Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Chapter 329.1 - I Love You, And, Please Remember Me

Chapter 329.1 : I Love You, And, Please Remember Me

Upon seeing the person’s face, Qing Yu was stunned into a daze.

It seemed like it could be from shock, or she was just utterly surprised that it was actually him…..

Xi Zhan Chen.

The person with a strange affliction she coincidentally cured back in the Constellation Lands, the King of Assassins whom she had thought she met in a passing encounter, never expecting that they would meet each other time and time again.

Regardless whether it was back in Cloud Heaven’s Bright Moon Divine Temple or here at the Mind Free Peak at this moment, it seemed like he would always unintentionally appear right before her.

But if her memory serves her correctly, he served under Qing Tian Lin.

So why would he…..

And from the last time they met, it seemed like something about the man has changed in some way.

That’s right. The blossom just below the corner of his eyes was in full bloom, looking extraordinarily devilish. Against that clean and pristine aura that permeated the man, that single dark black bloom seemed to make him feel evil.

Upon seeing the man, Qing Yu was exceptionally surprised. As for Qing Tian Lin, on his deathly pale countenance that was devoid of colour, a fierce and fiery rage seethed, his voice cold and sinister as it sounded: “It was….. you? You actually dare to commit insubordination and betray me? !”

Xi Zhan Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly as he replied in an emotionless voice: “I pleaded with you before, to not harm her in any way. You were the one who went back on your promise to me.”

“Who do you think you are!”

Qing Tian Lin spat out in anger, his gaze menacing. “I thought that you were pitiful back then and you possessed some talents, so I decided to groom you. I saved your life and made you what you are today. Have you forgotten that you are just someone from the lowly and evil snake tribe, the most coldblooded and heartless among beasts, and to think that you would come to develop feelings now! ?”

Once those words came out from Qing Tian Lin’s mouth, Xi Zhan Chen’s body suddenly stiffened up, the expression on his face looking a little flustered. He did not dare to go look at Qing Yu’s eyes, afraid that he would see what he would hate to see in them, the disgust and utter disdain towards him.

Upon seeing his flustered demeanor, Qing Tian Lin smiled triumphantly and continued to say: “Did you think that by protecting her quietly from the back and silently giving more of yourself to her, Qing Qing will come to treat you differently?”

Xi Zhan Chen’s face paled slightly.

Upon saying that, Qing Tian Lin then cast a meaningful glance towards Qing Ye Li and smiled evilly to him as he said: “A beast will forever remain a beast and will never turn into a real human, just like Qing Ye Li who has remained by her side for so many years to protect her. Does it matter how powerful he becomes? Qing Qing will never love him because deep down inside his bones, he is just a lowly and despicable beast…..”

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