Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Chapter 39

Chapter 39.1 : A Valiant Woman

Ever since he was “poisoned”, it had been many years since Lou Jun Yao had come back to these lands, causing many people to think that the Lord of the Dark Legion had fallen into decline. However, the moment he returned, he came back so explosively it rocked the entire Cloud Heaven.

The disciples of the Dark Legion that had scattered and dispersed to various corners of Cloud Heaven had immediately felt the summon in their souls the moment their king returned, with every single one of them surging in a beeline towards the call.

It was a magnificent and grand sight.

Having barely scraped and cowered through, and living out such a miserable existence, their patience was finally being rewarded. Their peerlessly powerful king had come back and no one would dare bully them again!

Any members of the Hunter’s Guild they encountered along the way were all cut down and slaughtered without exception.

It was as if the people of the Dark Legion had suddenly been boosted by having taken some kind of divine elixir, their cultivation increased more than a little, that had the members of the Hunter’s Guild frightened into fleeing from them. Several of the Hunter’s Guild’s established bases were quickly overrun, where their members crawled and scraped their way out from their lairs in escape.

[Damn it! Those people from the Dark Legion have absolutely gone berserk!]

With all the earth shattering changes happening everywhere outside, the Dark Legion’s main headquarters was unbelievably peaceful. Besides the unrestrainable excitement all the dark robed men were feeling, everything else could be considered to be rather harmonious.

“Darn it! Why hasn’t it woken up! ?” Mei Ji’s enchanting face did not show her usual teasing smile, but had an expression of pain and rage. “That damned Hunter’s Guild, this woman here will definitely trash up your nest one day!”

A tall man was lying on the bed, his face outstandingly good looking, but his eyes were tightly shut, his lips a pale white, looking rather lifeless.

Having never seen him looking so weak and frail, Mei Ji was so filled with rage she was about to turn around and leave.

“Hey, where are you going?” Bai Zhi Yan was quick enough to stop her. “Haven’t I already told you? His body is rather unique, and his recovery will be a little slow. Moreover, his immunity against poison is rather weak, and he was given so many kinds of strange and unknown poisons…..”

“That damned stinking coward!” Mei Ji smashed a fist into the wall, leaving a deep hole in it.

Bai Zhi Yan gulped, shocked by the sudden ferocious action of Mei Ji.

[When will this violent woman learn to be a little more gentle?]

[What a waste of such a great looking woman on the outside…..]

The stinking coward she was referring to was the boss of the Hunter’s Guild himself, Zhuge Xiong.

That man was also highly skilled in the art of healing but he was more adept in poison. He had not been favoured in the Dark Legion before because he was a man eager to claim credit, selfish and mercenary, and had a venomous heart.

If someone were to offend him, he would inflict the most torturous poison upon that person, till that person would plead for death only to be denied, and suffer all kinds of heinous torment before he would die.

Even men from within the Dark Legion had not been spared from his insidious plots.

Hence, no one was willing to have any dealings with him, as they didn’t know when the day would come that they would find themselves to have fallen under his strange and eccentric poisons, not even knowing what had killed them.

He could even be completely absolved of all responsibility with the ice and fire Ying Yang grub in Lou Jun Yao’s body.

There were definitely very deep seated grievances between Zhuge Xiong and the people of the Dark Legion.

But at present…..

Bai Zhi Yan patted Mei Ji reassuringly on her shoulder and said: “Rest assured. Little Monster has always been such a Heaven defying being. He will surely be fine this time.”

Mei Ji glared at him fiercely. “You quack healer! Don’t make excuses for your lack in skill! Didn’t the Lord also fall under that stinking coward’s sneaky plot as well? And what is the result?”

Bai Zhi Yan was a little embarrassed and he went on to cough a few times awkwardly. “I am indeed….. erm, rather lacking in skill. But the Lord has now fully recovered you know? And…..”

His voice trailed off. Bai Zhi Yan seemed to suddenly recall something and he pulled out a small exquisite looking box from his sleeve. When he opened it, two beautiful and perfectly rounded pills, one green and the other red, sat within, sparkling with a clear and bright lustre.

Chapter 39.2 : A Valiant Woman

“The red one is an antidote, and it can purge all regular poisons.”

