Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Chapter 29

Chapter 29.1: Strange Glasses

“But, he came off worse than me.” Speaking about that, Qing Yu could not help but curl up her lips, to smile triumphantly.

The origins of that blood curse, was not ordinary indeed.

Lou Jun Yao’s eyes flashed, a chilling and bloodthirsty brief flash within those demonically charming violet eyes.

Qing Yu had already closed her eyes, her spirit already slipped into the dimensional space she always carried around. Her body had sustained severe damage and if she did not immediately act on restoration, it might leave behind residual effects.

Lou Jun Yao saw that she had already started to adjust her own aura and because of her exceptional skills in Medicine and powers, he was not so worried anymore.


He took another glance at that blood stained white robe, knowing in his heart that she had disguised herself as a man, and decided to not change her out of her clothes.

“Yue Ji.” He called out softly.

From a dark and empty corner, a woman wrapped in black sheer silk came walking out, her face half veiled, revealing only a pair of bright black eyes.

She knelt on one knee, her voice low and sultry. “My Lord.”

Lou Jun Yao acknowledged briefly, and said: “Help her change into another set of clothes.”

Yue Ji raised her head in astounded surprise, and then saw that there was a pale faced, but devilishly alluring youth lying on the bed behind her Lord.

Although she was puzzled, she did not probe, but went walking over in accordance to her orders.

As Yue Ji began to take of the youth’s clothes, Lou Jun Yao had already gone far away from there.

The clothes that had already been tugged loose, did not require much effort to remove, and underneath those clothes, was a thin and light layer of underclothes.

When Yue Ji removed the outer robe, she had already realized that the slender and soft body, with clear signs of binding wrapped over the chest, obviously belonged to a female.

[No wonder the Lord had…..]

[But, what is the relationship between this young lady and her Lord?]

The moment Qing Yu went into the dimensional space, she had immediately immersed herself completely in the Spirit Spring. The spirit energy in there nourished and nurtured her spirit over and over, even forging her meridians to become stronger a few notches.

After this time, she had come to realize that she was still too weak.

In these lands, she might be considered to be slightly above average, but further up above, there were still two higher level lands. Someone like the opponent she encountered today, must surely be quite a powerful entity.

If not for the extra twenty years she had lived through in her previous life, and she had taken on the enemy only with what she had in this life, it was feared that she would already be dead, her spirit destroyed.

This world here, was even more brutal.

Qing Yu’s desire to grow stronger became exceptionally intense. At that moment, even she herself did not know that her body that was submerged in the Spirit Spring was suddenly shooting out a dual coloured light of red and gold, where even the snake shaped circlet that was coiled up quietly on one side was shaken awake by the sudden surge of power.

“What is happening?” The little snake’s face was one of confusion. It then came to see, right above the tiny little Spirit Spring, was an immense illusory shadow projected into the air.

It was a pair of eyes red and gold in colour, incredibly sinister and devilish as they stared at the little snake, filled with ridicule.

“Useless piece of trash.” It was a powerful force filled with the majestic oppressiveness of ancient antiquity, that virile and powerful voice causing the little snake’s head to spin dizzily, and it was a long while before it was able to come back to its senses.

“Damn it! Who do you think you are? How dare to insult a divine artifact! ?” The little snake’s narrow eyes were filled with fiery rage.

“Divine Artifact? Where? Why do I not see any?” The eyes pretended to gaze around in search, before they came to look at the little snake in feigned realization. “Are you claiming that such a little worm like you is a Divine Artifact? Hahahaha. You’re really killing me.”

That was pure and utter humiliation.

The little snake’s eyes were spouting with fire, but that pair of eyes in the air were so sinister that they held the little snake firmly imprisoned, unable to move an inch.

