Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 455 - Teamwork

Chapter 455: Teamwork

Lightning escorted the two of them outside and quickly returned to join the battle.

Tang Jinyu glanced at Jian Qi’s position. Then, he said to Lightning, “Give me your backpack. Cover me!”

“Copy that!” Lightning said, trying to attract the enemy’s attention. Meanwhile, Tang Jinyu quickly left to look for another sniping spot.

Soon, he arrived at the sniping point. When he saw Jian Qi’s location, he quickly opened his backpack and assembled the sniper rifle. Then, he said to her, “Jian Qi, go to your ten o’clock. Fire!”



As soon as he said that, the two of them fired at the same time and eliminated two enemies.

While the other mercenary reacted, Tang Jinyu continued shooting. “The one in black!”

The two of them shot at the same time to eliminate him.

The other party aimed their guns at Tang Jinyu and Jian Qi respectively. Meanwhile, Lightning and the other two veterans took the chance to eliminate their opponents.

“Jian Qi, retreat and change your position!” Tang Jinyu said seriously.

“Roger!” Jian Qi smiled. Her eyes were filled with bloodlust and excitement.

She would kill these scums!

How dare they hurt her Little Tang Tang!

She didn’t even have the chance to hurt him. How dare they beat her to it!

They were courting death!

After Jian Qi reached a safe distance, she left quickly and looked for another sniping spot. At the same time, Tang Jinyu found another spot.

“Three o’clock!” Tang Jinyu said.

Then, they fired again.

As soon as Tang Jinyu finished speaking, Jian Qi started shooting.

Every time the other party noticed them, he would quickly change spots.

It was as if they were cooperating. She understood what he said.

Throughout the entire process, only Tang Jinyu’s voice could be heard. Meanwhile, Jian Qi cooperated with him and quickly eliminated the people with the strongest firepower.

Lightning and the veterans were comrades who had worked with each other for many years. Naturally, they had good teamwork.

Soon, only a few mercenaries were left.

With Lightning and a few veterans pulling the line, Tang Jinyu and Jian Qi found a sniping spot and started shooting. They managed to kill them in one shot!

The others fell one after another. Only one was left.

Jian Qi moved her sniper rifle and aimed it at the man’s head. She smiled devilishly. “Leave him to me!”

Since she said so, they did not continue shooting.

The mercenary immediately saw that the other party had stopped firing. Although he felt that it was a trap, he was still shooting quickly. After all, he did not lack bullets at the moment. He only wanted to eliminate the people in front of him!

Jian Qi chuckled devilishly. “Game o—”


Before she could finish her sentence, she heard a gunshot. A bullet hit the mercenary first, and he fell to the ground.

Jian Qi frowned and quickly aimed the sniper rifle at where the sound came from.

She couldn’t help but curse when she saw through the sniper scope.

Damn it. These people really know how to take advantage of others!

Now that they were done, they came!

The moment the mercenary fell, a group of anti-terrorists rushed in.

Jian Qi got up and walked down the stairs.

Her eyes were filled with sarcasm when she saw a group of people.

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