be able to find it at the Afterlife Loft.

Countless people have come to this place due to its reputation just to have a taste of this Afterlife’s Water.

And this mysterious top inn throughout the lands, was located at the border of the Green Wave Kingdom.

Besides lodging and meals, there were also many other places of interest for entertainment. There’s a auction house, a fighting arena, and also the more lighthearted song and dance performances, scholarly pursuits like poetry and paintings, catering to all kinds of indulgences.

Gathered inside the ground floor’s main hall, would mainly be people of the pugilist world, common riffraffs, a medley of good and evil people.

The Afterlife Loft had a total of nine levels. The first five levels were open to the public masses, while the further few levels were places that mere money alone would not be able to buy you entry. It was reserved only for people of extraordinary identities, people with powerful entities and backing that would be able to enter.

But regardless which level it was, to want to even stay in there, one would not be able to even step inside without holding at least ten thousand taels of silver. Not only was the Afterlife Loft different from the other inns, all its charges were exorbitantly high. Hence those people who were feeling embarrassed in their pouches would mostly remain only on the ground level, where the charges were lowest, but was most crowded.

To be able to set foot inside the Afterlife Loft, they were all not just ordinary people, and just being in there was a status symbol by itself.

But, because of all kinds of minor and petty things, fights often broke out between its patrons on a daily basis.

Chapter 37.2 : Afterlife Loft

There was always a death occurring in that place every single day.

Patrons were not allowed to stir up trouble inside the Afterlife Loft or they would be banned from setting foot in that place for life.

But those people who got into a fight would make a date to slug it out in the arena. They were a rash and hot blooded bunch, where they would sign a death indemnity, throwing their lives to the wind. In these lands where the mighty reigned supreme, human lives were cheap.

Without power, death awaited.

There were also fugitives on the run who were on the wanted list. They had done everything within their means to gather a large amount of money to come into the Afterlife Loft, just to remain alive.

Because the Afterlife Loft had a rule that people within their premises would be protected. The people in pursuit were helplessly fearful of the Afterlife Loft’s power and influence and no one dared to come into the Afterlife Loft to arrest the fugitives, unable to do anything but to keep endless watch to wait for the fugitives to come out on their own.

And inversely, as long as they did not come out from the Afterlife Loft, the fugitives would enjoy the protection upon their lives.

Right at that moment, a horse carriage slowly pulled up in front of its main doors. A sharp eyed waiter immediately went up in welcome, as the attractive youth who drove the coach lifted the horse carriage’s curtain, to announce respectfully: “My Lord, Young Miss Nine, we’ve reached.”

A slender and porcelain white hand stretched out from inside the carriage, and right thereafter, a blue figure then stepped out.

Exquisite and peerlessly beautiful facial features, a pair of clear eyes as blue as the colour of the sky that were enchantingly spirited, her head of hip length hair weaved into many tiny braids, wisps of blue locks falling from her temples, that gave the person an exotic charm. Her entire being exuded a regal air, and it was clear from just one glance that she held an extraordinary identity.

Following right behind, was a tall slender framed man.

An ink coloured robe upon his body, and as he came off the carriage, his head of flowy silver locks cascading down made him look indescribably bewitching.

That man was wearing a ghastly wolf shaped mask, revealing only a pair of sinisterly green eyes and that stalwart jawline that was hard as steel.

The moment he stepped off, the irresistible aura emanating from him attracted the attention of almost everyone inside the main hall.

“His hair, why is it that colour?” Someone asked the person beside him in a hushed whisper.

“It’s probably because he’s from another kingdom. I’ve heard that there are many people who do not look at all like us in the other kingdoms, people with eyes and hair of an unusual colour.”

“I see….. That lady is rather beautiful. But as for that man….. It looks like he’s not to be trifled with.”

“Hard and icy cold. How could that woman bear to stand there with him?”

“Shh, keep your voice down.”

Yue Xin Yan looked at the various gazes surrounding them and her brows creased up together in disgust. [What’s this? How dare they gaze upon Big Brother Ye Li like they were looking at a monster! What an impudent bunch!]

Qing Ye Li had long been used to such gazes being thrown his way and with his eyes not wavering in the least, he walked over to the front desk right in the middle, his slender fingers placing a teardrop shaped crystal upon it.

The eyes of the young man behind the desk immediately narrowed and he quickly came walking out to front to say respectfully: “The rooms have already been prepared. It’s on the eighth floor, the Water Moon Chamber. Please come with me.”

Qing Ye Li acknowledged indifferently and then went walking behind the man to go inside, where Yue Xin Yan and Ah Jin then followed behind.

Till the group could no longer be seen, the main hall then suddenly exploded.

“Oh hell, did I not hear that right? The eighth floor! ? What kind of a background is that man from! ! ?”

“Till now, the most distinguished guest they’ve had had only stayed up till the sixth floor. But this man has gone straight up to the eighth floor!”

“The hospitality and face being shown to him is greater than that extended to our Green Wave Kingdom’s Emperor himself!”

“Judging from the air and demeanor of that man, he must be someone in a very high position! Hey, did any of you manage to get a glimpse of that crystal he pulled out earlier?”

“I saw it. So what?”

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