Chapter 29.2: Strange Eyes

“Alright, you can stop glaring at me already. However long you glare at me, you are still a useless piece of trash.” The eyes threw out another statement of merciless ridicule. “With all that is said, you were still once a powerful entity that shook the world, but has now fallen into decline, unable to even protect your Mistress, and just hiding yourself in this small little space dimension to live an ignoble existence. How sad and depressing.”

“And just what are you?” The little snake narrowed its eyes to a slit, silently trying to guess it in its heart.

“I am the same as you, protecting the same Mistress.” The eyes began to say, casting its glance to look affectionately at the young lady in the Spirit Spring, before turning towards the little snake. “I hope that you do not drag down the Mistress. If not for you, the Mistress’ cultivation could not possibly remain in such a rut and not progress. You should know it yourself. With her capabilities and gift, all these lands here would not be able to hold her back at all.”

An accompanying weapon spirit for life, fates bound together for good or for ill.

Qing Yu cultivation had been increasing everyday and making good progress, but a portion of her energy essence was given to the weapon spirit, in order for it to restore its incomplete spirit body.

Otherwise, with the kind of gift she possessed as the top ranked and most highly skilled person within the reclusive hidden family clan, she should be already making a name for herself in the highest level lands by now.

The little snake’s gold and silver long slitted eyes rippled inside, and it was quite a while later before it said with a heavy voice. “The fact that you appeared today, must mean that you know of a way to restore my spirit body.”

“Hey, you’re not that dumb.” The eyes then did not open its mouth to humiliate the little snake anymore. “You just stay right here. I came across a powerful human’s spirit body before and he was just recently deceased. That spirit body is very powerful and I can sense that it is roaming around nearby. When I capture it and bring it here, you can then take the opportunity to devour it.”

The little snake’s expression was a little hesitant. “Human spirit. But…..”

“Always with the buts. The Burial Soul Arts itself is evil and dark, and you are a dark artifact. It’s only because your Mistress is of the purest bloodline that you are not overtaken by darkness. Anyway, devouring a human spirit is not all that big a matter.”

The pair of eyes was already about to go out upon saying all that when the little snake felt a sense of familiarity in his heart. Suddenly remembering something, the little snake’s eyes then widened in stare. “Could you possibly be…..”

“Tsk, you’ve only come to realize who I am now? You really are getting more and more useless.”

The little snake saw those arrogant eyes snort derisively, and then disappeared from its sight, and things finally dawned upon its little mind.

But seeing that the pair of eyes was actually doing something to help it, the little snake then decided to not be so calculative with that fella who did not even possess a body.

The sky outside gradually turned a colour like the underbelly of a fish.

After a night’s nourishing soak in the spirit spring, Qing Yu’s wounds had healed very quickly. Additionally, she had also gained enlightenment at the same time, where the Burial Soul Arts’ fourth level that she had been stuck at all this time had been broken through last night, to advance into the fifth level.

The Burial Soul Arts had a total of ten levels and every level was split into five small stages. After the first five levels, every small stage’s advancement would bring the cultivator into a new realm of power.

When cultivated to its pinnacle, one would be able to smash through the void, and enter into the realm of immortals. That would be when one would be a wielder of true power, summoning the clouds with a lift of the hand, and bringing rain with a flip of the palm.

Qing Yu in her previous life had attained the eighth level, and had never encountered one who could oppose her, which made her extremely lonely.

In this life, she yearned very strongly to become strong as well.

As Qing Yu gradually came awake, she saw that the sky had turned very bright, and a hazy reddish golden light seemed to have flashed past her eyes.

She had been soaked in the spirit spiring the entire night and did not feel anything abnormal in her body. It was only when she sat up that she discovered her clothes had been changed.

Her brain then froze for an instant.

[Her clothes….. Who changed her? Was it Lou Jun Yao? ?]

Immediately, the flawlessly beautiful face flashed with slivers of shame and anger.

A creak sounded as the door was pushed open, and a woman wearing a goose yellow long dress, her face half covered by a light veil came walking in.

