Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Chapter 30

Chapter 30.1: Liking Me Is A Condition! Needs To Be Treated!

“Is that right? Makes me wonder what matter could possibly make the Crown Prince take his precious time out of his busy schedule to come to the Eternal Peace Duke’s Manor today?”

“Nothing important, but just dropping in for a visit as I was passing by.”

“Then you should go now. Your Highness must still have many things to deal with and we won’t ask you to stay for a meal.”

“Coincidentally, this Crown Prince is feeling a little hungry.”

“Our plain and crude fare is beneath Your Highness’ palate.”

“It’s alright. This Crown Prince does not mind.”

Yan Xi Cheng was at a loss. “…..” This awkward atmosphere was impossible to salvage.

It was such a strange sight, to see the two of them flinging barbed words back and forth. Despite having seen this happen for so many years in the past, he still could not get used to the way the two of them interacted with each other.

But very soon, this awkward atmosphere was quickly shattered.

Looking over to the person slumped back in his chair and laughing hysterically, unable to hold it in as tears streamed down his face, one would know why.

“Bwah ha ha ha ha~ Hey, don’t look at me! You guys should just continue! It’s just too funny! Oww….. My stomach….. Hahaha~”

Xuanyuan Che continued to stare at him. “…..”

Yan Ning Luo creased up her brows. “Mu Chi, what are you laughing at?”

Yan Ning Luo and Mu Chi could be considered to be on rather familiar terms as the Faint Mist Sect and the Limitless Sect were on good terms and enjoyed a good relationship. They had even conducted an exchange of their disciples to each other’s sects for more learning. In the period that Yan Ning Luo had gone to the Limitless Sect, she had received instruction from the same Master as Mu Chi.

Mu Chi had his arms clasped over his stomach, and it was only after a huge struggle that he managed to hold in his laughter. “I’ll say, aren’t the two of you engaged to each other? Why is the relationship between the two of you so toxic? I almost died laughing you know? If one did not know, they would surely think the two of you are arch enemies!”

Yan Ning Luo sneered. “We are arch enemies!”

“I just cannot seem to comprehend as well, why my Father would choose a woman like this to be my wife.” Xuanyuan Che said helplessly.

“Huh? Xuanyuan Che! Say that one more time! What do you mean by a woman like this! ?” Yan Ning Luo’s eyes flared wide. With that, she could not even be bothered to hypocritically address him as His Highness anymore. “Are you looking to pick a fight! ?”

“I’m sorry, I will never strike a woman.” Xuanyuan Che said as his lips curled up slightly, looking every inch a graceful gentleman.

“Ha! Three months later! I’ll see you up on the arena.” Yan Ning Luo issued the challenge without any hesitation.

Yan Xi Cheng saw that the atmosphere was becoming worse and worse, and he hurriedly put on a smile to try to smooth things over. “Alright, alright. Don’t be like this. We’re just be making a joke out of ourselves in front of everyone. Little Ning, regardless of everything else, His Highness the Crown Prince is still your betrothed and do you know how many ladies out there are just so envious of you?”

“That is because none of them know that this fella is not what he shows himself to be, a beast wearing the face of a human.” Yan Ning Luo said as she shot him a glare, before spinning herself right around and went walking out without glancing back, leaving Yan Xi Cheng there to apologise profusely with an awkward expression on his face.

“Little Ning has been spoilt rotten. I beg for Your Highness the Crown Prince’s forgiveness.”

Mu Chen still went up to ask with his face inquisitive. “Big Brother, why am I not aware that you’re a beast wearing a human face? What kind of a beastly thing have you done to that poor girl? ?”

When Xuanyuan Che saw that gloating face of his, Xuanyuan Che immediately raised a hand to rap Mu Chi on the head angrily. “Beast your big head.”

A corner of Mu Chi’s mouth twitched. [Great, Big Brother has gotten angry for once, it’s better not make things any worse. Just let him stew in his anger himself!”

[That’s right. He came here today because of something important.]

[Mm. He had gone back and thought it over for a whole night and decided to come find that young lady, to confess his heart to her.]

