Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 459 - How Are You Going to Propose to Instructor Tang?

Chapter 459: How Are You Going to Propose to Instructor Tang?

Jian Qi sighed and smiled bitterly.

If she could, she would have picked him up and carried him wherever she went!

It would be best if they could find some medicine that could wipe away people’s memories so that they could not remember anything. That way, they could really do whatever they wanted!

Jian Qi couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Indeed, she had evil intentions toward Tang Jinyu!

Tsk tsk tsk…

Jian Qi scoffed at herself and smiled.

If she could, she would come back after everything was over. She would marry Little Tang Tang!

Jian Qi smiled and gripped her gun tightly.

The road ahead was unpredictable, but she wanted to live this time around!

After flirting for so long, she had to tell him that she was serious!

“Big Sister Qi, why are you standing here all by yourself?” Lightning walked over and saw her smiling.

Jian Qi retracted her gaze and looked at him with a devilish smile. “I’m thinking about how to propose to Instructor Tang! Flower, diamond ring, what do you think?”

Lightning was speechless.

I’m already full!

“Big Sister Qi, we’re good comrades if we don’t torture dogs!”

Jian Qi smiled and patted him on the shoulder. She smiled and said, “Bachelors are meant to be tortured!”

Lightning was speechless.

I refuse to talk to this person!

Jian Qi followed after Lightning when she saw him leaving. She smiled and said, “Didn’t you answer my question just now? What do you think of the creativity of the flowers? Isn’t it too tacky? Or does Instructor Tang prefer to let everyone run? Why don’t all of you do me a favor and shout for Boss to marry your little fairy when you’re ten kilometers away?”

Lightning quickened his pace when he heard that.

Damn it, this girl is indeed crazy!

“Why are you running? I haven’t even finished speaking!” Jian Qi smiled devilishly. She stretched her hand out and pulled him away, but he managed to escape from her.

Jian Qi raised an eyebrow. Did she look so fierce?

The two of them came over. The lights in the operating room were switched off, and Tang Jinyu pushed them out. The other two comrades were still inside.

“Boss, how are you?” Old Man Qiu asked worriedly.

“It’s nothing serious. I’ve already taken out the bullet. I’ll rest for a while…” The doctor explained.

Jian Qi walked over and looked at Tang Jinyu. “Instructor Tang, it’s great that you’re fine. I thought that our wedding would turn into a funeral!”

The doctor’s lips twitched. Young lady, it’s not appropriate for you to say that!

On the other hand, everyone was calm about Jian Qi’s personality.

When she saw Tang Jinyu’s cold gaze, she smiled and said, “Little Fairy pushed you to the ward to rest!”

Everyone smiled and followed him. They helped Tang Jinyu to the hospital bed and went to the operating room to wait for their comrades.

Jian Qi sat at the side and looked at Tang Jinyu. She blinked and smiled. “Little Tang Tang, I’m so sad to see you injured!”

Tang Jinyu looked at the actress and couldn’t help but shake his head. “Actress, do you want me to look for Qiao Bo to act with you?”

Speaking of Qiao Bo, Jian Qi remembered that she did not even have the chance to meet him!

“Little Tang Tang, just you wait. I’ll come and find you later!” Jian Qi said as she ran toward the door.

“Where are you going?” Tang Jinyu frowned in displeasure.

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