Bai Zhi Yan picked up the red pill and sniffed it before he said: “But I don’t know….. If this can be considered as a regular kind of poison…..”

Thereafter, he stuffed the pill into the mouth of the person lying on the bed.

The pill immediately melted in the mouth, making it easy for it to be absorbed.

Mei Ji had not even had the chance to ask him what he had fed Little Monster when she saw the deathly pale pallor on the man’s face suddenly turn a little rosy.

Her eyes grew wide as she stared. [Could….. Could….. this be the moment of terminal lucidity, a prelude to his impending death! ?]

“Bai Zhi Yan! What have you fed Little Monster with! ? You scoundrel! Are you trying to kill him! ?” Mei Ji grabbed Bai Zhi Yan’s shirt collar in her hand and was going to fight him to the death, her eyes turned hellishly red.

All in all, her mind was filled only with thoughts of the worst things that could have happened.

“Why are you making such a racket?” A soft voice floated over lightly, immediately breaking up the two people who had been about to get into a fight.

Bai Zhi Yan’s face was utterly flabbergasted. [It has taken effect so quickly?]

[Zhuge Xiong’s skill with poisons was something even he was helpless against, and it had only taken just one antidote pill from that young lady to dispel it ! ?]

[Can it be any more humiliating than this! ?]

On the other hand, Mei Ji’s face was one of pure delight as she looked at the man on the bed. Wearing a suit of snowy white under clothes, his demeanour slovenly, a pair of crystal clear eyes sparkling like flawless rubies, which were exceptionally beautiful and mesmerizing. Because of those two incredibly mesmerizing blood red orbs, an added alluring charm was added to his already handsome looking countenance.

“You little rascal. You nearly scared this old woman to death.” Mei Ji said sobbing with joy, pouncing forward to go hug him so tightly she seemed like she wanted to mesh him into her bones.

The man’s brows knitted up, seemingly feeling very uncomfortable from her strong hug. He started to struggle and then called out: “Crazy woman! Let go of me….. Ugh…..”

The pair of red ruby eyes suddenly widened up with shock, and also looked a little lost.

That beautiful and enchanting face was so close to him, and there was something soft that was pressed against his rather dry lips.

“Mei Ji, you…..”

In that instant that he opened his mouth, the woman’s nimble little tongue had already invaded inside, brutally overwhelming him. The man was so overtaken with fright that he could not move, his eyes looking like those of a startled little deer, letting the woman continue to kiss him maniacally, where a tinge of pink them rose up upon that handsome looking face.

Bai Zhi Yan’s face was utterly dumbstruck. [Isn’t he a third person standing right there?]

[Is it really all that appropriate for them to be committing such atrocities right before his face? ?]

He glared fiercely at the two of them, and then stormed out of the room indignantly.

[Bully him just because he does not have a woman will they! Utterly despicable! !]

The entire Dark Region’s main palace was a uniform cold, grave and overwhelming black, majestic and boundless, and exuding an absorbing oppressive aura. The two ferocious beasts statues just outside the doors with their sharp fangs and extended claws almost seemed alive, holding strong guard for the Dark Legion that had stood tall and strong for a hundred years.

It was said to be beasts that had accompanied a revered god of the ancients throughout his life, and when that revered god fell, these two ferocious beasts had left together with their owner. But though their bodies had suffered demise and their souls dispersed, their powerful oppressive aura still remained in existence.

This was also the reason when the people of the Dark Region were relentless pursued and persecuted by the other powers, no one dared to come into the Dark Region itself to touch its people inside at all.

At that moment, seated upon the elevated main seat, was a man wearing an ornate and regal suit, a purple brocade robe. His long slender arm propped up his chin, his eyes seemingly closed in rest.

“My Lord, the Bright Moon Divine Temple sent someone here to deliver an invitation, saying that they would be holding a celebration to congratulate my Lord’s return to Cloud Heaven. Will my Lord want to accept the invitation?”

A man came walking in from outside the palace and fell to one knee, his hand holding up a light purple invitation card high above his head.

The man’s long lashes flicked slightly, and his eyes then opened slightly, his highly mysterious and regal violet eyes causing people’s heart to palpitate with just one look at them.