The moment he closed his eyes he had seen that pair of keen eyes of hers, and that irresistible smile. Till this age, Mu Chi had never kept thinking of someone day and night like this before.

He surmised, that he must have been poisoned. Poisoned by that young lady named “Su Yan”.

Taking the opportunity of the gap in the conversation between Yan Xi Cheng and Xuanyuan Che, Mu Chi made up an excuse and then slipped himself out.

Chapter 30.2: Liking Me Is A Condition! Needs To Be Treated!

Hence, when Qing Yu returned, she was met with this scene.

Her younger brother was seated in the room and chatting amicably with a very familiar looking man, seeming like they had a lot of common topics.

She could not help but raise an eyebrow. [Has Little Bei brought a friend home?]

“Sis, you’re back.” When Qing Bei saw that she had come back, he got up and went forward to welcome her. “Your friend came here to look for you, and has already waited for quite a while.”

“My friend?” Qing Yu raised her eyes to look, and saw the person flashing a incredibly brilliant smile at her.

Qing Yu was at a loss for words. “…..” [Just like a ghost that can’t be shaken off!]

Mu Chi acted as if he had not noticed the face she was making. “Miss Su Yan, we meet again.”

Qing Bei was puzzled. “?”

[Miss….. Su Yan? ?]

Qing Yu saw the flabbergasted face on her brother and she stroked his head gently, indicating for him to go inside.

Qing Bei had always obeyed her and he nodded his head before he pushed his wheelchair into the other room at the back himself.

Qing Yu then sat down and poured out cups of tea for herself and Mu Chi. “Young Master Mu…..”

“Call me Mu Chi, or even Ah Chi will do as well.”

Qing Yu felt her temples twitch. “We’ve only met twice. It wouldn’t be nice to address you like that.”

[Isn’t this fella being too familiar here! ?]

Hearing that, Mu Chi’s expression turned serious. “Who said we’ve only met twice?”

“It’s not?” Qing Yu knitted up her brows. If she had met him before, she should have an impression of him at least.

“It’s already the third time including this time!” Mu Chi said with a stern face.

Qing Yu was speechless. “…..”

“Miss Su Yan, I came here this time because there is an important matter that I would like to ask for you help with.” Mu Chi finally brought up the real purpose of his visit, and it was guessed that it was something quite serious as his demeanor had turned grave.

Qing Yu took a sip of her tea to moisten her throat. “What is this matter about?”

“I know that you are an alchemist, and possess good medical skills as well.” Mu Chi began by saying.

“Mm. What about it?” Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow, guessing that he wants her to help him save someone, or for her to concoct some kind of medicine or something.

Mu Chi gave a long sigh, and then turned his eyes mournfully to Qing Yu to say: “I might have contracted an illness.”

“You?” Qing Yu cast a doubtful glance at his face appraisingly. His complexion was rosy, and he seemed to be filled with vigor. He did not look like he was sick.

Mu Chi saw her casting a suspicious glance at him and he summoned up his courage to suddenly grab her hand, drawing it in to place it upon his chest. “See? Isn’t my heart beating exceptionally fast! ?”

Qing Yu was startled by his sudden action of grabbing her hand to his chest, and upon hearing his words, it seemed that the rate his heart was beating at was rather abnormal at that!

[Could he really have contracted some illness that she had never encountered before?]

“Ever since that day I went back from here, you have frequently appeared in my dreams. Your smile, your voice, all the words you’ve said, I remember them all so clearly. Can you tell me what is going on?”

Qing Yu was stunned into a daze.

[Wait….. Wait wait. Let her recollect herself a moment.]

[Was this bloke making a confession?]

In the very next second, her guess was immediately verified.

“Miss Su Yan, I know that I might come across as a little too brusque by saying this suddenly, but if I do not tell it to you, and do not let you know, it is really just too tormenting to keep it in my heart. This is my first time liking a lady and I do not know how I should say this. I…..”


From inside, it sounded like a wheelchair had fallen heavily to the ground.

