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Chapter 673 - The Girl Vomited, The Man Was Excited

Chapter 673: The Girl Vomited, The Man Was Excited

The fish in the deep sea was fishier than the freshwater fish, after it was steamed, the average person smelled fine.

However, for Qin Shu, her sense of smell was inexplicably more sensitive than the average person, she could easily smell the fishy smell.

Therefore, when she saw the fish in the bowl in front of her, the fishy smell rushed to her nose. She really didn’t want to eat it.

But when she thought that it was the man who picked it up for her, no matter what, she still wanted to eat it.

She clenched the chopsticks in her hand, picked up the piece of smooth and delicious fish, and put it into her mouth, she didn’t even chew it and just swallowed it.

Perhaps it was her feeling, she felt her stomach protested against the entry of the fish.

When the man saw that the girl liked to eat this fish, he picked up two more pieces.

There were fewer fish bones in deep-sea fish, so there was no need to pick the fish bones.

Qin Shu looked at the two more pieces of fish in the bowl, and she almost wanted to cry.

She was afraid that the man would be worried and nervous.

She picked up the fish and put it into her mouth, then swallowed it silently.

As the man ate, he did not forget to pick up more fish for the girl, as well as braised pork ribs and other dishes.

Gu Yanren saw their every move, and he could not help but grumble in his heart, why do I have to eat the ‘dog food’ of these two people every day?

Isn’t it tiring to spread ‘dog food’ every day?

They usually don’t discuss things at the dinner table.

Gu Yan’s habits were very similar to Fu Tingyu’s.

Therefore, he could only focus on eating and pay no attention to them.

Qin Shu looked at the dishes she had just finished, and the man quickly picked up another dish for her, to begin with, she had no appetite and now she was full.

Not only was she full, but she also felt that her stomach was strongly protesting.

Seeing that the man had no intention of stopping, she looked at the man’s bowl, after some thought, she picked up the dishes in her bowl and put them into the man’s bowl.

Then she smiled and revealed two small canine teeth, which were very bright. “You take some more food too.”

“Okay.” The Man didn’t feel anything at all, he picked up the fish that the girl gave him, put it into his mouth, and slowly chewed it.

Qin Shu saw that the man was eating happily, and she was happy, she picked up another piece of ribs and put it into his bowl.

The man ate them as usual.

Just as Qin Shu was about to continue, the man’s deep voice came from beside her ear, “Take some yourself.”

Qin Shu looked up and saw that the man was looking at her, she felt a little guilty for some reason.

She couldn’t eat anymore, so she could only say, “I’m full.”

Only then did the man realize that she had been working hard to give him the dishes in her bowl as she was full.

“Then don’t take anymore.” The man’s voice was filled with affection.

Qin Shu secretly heaved a sigh of relief, finally, she didn’t need to eat anymore.

On the sofa, Boss was lying listlessly in a corner.

Everyone was taking lunch, but Boss didn’t have any food.

A pair of dark green eyes stared at the three people on the table with hidden bitterness, no one remembered that he was still hungry.

He did not have breakfast, he thought that two hours before lunch, Ye Luo would prepare snacks and dried fish for him as usual.

In the end, not to mention dried fish, he did not even smell the fish.

He resentfully withdrew his gaze and scanned the surroundings, he did not find Ye Luo’s figure, and his gaze became even more resentful.

He originally wanted to wait for Ye Luo to deliver lunch to him.

Starving to the extreme would make a cat go crazy.

So, Boss suddenly jumped down from the sofa and angrily went to ask Ye Luo for something to eat.

If he didn’t eat, he would die.

Ye Luo had just finished eating lunch and stood there folding clothes.

He felt the leg of his pants being rubbed, when he looked down, he saw Boss’s dark green eyes that were filled with resentment.

“Meow” Boss let out a dissatisfied cry, his claws kept scratching Ye Luo’s pants. He felt that he might tear his black pants in the next second.

Ye Luo glanced at Boss’s stomach, it had been round before, but now it had sunk in a little.

He asked, “Are You Hungry?”

“Meow!” I’ve been hungry for a long time.

“Wait.” Ye Luo said and walked out, preparing to get Boss’s lunch.

Boss was really hungry, he couldn’t wait for a second and he couldn’t even be bothered to walk.

So, when Ye Luo turned around, he simply stretched out his two forelimbs and hugged Ye Luo’s leg, he cried out in grievance, “Meow!”

Ye Luo had just taken a step when he felt that something was wrong, he lowered his head and saw Boss on his leg.

“Meow” Boss looked at him pitifully, trying to climb up.

Ye Luo was speechless.

In silence, he watched Boss climb up bit by bit.

When he climbed to his knees, he finally reached out his hand and picked it up expressionlessly, then continued to walk out.

Boss, who had gotten what he wanted, felt less resentful, his eyes brightened a little as he was waiting for food.


Fu Tingyu’s tall and straight figure sat on the sofa, he crossed his long legs and there was a laptop on his lap, it was silver in color.

His pitch-black eyes stared at the computer screen, he was deep in thought about the posts that had been forwarded.

Qin Shu leaned to the side and crossed her legs, there was also a laptop on her lap, she was also reading the posts on the Deep Ocean Forum.

She felt uncomfortable in her stomach, she changed her position again and still felt uncomfortable.

She glanced at the man sitting next to her and simply moved closer to him, then, she leaned on his arm and continued to read the replies on the post.

The man tilted his head and saw the girl leaning on his arm, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but lifted.

He glanced at her computer screen and found that she was also on the Deep Ocean Forum.

He noticed that the person who had forwarded the post was her.

He had been wondering if she was the one who had forwarded it, but now he could confirm it.

However, the nickname ‘Black Knight in a vest’ was too eye-catching.

There were already more than a thousand replies, but none of them were about the Lanzhi grass.

Qin Shu frowned and felt that her stomach was even more uncomfortable.

At this moment, Boss was full of energy after food, he walked to the sofa with his head held high and then nimbly jumped onto the sofa, he subconsciously ran into Qin Shu’s arms.

Boss, who had just finished eating the fish, had a very strong fishy smell.

Qin Shu’s stomach was already uncomfortable, when she smelled the fishy smell, her stomach immediately rolled vigorously, and she retched twice.

Boss did not understand what was going on, he walked over doubtfully and even called out worriedly, “Meow”

This time, the fishy smell was even stronger.

Qin Shu covered her mouth and retched a few more times.

When the man heard the movement, he hurriedly put down the laptop and turned his head to look at her. “What’s Wrong?”

Qin Shu shook her head. “I’m…” Before she could say the word ‘fine’, the feeling of wanting to throw up suddenly intensified.

She put the laptop on the sofa, put on her slippers, and rushed into the bathroom.

Seeing the girl’s reaction, the man was stunned, he put on his slippers and chased after her.

In the bathroom

Qin Shu let out a “Wah” and threw up everything she had eaten for lunch, as she turned on the tap, she threw up again.

When the man came in, he saw that the girl was vomiting, he patted the girl’s back and used his other hand to get a towel.

After the girl stopped vomiting and rinsed her mouth, he handed the towel over and asked, “Why are you throwing up?”

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