Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 458 - You’re So Nice, Can I Not Take It?

Chapter 458: You’re So Nice, Can I Not Take It?

Since it was forbidden to be noisy in the hospital, everyone sat there obediently and waited.

Jian Qi sat there for a few minutes before walking toward the balcony.

The hospital was brightly lit. It was clearly the night, but it was no different from the day.

There were even more people outside!

Jian Qi couldn’t help but stare at the flashing lights outside the window.

Everything that happened today was like a movie.

Compared to the previous mission, it was obvious that she had experienced something different this time.

In the past, she had always been alone. Even if there were any unnecessary people, they would always work separately.

However, they were not as cooperative as today!

And that kind of self-sacrificing spirit that could risk their own lives for each other!

Jian Qi took out the pistol from her waist and touched it gently. She could feel the cold temperature of the gun.

This time, it seemed to give her a different feeling!

She knew that apart from her comrades, there was also the most important person, Tang Jinyu!

Jian Qi smiled faintly.

She had to admit that Tang Jinyu was indeed a good person!

It was their first time meeting each other, and they almost raped each other!

When they met again, she only felt that he was handsome and boring, so she teased him.

She didn’t think that she would be able to meet him again. Moreover, it was even more boring on set.

Alas, the hand of doom reached out toward that person again.

Because this man was cold and rational, even if she teased him, he would only treat her coldly.

She did not feel pressured at all.

However, she did not expect him to appear at the National Defense Academy.

This surprised her!

Because of his identity, she started having malicious thoughts. Hence, she continued teasing him.

She was shocked to realize that he was suspicious of her identity.

There was no doubt that she had to be on guard when teasing him.

It was indeed rather frightening!

However, she liked the challenges!

She wasn’t a fool. Hence, she could sense the change in Tang Jinyu’s attitude toward her. She knew that he was indulging her even more.

Just like what Leng Yu said, Tang Jinyu had always been cold to others. No one would be so stupid as to “survive” in front of him for such a long time!

If it were not for the fact that he had allowed her to do so, she would have been thrown out of the military already!

She might not even be able to stay in the National Defense Academy!

Although Tang Jinyu had feelings for her, he never showed it on his face.

He did it discreetly, but she saw it clearly.

She thought that Tang Jinyu was truly worried about her and was afraid that something would happen to her if he could show it.

He seemed rather heartless!

Jian Qi looked up and smiled. She confessed to him every day!

Her daily confessions made her confused. Was she confessing to him or was she trying to seduce him?

Jian Qi raised her hand and looked at the dried blood on her palm. She smiled.

Little Tang Tang, you said that you’re so nice. Do you think I can afford it?

If you know that the girl standing in front of you is not as clean as you think and that my hands are covered in blood, will you still continue indulging me?

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