Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Chapter 328.4 - Completely Unexpected

Chapter 328.4: Completely Unexpected

At almost the same moment that smile showed on his face, it seemed he had been waiting for an opportunity to strike, and it could all come at any time.

In the blink of an eye, his stiffened figure suddenly flew into action, grabbing onto Qing Yu’s wrist and pulling her towards the dark black portal behind him. He smiled evilly and said: “Qing Qing, forever remain by my side as only I….. will truly love you…..”

Qing Yu had not thought that he would still make any moves with his cultivation sealed by her blood. She did not know why she was unable to break free from his grip locked over her wrist, as if she was held by a thick iron shackle.

Her body was uncontrollably being pulled nearer and nearer to that dark black portal and it seemed like she would be swallowed up in the very next second.

No, she doesn’t want that…..

And just by a hair, a bitterly sharp cold gust of wind struck, with the force of a storm that could split the ground apart, that violently tore the shackle off her wrist.

It was accompanied by a furious roar of rage, and blood droplets splattered onto her face.

A segment of an arm was thrown a far distance out, its blood stained fingers still wriggling as it sailed through the air.

The sudden turn of events caused the few of them to be stunned into a daze.

Because it was all just too shocking.

The aura from that sword slash had been just too powerful and it had appeared all of a sudden, at precisely the very last possible moment, before anyone could even react to it.

But, who delivered that strike?

It had all happened too suddenly. Even if Qing Ye Li and Lou Jun Yao had reacted in time to save her, it wouldn’t happen so fast.

And the strength and power behind that aura, could not possibly have come from any ordinary expert.

Could it be that they were not the only people present at this place, and that a fifth entity was around! ?

With half of his arm severed, Qing Tian Lin was in excruciating agony. His face was pale as a sheet, but his eyes were so filled with vicious malice that they looked like they were almost going to spill out, seemingly wishing for nothing more than to tear the person hiding in the shadows who ambushed him into a thousand pieces, and to grind his bones into ash.

The sound of footsteps sounded, and just as everyone was trying to guess at the person’s identity, a tall figure appeared before their eyes.

Cloaked in a long black mantle and a bamboo hat, he was covered from head to foot, looking extremely mysterious. A chilly desolate air surrounded the figure, which made him feel somewhat quiet and alone.

His hands hung loosely at the sides, empty and bare, without any weapon in sight.

Did that strike come from this person?

Qing Yu stared at the figure and her eyes narrowed slightly, as the figure felt highly familiar and it must be someone she knew.

Finally, the person’s long slender fingers grasped the brim of his hat, and started to pull it off slowly, to reveal his face.

Cold and pristine like fine jade, his facial features so exquisite one could not help but be captivated seeing them. But what surprised them the most, was the alluring black Thousand Petaled Bloom that was about the size of one’s thumb right below the corner of his left eye…..

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