Chapter 29.3: Strange Eyes

Qing Yu was surprised for a moment. She had not seen this lady before throughout the many times she had been here, but, her demeanor and flair was rather similar to that of Lian Ji’s.

“I am Yue Ji.” The woman said, her head lifting up slightly.

“Yue Ji?” Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow. “And both you and Lian Ji are assassins?” Or why would they have such similar names?

Yue Ji then answered respectfully: “I am one of the Lord’s shadow guards, and my duty is to protect the Lord.”

“I see.” Qing Yu nodded her head in understanding, and then got up from the bed. She was just about to go outside when she turned her head back, seemingly having just thought of something. “Last night….. who changed my clothes for me?”

Yue Ji was taken aback by the question. “I did.”

In the next second, she saw that person’s face that had looked rather tense break into a smile. “That’s great. Thank you.”

And the young lady then went out with light and quick steps.

Yue Ji’s face was one of bewilderment. [What is she getting so happy about?]

Lou Jun Yao was just coming in when he saw that tall and slender figure nimbly leaping out over the high walls of the Gathered Cloud Loft.

[That lass, really has the personality of a wild and untamed kitten!]

“My Lord.” Yue Ji came walking over. When she saw the faint smile at the edges of the man’s lips, she was rather surprised.

Lou Jun Yao then turned his gaze back. “When she left, did she say anything?”

Yue Ji shook her head, and then said while feeling a little puzzled. “She merely asked who was the person that changed her clothes.”

“Oh?” Lou Jun Yao raised an eyebrow.

“I told her that I was the one who changed it for her and she said great. After that….. she seemed to be rather happy about it.” Yue Ji related everything that had happened to her Lord truthfully. “I do not know what she was feeling so happy about.”

Hearing that, Lou Jun Yao’s smile widened, and his violet eyes sparkled, looking unusually captivating. [Does the little one think that the fact that she is a girl has not been exposed?]

[How foolish.]

Yue Ji then watched her Lord walking away, his face looking rather amused.

[The Lord….. and that young lady….. Something’s not right.]

Although she could not put her finger on just what exactly was wrong.

— Eternal Peace Duke’s Manor —

Yan Ning Luo who had stayed away from home for the past few days finally decided to go back in the end.

Afterall, that was her biological brother and siblings would not bear grudges. Hence, she was prepared to go back and speak with her brother about it properly, as long as he did not insist on antagonizing their mother because of that pair of twin siblings.

But she had just reached the door when she saw a nondescript but luxurious horse carriage parked outside. Yan Ning Luo had never seen this horse carriage before and she guessed there was a guest inside.

But she probably would never have guessed who the guest was.

“Little Ning, you’ve come back. Why aren’t you coming in?” Yan Xi Cheng was entertaining the guest in the main hall and he saw his sister that he had not seen for the past few days at the door the moment he raised his head.

Yan Ning Luo was dressed in a smoky green chiffon dress, a magical air around her, her demeanor extraordinarily cold, her clear eyes looking indifferently upon the man inside the hall.

The Crown Prince Xuanyuan Che.

The last person that Yan Ning Luo would want to see.

“Little Ning, aren’t you going to come greet the Crown Prince His Highness?” When Yan Xi Cheng saw that she was not moving, he thought that as a girl, she was being bashful and coy, and he went up to pull her inside.

Xuanyuan Che arched up an eyebrow and looked at the icy expression on Yan Ning Luo’s face. [Tsk, it just irks me no matter which way I look at her. Those people out there must all be blind! How can they call a woman like this the greatest beauty?]

“Your Highness, you seem to be rather free recently!” Yan Ning Luo said, putting on an insincere mouth.

“I can’t possibly be more free than the Princess yourself as this Crown Prince is the future ruler and I cannot afford to slack off at all in my cultivation or court matters.” Xuanyuan Che’s voice was gentle, and the words spoken seemed quite harmless, but were filled with veiled ridicule.

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