Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 489 - Your Boss Is the Best!

Chapter 489: Your Boss Is the Best!

Ignoring Crocodile’s gloomy expression, Jian Qi walked to the side and took the photo frame. She looked at the picture of her and Tang Jinyu and smiled.

“This is practically a magazine cover!” Jian Qi said.

When her gaze landed on Tang Jinyu’s shocked expression, her smile deepened. “I didn’t think that Instructor Tang would show such a shocked expression. He’s so pure!”

Crocodile: “…”

Big Sister Qi, it’s not that Boss is shocked. You’re too tough!

If it were anyone else, they would be stunned.

Especially when it was her, everyone was shocked!

“Let’s go. Send it to Instructor Tang!” Jian Qi smiled. Her mood immediately improved.

“Then, I’ll leave first!” Crocodile wanted nothing more than that!

If he were to tag along, he would be beaten up badly by Boss!

Jian Qi grabbed him. “I don’t have a car. Are you sure you want me to take a car?”

Crocodile: “…”

He felt that he would die even more if he were to be seen by Boss if he were to accompany Jian Qi.

“I remember that Boss is still in the army. He’s not back yet. Why don’t we send it back next time?” Crocodile asked.

Jian Qi frowned. Then, she smiled nonchalantly. “It’s fine. We’ll hang it in the room. When he gets back, he’ll definitely be pleasantly surprised when he sees this picture!”

Crocodile felt hopeless.


Big Sister, do you not understand my refusal?

How could you force me to go with you?

Under Jian Qi’s threatening gaze, Crocodile could only nod.

“Help me put it in your car!” Jian Qi said.

Crocodile went to get the photo, and someone else came over to help him. Jian Qi said happily, “No, no, you guys go ahead.”

Then, she picked up the photo frame and followed him out.

Crocodile looked at her and couldn’t help but laugh. “Big Sister Qi, why don’t you do it yourself? Shouldn’t a girl be unable to open a bottle cap?”

“This is a medieval kiss photo of my Instructor Tang and I, of course, I have to do it myself!” Jian Qi smiled smugly and continued, “Moreover, if a girl can’t open the bottle cap, she must be in front of the guy she likes. You should know that when a girl is tough, she can even crush a bottle!”

Crocodile couldn’t help but laugh. He admired her!

“As expected, Boss is the best!”

“Of course!”

Crocodile: “…”

You aren’t shy at all!

The two of them drove toward the old residence. Crocodile was a regular customer, so the guards at the entrance did not stop them. After all, they knew him.

They made their way to the old residence.

The owner of the house wasn’t there. Only the maids were there.

The maids were familiar with them.

After all, Jian Qi had been called sister-in-law on Tang Yiyi’s birthday not long ago. Moreover, their young master did not deny it!

There was a photo frame in the car. He took it and went upstairs.

“This is a gift for your young master!” Crocodile said to the maid.

Seeing the two of them, the maid did not stop them from going upstairs. Instead, she helped carry it up.

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