Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 456 - How Could I Like Someone Else?

Chapter 456: How Could I Like Someone Else?

Steve walked in and glanced at the messy house. The battle had ended!

“Mr. Tang.” Steve smiled at Tang Jinyu. “I didn’t expect you to be so fast!”

“Are you guys too slow?” Jian Qi retorted.

His playful expression, coupled with his words, made it seem like he was asking for a beating.

Steve’s face darkened, but he soon recovered.

“Mr. Tang, it’s been hard on you. We’ll deal with them now. I saw some of your people injured when I came in just now. I’ll get my subordinates to send you to the hospital,” said Steve, smiling.

Jian Qi really couldn’t stand this person. Just as she was about to retort, Tang Jinyu grabbed her and said, “No need. This is what we should do. Since you’re here, you guys can handle the rest!”

After saying that, he stopped talking to Steve and said to Lightning and the others, “Let’s go and send everyone back!”

Steve smiled as he watched Tang Jinyu and the others leave. He only stopped smiling when he knew that they were gone.

A subordinate walked over and whispered, “Everyone is dead!”

Steve’s face darkened. They were all dead!

Damn it… Can this man not be so fast?

Steve couldn’t help but clench his fists.

They had planned for Norman to disguise himself as Ah Ken and infiltrate the Eagle Organization as a mercenary. Now, their plan was ruined!

Steve was rather angry at Tang Jinyu for messing up his plan.

He couldn’t help but frown when he thought about how they worked together to fight against the mercenaries. This Tang guy…

“Do you want it?”

Before he could finish, Steve glared at him.

The subordinate immediately shut his mouth.

After Jian Qi left with Tang Jinyu, she tilted her head and looked at his hand holding hers. She slowly smiled. “Little Tang Tang, do you feel good holding your little fairy’s hand?”

Tang Jinyu stopped in his tracks and raised his hand to look at her hand. He frowned slightly.

Then, he relaxed and walked forward.

Lightning and the others couldn’t help but laugh. “Big Sister Qi, you’re being despised again!”

Jian Qi chuckled. “You’re just like Crocodile. You don’t have good eyesight!”

Lightning was speechless.

The others followed him out. Jian Qi quickly went after Tang Jinyu and bumped into Norman coming in. The strong impact made her take a step backward before she could steady herself.

“I’m sorry,” Norman said.

When Jian Qi heard the voice and saw Norman’s clothes, she couldn’t help but frown.

Norman glanced at her. When he saw that she was quiet, he apologized and walked in.

He stopped after taking two steps.

Wasn’t this girl the girl that smiled at him that night?

Why was she here again?

Norman was about to turn around when his colleague called out to him.

Lightning saw that Jian Qi was not moving and couldn’t help but tease her. “Big Sister Qi, do you like this little brother? Aren’t you afraid that Boss will beat you up?”

Jian Qi looked up and smiled calmly. “Instructor Tang is so handsome. How could I fall for someone else?”

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