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Chapter 671 - Your Mother Is Quite Young, Being Despised Again

Chapter 671: Your Mother Is Quite Young, Being Despised Again

However, what made her puzzled was why did the man do this suddenly?

The man spat out two words, “Very flat.”

The hidden meaning was that she was too thin.

Another meaning was that the possibility of having a baby was too small.

Qin Shu looked at her flat stomach. “Huh? ? ?”

When she thought of his mother, she would call him Baby Yu whenever she was happy, it sounded so childish when QIn Shu heard it previously.

Why did it sound weird now?

The man suddenly pulled her into his arms, after hugging her for a while, he said faintly, “I might have a younger sister or a younger brother soon.”

His tone was rather emotional.

Qin Shu was puzzled again. “Huh?”

The man rubbed the girl’s smooth hair. “My mother is pregnant, she just reported the good news.”

Mother-in-law is pregnant?

Qin Shu was shocked.

“How old is your mother?”

After asking, she felt that it was inappropriate. “No, I mean, she is not young anymore, it must be very hard for her to get pregnant, right?”

The man saw that she was so nervous as if she had said something wrong, he could not help but smile. “My mother is forty-three years old and is in good health, however, she can be considered a senile parturient, my father is worried, so they would return to Jiangcheng a few months later.”

Qin Shu exclaimed, “Your Mother Is Quite Young.”

She was thinking in her heart, the man is twenty-three years old, forty-three minus twenty-three is twenty?

Did she become a mother at twenty years old?

She suddenly thought of herself, as she was preparing for pregnancy, it was very likely that she would be a mother at this age too!

That’s right.

When he went out with his mom when he was younger, everyone thought that they were siblings, no one thought that they were mother and son.

At this moment, Fu Tingyan called again.

After the call was connected, he heard his brother’s surprised voice.

“Brother, congratulate me. I’m going to be an elder brother too.”

Surely it must be his mother had called home to report the good news.

The man smiled. “Congratulations, you will also have a follower behind you.”

Fu Tingyan gave an afterthought to his brother’s comment. “You will also have a follower behind you?”

“Brother, what do you mean?”


Fu Tingyan knew his brother was talking about him.

“Why aren’t you surprised that we’re going to have a little sister at home?”

The man looked calm. “She had called me just now.”

“So you knew before I did.”

“If nothing else, I’ll hang up.”

He hung up as he spoke, not giving his brother a chance to say anything.

Gu Yan had gone out for a few days and had just returned today.

Seeing the two people on the sofa, he asked, “How’s the post? Is there any news about Lanzhi grass?”

Fu Tingyu had gone to the Deep Ocean forum an hour ago to check, they were all unimportant replies.

“Not yet.”

Hearing this, Gu Yan thought for a moment. “I’ll check on Han Xiao again tomorrow.”

The man turned to look at her. “You need not go.”

“Why?” Qin Shu looked back at him in puzzlement.

The man’s voice carried a hint of displeasure. “In old Master Han’s view, you and Han Xiao have that kind of relationship.”

Qin Shu choked.

The man continued, “I’ll go and take a look with Yan.”

Qin Shu thought for a moment and nodded. “Okay.”

After dinner

Qin Shu followed the man to the bathroom to take a shower.

Since Boss had found Qin Shu, Fu Tingyu specially instructed Ye Luo to take good care of him.

Boss had been eating and drinking well for the past few days, and then he went to sleep under the sun.

When Ye Luo came over to carry him to the bathroom, he estimated his weight, “You are getting heavier.”

Boss was speechless.

Then, Ye Luo pinched his stomach, “It’s all flesh.”

Boss glared at Ye Luo fiercely, his claws in the meat cushion were shiningly shiny.

“Meow” What do you mean?

“You smell like fish all over.”

Ye Luo carried Boss into the bathroom and bathed it.

The action was, a little rude as usual, and he did not seem like bathing a pet at all.

Boss had an illusion that his shiny smooth fur would be bald sooner or later as rubbed by him.

The next day

After breakfast

Fu Tingyu and Gu Yan went to the Han Manor.

Before they left, the man instructed, “You didn’t eat much for breakfast. I asked Ye Luo to prepare a lighter meal, please remember to take it.”

The man’s tone was like pampering a child.

He had two faces in front of and behind others.

In front of others, he would never use such a doting tone and such a gentle gaze.

Behind others, his gaze was gentle, his tone was doting, and he loved to act like a hooligan.

“Yes, I know.”

After Fu Tingyu and Gu Yan left.

Boss ran out of the room next door and jumped onto Qin Shu’s lap in just a few seconds, he cried like a spoiled child, “Meow!”

“Boss, why are you getting heavier?” Qin Shu felt it when Boss jumped onto her.

Boss almost rolled off Qin Shu’s lap.

How could she say that?

Didn’t he care about his reputation?

Ye Luo walked in from outside with a plate of fish in his hand, it was still steaming, one could tell that it just came out of the pot.

It was Boss’s breakfast today.

Boss’s dark green eyes instantly lit up when he smelled the fish, his body that had just sat down stood up again.

Just as he wanted to jump down to eat the fish instinctively, he remembered he’s put on weight and gritted his teeth before sitting down again.

Ye Luo must have fed him so much on purpose to make him gain weight so that he couldn’t outrun him.

He wouldn’t eat today.

Ye Luo held the tray and saw that Boss didn’t run over as he usually did, he said, “Your breakfast.”

Facing the delicious deep-sea fish, Boss held back his saliva and rushed over

He turned his head to the side and did not look at Ye Luo.

Qin Shu looked at Boss curiously, it was the first time she saw him turned away from the delicious fish.

“Boss, go eat your fish, is your breakfast, if you don’t eat it, you’ll starve.”

Boss was still indifferent. he snorted in his heart, even if he did not take breakfast, there would be dried fish to eat later.

“You’re really not eating? If you don’t…” Qin Shu deliberately dragged her tone, “I’ll let Ye Luo take it away.”

Boss remained unmoved, he closed his eyes and began to sleep.

Ye Luo frowned. “You’re not eating?”

Boss was speechless.

I won’t fall for your trick again.

“Then I’ll take it away.”

After Ye Luo said that, he took the tray and left without hesitation.

Boss lifted his eyelids, seeing Ye Luo took the fish away, he could only watch, he had his pride.

Seeing that Boss did not move at all, Qin Shu rubbed his head. “Did you have a bad appetite too? You don’t even crave for the deep-sea fish that you liked.”

“Meow” Boss’s voice sounded a little sad.

Who said he did not want to eat?

Wasn’t he considered fat by you guys?

Qin Shu hugged Boss and sat on the sofa, after thinking for a while, she took out her tablet and opened it.

She went to the Deep Sea forum.

After searching for a while, she found the post that the man had put up.

After some thought, she forwarded the post. Her nickname was ‘Black Knight in a vest.’

Not long after, the replies under her post went from ten to a hundred and then thousands.

But the question they asked wasn’t about the Lanzhi grass, but about her nickname.

[Rabbit without tail: Dude, you just started out? How dare you use this nickname? Aren’t you afraid of being targeted by others? ]

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