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Chapter 488 - He’s Still in My Heart Even If He Isn’t With me

Chapter 488: He’s Still in My Heart Even If He Isn’t With me

Jian Qi looked at Coco after he had accompanied her the whole day. She couldn’t help but laugh. “Lord Coco, aren’t you afraid that Boss will fire you if you stay here all day?”

Coco remained calm. “Don’t be afraid. Where do you want to go tomorrow?”

Jian Qi didn’t care. “Anywhere.”

Coco read the guide while Jian Qi sat on the sofa in a daze.

She thought that she would never come back again, that she would never be able to see Coco again. This was something she had never thought about before!

Jian Qi felt happy looking at him.

Although what she wanted to do now seemed rather terrible, she wasn’t anxious when she looked at the people around her.

She even felt that it was great that they were here!

Accompany her!

Jian Qi’s smile deepened, and her eyes became gentle.

Coco accompanied her for two days. He was supposed to apply for leave, but something happened to Qiao Bo’s contract, and he had to deal with it. He could only go.

Jian Qi stayed at home.

“I should be back early in the afternoon. Let’s have dinner tonight. Just make do with it for a while,” Coco said to her before leaving.

Jian Qi couldn’t help but laugh.

His personality had not changed at all!

How could Jian Qi stay at home?

After changing into a new set of clothes and wearing a cap and a mask, Jian Qi walked toward the nearby internet cafe.

She switched on the computer in a corner and looked at the news Norman gave her online.

She asked Norman to investigate everything about Ai Xi. She wanted to find some clues from her.

However, she didn’t get anything in the end!

Everything had been cleaned up!

Jian Qi sat there quietly as if she had been separated from her surroundings.

All of Ai Xi’s information had been destroyed!

Since she couldn’t find anything, she believed that Steve would be the first to wipe them all away.

It seemed terrible!

But it proved that there was something wrong with Steve!

Jian Qi raised her hand and typed on the keyboard. Then, she sent an email to Norman.

She switched off her computer and left the internet cafe.

It was rather quiet without Coco.

Bored, Jian Qi was about to go home when she received a call from Crocodile.

“Big Sister Qi, the photo is ready. Where is your address? I’ll send it to you.” Crocodile smiled.

Jian Qi raised an eyebrow. So fast?

“Where are you? I’ll go look for you!”

Crocodile gave her the address, and Jian Qi hung up the phone. Then, she took a taxi to the building.

Jian Qi got out of the car and directly went in. She saw Crocodile sitting on the sofa in the living room. There was a two-meter tall photo frame beside him.

Jian Qi walked over. When Crocodile saw her, he immediately stood up and greeted her with a smile. “Big Sister Qi, don’t you feel hot in your black suit?”

It was rather sunny outside. Jian Qi’s black shirt, black pants, and a black baseball cap were really hot!

“It’s a cold winter without Instructor Tang by my side!”

Crocodile’s mouth twitched. “Big Sister Qi, Boss isn’t here. Can you not confess?”

“This just shows how important he is to me. Even if he’s not with me, he’s still in my heart!” Jian Qi said calmly.

Crocodile wanted to kick the dog in front of him.

I refuse dog food!

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