Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Chapter 328.3 - Completely Unexpected

Chapter 328.3: Completely Unexpected

No wonder she had never cast her gaze upon him again from that moment on.

He had always thought that it was because she hated him and did not want to even look at him, and that was why she always avoided him. But it was actually because she could no longer see….

Seeing the man’s expression come to be tinged with pain and remorse, Qing Yu curled up a corner of her lips and stared at the man as she said: “All that has happened in the past does not matter to me anymore. What’s important now is that either you kill me here, or I’ll have you killed.”

The black crack that split the air behind the man had grown wide enough for a person to go through. However, the man was still standing stiffly in his spot, not moving at all, half his body turned numb, unable to feel anything.

The faint stain of fresh blood could still be seen on the hand he had used to grab at Qing Yu earlier.

Qing Yu had played a damsel in distress to catch him off guard, falling into her trap.

Though the puppetry technique’s power was unparalleled and he was an exceptional talent among puppeteers, unmatched in skill.

Nothing can be perfect and completely flawless, to be absolutely invulnerable.

Puppeteers were born evil, and it became more pronounced the more one’s cultivation grew. When puppeteers employed their puppetry technique, what they feared most was to come into contact with people of the purest bloodline of virtue, as once they came to be touched by that blood, everything would come to naught.

And against all odds, Qing Yu was someone who possessed blood from that bloodline in her previous life.

Reborn into this life with another shell, into a body that possessed that same blood of pure virtue, the power of her blood became even more powerful that it was in her previous life, making her his ultimate nemesis.

Back when they were in the lower realms, if Qing Yu had not suddenly appeared and used the Blood Sacrifice Seal to break his puppetry technique, Lou Jun Yao would have been teetering on the very brink of his life long ago.

Qing Tian Lin turned to look at the impassive faced young lady, and broke into a chortle.

“You’ve already made your decision haven’t you? Kill me, and you will be freed.”

Seeing that the man had seemingly given up on resisting, looking downcast and crestfallen, Qing Yu was taken aback with surprise.

Suddenly, she did not know how to react in that instant.

That was not like him at all. What….. is he really up to?

Qing Tian Lin’s voice paused for a moment speaking up till that point. He then turned his gaze slowly towards Lou Jun Yao. “But….. the Qing Qing that I love and treasure so much….. Letting you be with her just like that, I will never be able to rest in peace…..”

He spouted those sinister sounding words and then arced up the ends of his lips, the expression on his face turning menacing.

Lou Jun Yao had remained alert and tense, his gaze watching the man carefully all this time, afraid that he would do something crazy to harm Qing Yu. Hence, when he noticed that strange smile come onto the man’s face, his eyes immediately darkened and his guard heightened.

But Qing Tian Lin’s actions were just too fast.

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