Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Chapter 31

Chapter 31.1: Ninth Princess Xin Yan

That was really what people would call true blazing speed!

Qing Yu wiped off the pale white fluorescent powder off her face and with a light wave of her fingers, the thick human arm immediately changed greatly.

She brought it up to her mouth and chomped a bite off the delicious and refreshing, highly juicy ‘Buddha’s Hand’ fruit’. “What a timid little fella.”

But, mm, she would be left alone now.

Thinking about that, she smiled. Under the moonlight, that pretty little face showed a rare moment of innocence and looked so adorable.

“Yawn~” Qing Yu gave a great yawn. “Back to sleep.”

She usually followed a rather regular pattern when it came to resting and she was rather late tonight.

She went into her room and closed the door, the outside a swathe of silence once again.

—— Water Edge Kingdom ——

Around the sides of a large rounded arena stage, were many young men and women, their faces filled with restrained excitement and adoration.

“Go go go, Ninth Princess!”

“Sweet Heavens. The Ninth Princess should be only sixteen this year I think, and compared to just a month ago, her cultivation seems to have advanced again!”

“She’s our Water Edge Kingdom’s most talented young lady indeed!”

‘Bam!’ A figure slammed heavily into the guard rails around the edge of the arena, and vomited out a large mouthful of blood.

“I’ve lost.” It was a man that was over twenty years old, his clothes highly ragged, the expression on his face dejected.

His eyes remain lowered as an exquisitely made pair of white ankle boots came to a stop before him. He was startled a moment as he lifted his head, and seeing that lovely and beautiful countenance so close to him, it caused the man’s face that was in a slightly wretched state unconsciously start to turn red.

A lake blue flowy long dress, with a thin strapped white patterned bustier inside, bundled around a tiny slender waist. With her back bent right in front of him, that almost discernible cleavage was impossibly alluring, her figure causing the man to stare straight at her, unable to take his eyes off.

Her head of luxurious black hair draped over her shoulders, with wisps of the hair beside her temples a light lake blue, and she had a pair of large eyes that were full of life, their irises blue as well, inherited from her maternal side, a symbol of one who was of legitimate bloodline, that was rare to see even in a hundred years.

Her skin was snowy white, seemingly almost ephemerally beautiful, looking highly quick witted and intelligent, a rare beauty with pressing spiritual aura.

“Not too bad. This time, you’ve managed to last through the period of one joss stick’s time. You’ve improved.” Yue Xin Yan said smilingly, her eyes two crescents as she pointed at the incense thurible placed up on the high platform, to see that the joss stick had just burned out.

The man was taken aback a moment, seemingly not having ever thought that he would be able to last past that one joss stick’s time.

Yue Xin Yan was not bothered by his raggedness as she patted him on his shoulder. “Practice your cultivation well. When the day comes that you are able to last through three joss stick’s time at my hands, I will plead with my royal brother, to have you released.”

The man’s expression turned to shock. “Why are you helping me?”

“Because you are different from the others.” Yue Xin Yan said as she raised her eyes to gaze indifferently, towards a sharp roofed building. Locked up in there, were all intruders who had attempted to barge their way into the mysterious Water Edge Kingdom.

The man looked at her in surprise. “Ho…..”

“You want to ask me how I know that?” Yue Xin Yan smiled. “When you become stronger, you might even be able to gaze upon that man whom you worship at close distance!”

This man had intruded into the Water Edge Kingdom, not to delve into the amazing magic in here or to seek the endless riches they possessed, but only because of the god of slaughter that everyone throughout the lands was terrified of, the Duke of Vast Seas.

He had been imprisoned in here for more than two months, and had only seen the man in the legends once, from a far distance away.

And it was that one time, when his eyes were filled with undisguised fervour and worship, that made Yue Xin Yan look at him differently. The man had great foresight and vision, and she was able to help him.

Chapter 31.2: Ninth Princess Xin Yan

“Thank you Ninth Princess, I will definitely become stronger. I want to throw myself under the banner of the Duke of Vast Seas!” The man clasped his hand around his fist, bowing respectfully before the princess.

Yue Xin Yan began chuckling upon hearing that. “That will not be an easy task. Big Brother Ye Li has an eccentric temperament and he completely ignores people he does not find pleasing to the eye.”

When the man heard that, he was just about to say something when he saw the expression of the young lady before him light up with joy and then leapt out of the arena with a light tap of her foot. The crowd surrounding the arena also quickly dispersed, surging to gather towards another direction.

It was as if they were all led over there, and the man unconsciously turned his gaze over in that direction as well.

Not too far away, a man stood, a tall and slender figure, wearing a deep red long robe that hid a well built physique, his silver hip long hair bound up with a jade crown of the same colour, looking exceptionally mesmerizing and bewitching.

The Duke of Vast Seas possessed an exceptional physical constitution and as his looks were rather different from the others, which might have caused him to not like to meet with people. Hence, he always wore a wolf shaped mask over his face all the time and only that strange pair of green eyes could be seen, and a pair of thin lips that were not prone to smiles, a man of few words.

Despite that, all of that could not stop the Water Edge Kingdom’s subjects adoring and worshipping hearts.

At that moment, a pretty young lady dressed in blue stood in front of him, her head lifted up to smile sweetly at him. “Big Brother Ye Li, you’ve slept for such a long time. Do you still remember your way around the Palace? Are you going to see my Royal Brother? I can lead the way for you!”

Qing Ye Li quietly gazed at the young lady who was smiling prettily like a flower in front of him and he was actually flustered for an instant. That girl’s smile was still so clear in his memories, so warm, mischievous, a little naughty, every single one of them so lively and witty.

He still remembered, she loved to smile.

Her smiles, were so beautiful.