Qing Bei had been paying attention to the situation outside but did not dare to be too obvious with his eavesdropping, so he had tried to be sneaky about it.

But suddenly hearing such an explosive piece of news, he found that he really could not digest it.

Chapter 30.3: Liking Me Is A Condition! Needs To Be Treated!

Having fallen with a crash to the ground, his first reaction was not whether he was hurt anywhere, but was thinking whether his sister was being confessed to by a suitor who had chased her all the way right up to their door! ?

When had she come to attract this love interest?

The two of them were often together and the few times they were apart were only when they went into seclusion for cultivation, not seeing each other for just a few days.

How could something like this happen when he knew nothing about it at all! ?

It was really just too incomprehensible no matter how much he thought about it.

With such a loud commotion, one would have to be deaf to not hear it.

Having one’s own little brother overhear such a thing, how much more embarrassing could anything be! ?

Qing Yu gave a helpless smile and the lad in front of her was still staring at her with a highly earnest look. “Man, you’ve really caught the disease quite badly. It needs to be treated!”

Mu Chi blinked his eyes innocently. “Do you have a cure?”

“Of course I do.” Qing Yu nodded. “Come over here once again tonight, and your illness will be cured.”

“To….. Tonight?” When night was mentioned, it was not known what kind of a scenario Mu Chi’s mind had immediately drifted off to, as two plumes of pink quickly climbed onto his cheeks.

“…..” [This scoundrel, what kind of filthy things are you thinking about! ?]

“Alright. Then….. Then I’ll take my leave for now.” His heart beginning to beat and thump wildly once again, Mu Chi did not dare to remain there any longer, but quickly got up to leave ‘bashfully’ before his ears burned up as well.

Qing Yu’s smile then faded away and her eyes quickly darkened. “You rascal! Get yourself out here this instant!”

Qing Bei coughed dryly a few times, and then stuck half his body out from the room at the back. “Heh heh, about that, Sis…..”

“You liked what you heard?” Qing Yu shot him a sideways glance.

“Not at all, not even a little bit.” Qing Bei rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. “Who was that man?”

“The fool who sent the gold.” Qing Yu said in a huffy tone.

“You conned him of so much money and he could still come to fall in love with you. He really isn’t your typical kind of guy.” Qing Bei’s face was one of admiration, which then turned into one of worry as he said: “Will he cause us any trouble? If he starts to come here often…..”

“Rest assured about that.” Qing Yu’s face split into a wide smile, exposing her brilliant white teeth. “I will make sure he does not dare to come her anymore tonight!”

Night fell, and Mu Chi came as they had agreed. The moon hung high up in the night sky, a beautiful night.

What a great night! Most suited to sit among flowers under the sky.

Mu Chi came to the Tranquil Abode, and discovered that all was silent in there. It was pitch dark in the Tranquil Abode and no a single light was lit.

Mu Chi was a little puzzled. “Could she have fallen asleep?”

That shouldn’t be possible. She had told him to come here tonight!

“Crunch crunch” A sound that made his skin crawl reached his ears.

It sounded like some wild beast was gnawing on its food.

Mu Chi’s heart froze, and he lightened his footsteps on tiptoes, to move towards the source of the sound.

He parted a clump of dense herbs with his hands and the sound of the gnawing grew louder, accompanied by the sound of a human voice.

“Mmm….. Tastes great, it’s really good. Crunch crunch, chomp chomp…..”

A short distance away from him was a human figure who had his back facing him, crouched down over there, his actions seemingly tearing wildly at something, the scene feeling a little garish. He stared to get a better look, and saw that it was actually the thick arm of a man, and it was all covered in splatters of blood.

Mu Chi gasped a large breath of air and his eyes widened.

That person turned his head and his mouth split into a wide grin, his mouth and lips all covered in red gory blood. “Do you want some?”

Seeing that person’s flawless and alluring countenance, who else could that person be but Qing Yu! ? But the expression on her face at that moment looked exceptionally sinister and horrifying, like a evil demon.

Mu Chi’s subconscious made him turn himself around and leave immediately, where he even summoned up his powers to leap high up into the air.

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