Chapter 39.3 : A Valiant Woman

Among the people of the Dark Region, besides Little Monster who was born with his flaming red blood eyes, few were able to escape from being bewitched by meeting Lou Jun Yao’s devilish violet eyes.

And the black robed man down below had unintentionally just taken a cursory glance when he immediately felt his blood within surging with an immense pressure. It frightened him so much that he quickly averted his gaze away.

The man up on the high seat glanced briefly at the invitation. “Unsolicited goodwill. Reject it.”

“Yes, my Lord.” The black robed man answered respectfully, and then turned around to go out, to bump face to face right into Bai Zhi Yan, who was just coming in through the door.

The moment Bai Zhi Yan saw the invitation card, he immediately knew who it was from. Looking at the immensely bored looking man up there, he arched up an eyebrow and asked teasingly: “What? You are actually refusing an invitation from such a great beauty? It might not be all that nice you know?”

“Why not then you go on my behalf?” Lou Jun Yao said as his lips curled up, the expression on his face turning dangerous.

“No no no. You must be joking. I do not have the fortune to receive such kindness. They do not deem me worthy at all.” Bai Zhi Yan quickly raised up his hands in front of him to say, and then threw a contemptuous glance at the man.

Bai Zhi Yan had already gotten used to being looked down upon, and he was not too bothered about it. He walked over to sit down on a chair at the side, and pulled out the tiny exquisite box from inside his sleeve. He then tossed it over to Lou Jun Yao as he said: “Something good. Keep it with you.”

After Lou Jun Yao was holding it in his hand, he then saw what it was. That was what Qing Yu had left behind for them just before she left.

“His skills with poisons that scoundrel Zhuge Xiong has always been so proud of, were of no use before just one small antidote pill. It had immediately taken effect when Little Monster was fed it.” Bai Zhi Yan’s tone of voice seemed to sound a little rueful, and his long narrow peach blossom like eyes then shone brightly. “Jun Yao, that little lass is truly a treasure. Do you want to poach her over to join the Dark Legion?”

Lou Jun Yao’s violet eyes narrowed, his voice becoming low and deep. “I need you to tell me that?”

“So you already have that intention. You’re as astute and farsighted as I expected.” Bai Zhi Yan said as he clicked his tongue. “How could I have forgotten how this man here had duped me so treacherously into coming over in the beginning…..”

Luo Jun Yao had come to completely know Bai Zhi Yan through and through. Seeing how he was reacting, he immediately knew that the man was going to prattle on endlessly, and he quickly opened his mouth to interrupt without batting an eyelid: “Have you gone back to the Divine Healers Sect to take a look yet?”

Bai Zhi Yan’s eyes flared wide. “Are you kidding? Wouldn’t I get my legs broken by those old ancestors of mine if I go back there? I angered them quite a bit back when I followed you out of there and you’re making such cynical remarks here now?”

Luo Jun Yao knew that he was not being fair to him and his coughed lightly behind his hand. “You are still the Divine Healers Sect’s young chief and that bunch of old fogeys will be bear to beat you up for sure. You can be assured of that.”

Hearing that Bai Zhi Yan became more angry. Just as he was about to throw a fit, Luo Jun Yao had already stood up above. “I’ll accompany you back, and I can also have them take a look and ascertain my body’s condition as well.”

Although Lou Jun Yao was the head chief of an unorthodox sect, but his mother had very deep ties with the Divine Healers Sect.

Hence before he founded the Dark Region, he was on extremely close terms with the Divine Healers Sect. The Bai Family’s old ancestors had liked him very much and when he had been inflicted with the voodoo poison, the old ancestors of the Bai Family had expended great efforts on him.

But when he later became the Lord of the Dark Region, even the Divine Healers Sect who had always saved people from death and cared for the world were not able to accept that, and had broken off their ties with him. But in the end, he managed to dupe the Divine Healers Sect’s young chief out of the place, which made all their people secretly curse and swear at him hundreds and thousands of time.

Upon hearing that he wanted to go to the Divine Healers Sect, Bai Zhi Yan was stunned.

Ever since he came to reign over the Dark Region, the old men had not allowed for them to meet. Luo Jun Yao had not set foot into the territories of the Divine Healer Sect for almost a hundred years and he must have decided to go there this time to allow him to return to his home soil!

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