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Chapter 672 - What Happens When The Girl Regains Her Memory

Chapter 672: What Happens When The Girl Regains Her Memory

[ Feng Mao Mao: No one in the Deep Ocean dared to use this nickname, bother, I admire your courage.]

[ Roaming the world with a chicken drumstick in the mouth: This is the first time I’ve seen someone use this nickname, Are you the ‘Black Knight’?]

[ Weird Uncle: How can he be the ‘Black Knight’? The ‘Black Knight’ has disappeared for more than ten years, even if he reappears, he won’t be flooding this forum, is he trying to gain popularity?]

[3 Minute Popularity: I bet that in less than an hour, this ‘Black Knight’ will become a “Martyr’. This day next year will be the anniversary of his death.]

As soon as this comment appeared, he received a lot of replies.

[ Only Eat Medium-Rare Steak: Is it that exaggerated? @3 Minute Popularity.]

[ Socks That Experienced The Day Stink: Great minds think alike, this nickname is too [email protected] Minute Popularity.]

Qin Shu scrolled through the comments, all of them were discussing how she dared to use this nickname, and none of them answered anything about Lanzhi grass.

She simply logged out of the Deep Ocean forum and let them say whatever they wanted.

After she logged out of the forum, the number of people replying to the posts increased.

Qin Shu would do housekeeping on the laptop regularly, even though there was no relevant information about her on this laptop.

However, for the sake of safety, it would be safer for her to clear it.

Right now, she realized that her desktop suddenly froze, it was only for an instant.

It was enough to show how powerful the hacker’s skills were.

The other party’s intention was obvious, they wanted to do remote control on her computer.

This is my computer, and you want to do remote control, do you think my hacking skills are at the level of a kindergarten?

Qin Shu calmly covered the keyboard with both hands and skillfully typed on the keyboard, a string of complicated code generated onto the screen.

In a short while, she didn’t even give the other party a chance to respond, and she blocked the hacker who tried to control her computer.

Not only that, she hacked into the other party’s computer.

A hacker’s computer usually didn’t put too much information related to their identity, but that didn’t mean that there wasn’t any.

She was very fast, just when the other party found her, she already knew, the guest visited the Deep Ocean forum ten minutes ago.

So, the guest came to test her, or they might be suspecting her identity.

This so was because of the nickname she used in the Deep Ocean Forum, the Black knight in a vest?

Then, she found new visitors, some wanted to control her computer, and some wanted to test her.

But they were all intercepted by Qin Shu.

If her guess was right, these people were most likely hackers from the Deep Ocean Forum.

The purpose was to test her hacking skills.

At the same time, at Han Manor

Han Xiao saw Fu Tingyu and Gu Yan who came to visit suddenly, but he didn’t see Qin Shu, so he was a little puzzled.

Fu Tingyu went straight to the point. “I’ll let Yan take a look at your leg.”

Han Xiao had roughly guessed Gu Yan’s purpose for coming, after hearing Fu Tingyu’s words, he nodded. “Okay.”

Gu Yan squatted down in front of Han Xiao, his gaze sizing up his leg, he asked, “You’ve been back for so long, and you’ve been sitting in a wheelchair?”

Han Xiao answered truthfully, “Yes, one of the doctors did acupuncture on me, but it didn’t have any effect, I can’t feel my leg at all.”

Gu Yan, “Let me take a look.”

Han Xiao, “Sorry to trouble you.”

Gu Yan reached out his hand and pinched the important acupoints on Han Xiao’s legs, at the same time, he raised his head to look at Han Xiao’s reaction.

Seeing that Han Xiao didn’t respond, he increased his strength.

In the end, he still didn’t see Han Xiao’s painful expression, he thought that Han Xiao was enduring it, so he asked, “Do you feel any tingling?”

Han Xiao shook his head. “No.”

Gu Yan frowned and looked at Han Xiao’s leg again, he could not see through his pants.

After thinking for a while, he rolled up his black pants legs and looked at his leg, frowning.

Fu Tingyu stood by the side and watched, seeing that Gu Yan was frowning. He asked, “How is it?”

Han Xiao looked at Gu Yan in puzzlement, he seemed to have guessed something, so he did not show any expression.

Gu Yan said, “It’s not a problem to sit in a wheelchair all the time, do more massages to let your blood circulate, otherwise, there’s a possibility of muscle atrophy, if you got muscle atrophy, even if we have the Lanzhi grass, you might still become a cripple.”

Han Xiao was startled, he hadn’t paid attention to his leg ever since his return, perhaps he knew that his leg wouldn’t recover, so he didn’t bother about it.

“Thank you for your reminder, professor Gu.”

Gu Yan continued, “The fact that you can not feel your leg shows that it is very serious, you should exercise more often, there are only benefits and no disadvantages.”

Han Xiao said, “I will pay attention.”

Seeing that Han Xiao was still cooperative, he went to write the prescription in satisfaction.

Ji Fei had followed his young master for so many years, when he saw his young master walked to the round table and sat down, he knew that he needed a pen and paper.

So he immediately took out a pen and paper and handed it over.

Fu Tingyu’s pitch-black eyes stared at Han Xiao, after a long silence, he said, “Even if Lanzhi grass is extinct, you shouldn’t give up on yourself and sit there all day without moving, this isn’t like you., I remember that when you were learning martial arts, you broke your hand while practicing martial arts, you even insisted on doing morning exercises every day and you never treated yourself as a patient.”

At this point, he raised his eyebrows. “Look at yourself now, don’t you have the tenacity and perseverance you had in the past.”

The man’s words seemed to be sarcastic, but everyone knew that it was meant to comfort him.

Han Xiao raised his head to look at Fu Tingyu, probably not expecting him to say this.

Fu Tingyu continued, “Even if you sit in the wheelchair because you took the risk for her, I won’t let you have her, even if your leg is healed, you can’t compete with me.”

His tone was domineering and provocative.

Han Xiao seemed to have been provoked. “You’re so sure that I won’t be able to compete with you?”

Fu Tingyu raised his eyebrows. “Of course.”

Han Xiao was silent for a moment. “What if she recovers her memory? Are you still so confident?”

Fu Tingyu was startled.

Even on the way back, Fu Tingyu was still thinking about this question.

What would happen if the girl remembered what happened on the mountain?

He had never thought about this question.

As Han Xiao and Hua Wuyan mentioned frequently, he now often thought about this question.

He returned to the hotel without realizing it.

As soon as he walked in, he saw the girl sitting on the sofa with a laptop in her hands.

“Are you hungry?” He raised his feet and walked over.

“You’re back, I’m a little hungry, I was just waiting for you to eat together.”

After Qin Shu finished speaking, she thought of Han Xiao and looked at Gu Yan. “How’s his leg?”

Gu Yan sighed. “It’s not good, I’ve already prescribed some medicine, although it has the effect of soothing the meridians and promoting blood circulation, the effect is not significant.”

Qin Shu heard this and was silent for a while, she said, “So, we still have to find the Lanzhi grass as soon as possible.”

The man said at this time, “Let’s eat first.”

The food was ordered beforehand

As the man and Gu Yan have been eating the rather bland food because she didn’t have a good appetite, she felt that they had been mistreated.

Therefore, the dishes she ordered this time were not bland, there was also fish.

Qin Shu looked at these dishes, she clearly wanted to eat them, but she couldn’t stand the smell of them.

The dishes were ordered by Qin Shu, the man thought that she wanted to eat them, so he picked up the chopsticks and picked up a piece of delicious fish and put it into her bowl.

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