“Is this Xin Yan? You’ve grown up.” Qing Ye Li’s lips parted, his voice cold and magnetic, melodious and highly enchanting.

“Mm mm. Big Brother Ye Li can still remember me. That is really great.” Yue Xin Yan was extremely happy about that.

Qing Ye Li swept his eyes over the fighting arena to look, and then lowered his eyes to ask: “Why have you developed an interest with those intruders? If you really that bored, why not go out for a bout of rigorous training?”

Yue Xin Yan’s tiny mouth pouted, and see the man raise his foot to walk away, she quickly moved to catch up. “Big Brother Ye Li, aren’t we both already going to the Green Wave Kingdom already? I heard that there are many powerful figures there. I will just go challenge them when we get there.”

“In the current Green Wave Kingdom’s Imperial Family, with the exception of their Crown Prince, all the other are either still too young or they have amounted to nothing. There is nothing about them that we need to fear!” The young man following right behind Qing Ye Li said with a laugh. “Ninth Princess, The Green Wave Kingdom’s Princess Ning Feng who is about on equal standing with you might however be worth a match.”

“Ah Jin, is that Yan Ning Luo really that skilled? More highly skilled than me?” Yue Xin Yan then asked with an eyebrow arched up.

Ah Jin thought about it for a moment. “About that, without having competed before, your subordinate does not dare to make any audacious conclusion. But Princess Ning Feng does indeed possess quite a good amount of power and she is also a prodigious young lady just like our princess here.”

“Is that so? Then I will really like to look into that myself. “ Yue Xin Yan nodded, her heart growing with a tinge of curiosity towards this young lady she had yet to have met.

Ah Jin watched the look on her face and then said with a laugh. “It’s funny when I tell you this. Princess Ning Feng and the Crown Prince Xuanyuan Che have been engaged in marriage back from when they were very young and it was initially planned that they would marry after her coming of age ceremony when she turns sixteen. But a good half year has already passed from then and there hasn’t been even a squeak from either of them.”

“And why is that?” Yue Xin Yan asked in puzzlement.

“Haha, I heard that the two of them had not been able to see eye to eye with anything from young and every time they meet, the are always at each other’s throats like mortal enemies.”

Chapter 31.3: Ninth Princess Xin Yan

Yue Xin Yan laughed, her eyes turned to slits with smile. “Something so funny can really happen! ?”

She continued chatting with Ah Jin outside about this and that while Qing Ye Li went into the Imperial Study.

“Everytime I come, I see you buried in a pile of memorials.”

Yue Mu Chen raised his head and saw the man coming in. He then stood up from his chair. “You’re here. Sit.”

Hearing that, Qing Ye Li sat on a chair at the side.

Yue Mu Chen poured out a cup of tea for the man and his gaze measured the man up. “You’ve become stronger indeed. Compared to seven years ago, I am unable to get a grasp of your aura at all now.”

“If not for your ill health which makes your body unable to withstand the pressure, you will not be doing any worse.” Qing Ye Li said indifferently.

Yue Mu Chen was, among all the people he had met, the man whose mind was the most resolute and surpassing intelligence.

The Water Edge Kingdom’s ruler was a weak bodied walking medicine bottle who did not possess a high level of cultivation, but no one dared to slight him in anyway. His brain was one that no normal person’s could ever compare to and if he had the ambition, ruling over the entire lands would just be a matter of time.

But alas, his heart was at peace and content with his life and from young, he had never held any especially deep yearning towards any particular matter or person, where even when he assumed the crown, it was just a matter of acceding to the people’s wishes.

All this while, he had been too tired.

“I only wish to be able to do something more for Water Edge while I am still alive.” Yue Mu Chen smiled gently, and then went on to say a little regretfully: “But with this tattered body I have, I do not know how many more years I will be able to last, and whether I will even be able to leave behind a heir is a tough task.”

Although his Imperial Harem was not filled with thousands of beauties like was the norm, but there was still quite a number of Imperial Concubines. It was just that he had never gone to their chambers before.

He knew his own situation very well and he did not want to give those woman hope and for it to finally turn to disappointment.

Qing Ye Li’s eyes darkened. “If Xin Yan is to hear that, she will be sad.”

“That is why I have never said it in front of her. That lass might seem heartlessly callous, but she cares for me the most.” Yue Mu Chen could hear the young lady’s joyous voice outside, and his face was filled with doting indulgence.

“Don’t be so pessimistic.” Qing Ye Li expression under his mask seemed to change, and the man who never showed any emotion on his face then parted his lips slightly to say: “I am looking for a person. If I can find her, then you will definitely be able to regain the health of your body.”

Yue Mu Chen was stunned for a moment. “What did….. you say?”

For his body, a countless number of famed alchemists across the lands have all almost deemed it to be condemned, and could only use elixirs to keep him hanging, with no way of curing him completely.

A weak and sickly body carried out from a mother’s womb was hard to treat.

But….. What has he just heard?

His body can be saved? !

Yue Mu Chen could almost not believe what he had just heard. “Ye Li, is what you said really true? My body….. really can be cured?”

“Mm.” Qing Ye Li nodded. “That person’s skills in Medicine is very good, and the alchemists throughout the lands are not even one tenth as good.”

Yue Mu Chen was rather surprised. Ye Li seldom had such high praise for anyone and a guess seemed to form up in his heart. “Could that person….. possibly be from the same world you were from?”

“Yes.” When Qing Ye Li thought of that person, his green eyes softened. He knew, that that girl was still alive, and no matter where she was, the day would come where he would find her.

He had so many words he had not been able to say in time to her, and he wanted to tell them all to her.

In the past, he had not dared to say them.

But after having been separated by death before, he thought that he should let her know.

That he had always….. cared for only one person….. Only for her.

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