Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 457 - Little Tang Tang, Your Halo Is Especially Bright Today!

Chapter 457: Little Tang Tang, Your Halo Is Especially Bright Today!

Everyone smirked. Yes, you don’t like it, but you did!

Jian Qi walked out calmly, but she was still thinking about Norman.

He was wearing casual clothes, and the people on this mission were all wearing police uniforms. Moreover, Norman’s clothes were the same as the clothes that the man who helped with the bomb that she shot just now wore.

Jian Qi couldn’t help but think about what happened last time.

What was the anti-terrorism team up to?

Could it be related to the things in the box in the backpack?

Jian Qi frowned.

Seeing the injured veteran outside, she quickly went over to help him up.

Lightning and the others came over and took him from her.

Jian Qi released him and noticed the dried blood stains on her hand. She frowned. She had forgotten that Tang Jinyu was injured!

When she looked up at Tang Jinyu’s position, she saw him telling Feng Yi and the others to evacuate the hostages.

There were still four hours left before the helicopter arrived. Now, the six of them had to settle down.

Jian Qi quickened her pace and ran over. She held onto Tang Jinyu’s arm and frowned when she saw his pale face.

Everyone was wearing bulletproof vests. However, some of the bullets were powerful enough to pierce through it. Jian Qi placed her hand on Tang Jinyu’s back; blood had already seeped into his clothes.

After such a long time, he was still able to fight back and protect everyone around him. She even forgot that he was injured!

This man…

Why did she feel that he was especially handsome right now?

“Little Tang Tang, your halo is especially bright today!” Jian Qi smiled devilishly. “So, I need to do something!”

Tang Jinyu stared at her. He didn’t know what she was up to again.

Jian Qi released her hand and went to stand in front of him. Then, she patted his shoulder and said, “Come up! Your little fairy is carrying you to the hospital!”

Tang Jinyu was speechless.


“Why are you so shy when I’m being so proactive? It’s not like I’ve never carried you before!” Jian Qi grabbed his arm and put it on her shoulder. “Didn’t you like it when I carried you on the snowy mountain? Why are you so shy now?”

That playful tone made Tang Jinyu want to beat her up.

He tried to retract his hand, but Jian Qi grabbed his shoulder forcefully.

She was about to pick him up when Lightning walked over. “Boss, the car is here.”

Jian Qi was speechless.

Instructor Lightning, your eyesight is getting worse!

Tang Jinyu said, “Let go.”

Jian Qi pouted and released him. Then, she hugged his arm. “I’ll hold you.”

Tang Jinyu looked at her and smiled faintly. He did not say anything else as the two of them walked toward the car.

Lightning stood at the same spot and touched his chin. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Big Sister Qi looked like she was going to eat him up!

Also, Boss, don’t be too indulgent!

Thinking back to the kiss Leng Yu had given him on the rooftop, Lightning couldn’t help but sigh. It seemed like someone would be able to do the same thing again!

Moreover, he thought about how they were going to be fed dog food!

Since their comrades were injured, everyone else went to the hospital.

Tang Jinyu was shot in the back, and the other two veterans were injured.

The three of them were pushed into the operating room while Jian Qi and the others waited outside.

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