Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 490 - Don’t Block My and Little Tang Tang’s Wedding Photos

Chapter 490: Don’t Block My and Little Tang Tang’s Wedding Photos

The photo was facing down, so the maid did not see what was going on.

He followed her upstairs and opened the door. Jian Qi was still the one who ruined the room.

Crocodile was stunned when he stared at the room.

“Boss’s taste is getting better and better!”

“Do you think it’s great?” Jian Qi smiled. Clearly, she didn’t expect Tang Jinyu to not send anyone to clean it.

She looked at the piece that she had drawn on the bed and asked Crocodile proudly, “What do you think of that wedding photo?”

Crocodile looked over, stunned. This?

The bride was Little Tang Tang? The groom was Jian Qi?

Crocodile immediately knew that it was Jian Qi’s doing.

Does it have to be so scary?

Boss, has your endurance reached this stage?

Crocodile couldn’t help but sigh. This was unexpected!

He was indeed their boss!

The most important thing was that Boss kept it!

“Big Sister Qi, you’re amazing! You’re a master!” Crocodile gave her a thumbs up.

How could she ruin Boss’s room like this?

To you!

“You’re welcome!” Jian Qi replied calmly. “You can ask me to draw a few pieces of work in your room next time. I want money. Just give me a few million! I’ll definitely paint you and Feng Yi very handsomely!”

Crocodile’s mouth twitched.

Big Sister Qi, are you thinking too much?

I’m being polite, but you aren’t!

“Forget about it. I’m quite poor. I only live in a straw hut and can’t paint. I’ll buy a house after I save up money!” Crocodile said.

Jian Qi didn’t believe what he said at all. His car was close to a million dollars. It was a straw hut!

“Come, hang the photo on the wall. Don’t block my and Little Tang Tang’s wedding photo!” Jian Qi said to Crocodile. Then, she brought him a stool.

Seeing how enthusiastic she was, Crocodile didn’t know what else to say. “Can you get me some nails?”

The maid nodded and returned quickly with the toolbox.

Ten minutes later, Crocodile jumped down from his chair and looked at the picture in front of him. He was quite satisfied with the result!

It was finally done!

The maid at the side was stunned when she saw the photo. She then looked at Jian Qi again.

It seemed like she was the future mistress of the family!

Their young master had never treated a girl like this before.

“Big Sister Qi, we’re done. Can we leave now?” Crocodile wanted to leave this place as soon as possible. It wasn’t safe to stay here.

Although Boss wasn’t at home right now, he would still be in a terrible situation if he were to meet other people from the Tang family and they tell Boss about it.

“Wait, take a picture for me!” Jian Qi handed him the phone. Then, she walked to the side of the picture and stood there. She looked up slightly and pouted her red lips. It matched Tang Jinyu’s lowered head.

Crocodile’s mouth twitched. The dog food was everywhere!

He really wanted to stay away from this girl!

Crocodile took a photo.

Jian Qi then ran over and looked at it with satisfaction. She then edited it and sent it to Tang Jinyu.

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