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Chapter 268 - Ugly Tattooed And Crying?

Chapter 268 Ugly Tattooed And Crying?

You Xuanheng still hadn’t said it out loud. What kind of mystery did she still have? This gave Lin Zhitao an ominous premonition. Actually, she knew about the discovery of her secretly taking medicine this morning, but what could she say? She could only pretend that she hadn’t seen it!

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to give Yu Hengsheng a baby, it was just that she wasn’t mentally prepared. Also, You Xuanheng didn’t give her enough sense of security. She didn’t know when You Xuanheng might leave her.

She really did not have full confidence in the two of them.

Lin Zhitao secretly looked at the man beside her from the side. As she got along with You Xuanheng, she really loved this man more and more. She allowed herself to fall into his tenderness bit by bit. In fact, she was also beating the drums in her heart. She was afraid that one day he would get tired of leaving her, and she would not be able to bear it.

Not to mention giving birth to a child for him, she really did not have the courage of Tian Mi. Being a single mother and taking care of the child alone, she could not even take care of herself.

You Xuanheng could feel Lin Zhitao’s gaze. He also tried his best to understand Lin Zhitao’s worries. It didn’t matter. He, You Xuanheng, would definitely try to remove the defensive line in Lin Zhitao’s heart and let her walk with him without holding back.

“Don’t look, hurry up and eat. The porridge should be cold in a while.”

After being discovered, Lin Zhitao hurriedly lowered her head and drank the porridge in her hand.

After arriving at the clinic, You Xuanheng first went to check on You Xuanhui’s condition and consulted Doctor Lu. Doctor Lu said that the patient was recovering well, but he couldn’t be too excited. He still needed to slowly recover.

After all, Doctor Lu was the personal doctor of the You family. He also knew the importance of this person. When he learned that You Xuanheng was stationed here for a long time, he had specially arranged a lounge for him. He couldn’t always let the patrons sleep in the hospital beds. Moreover, the patrons would always bring a little honey with them, so it was better to make a big bed for him to play with.

The lounge is right next to You Xuanhui’s ward. Recently, private clinics have been temporarily closed and no patients have come to see them.

Doctor Lu also returned home early. Apart from You Xuanhui, who was still in a coma, only You Xuanheng and Lin Zhitao were left in the private clinic.

You Xuanheng closed the door of the lounge and approached Lin Zhitao step by step. Of course, Lin Zhitao knew that this man wanted to do it now. Apart from that little thought, he had no other thoughts.Read more chapters at

You Xuanheng grabbed Lin Zhitao’s hand and placed it on her body. Holding her small hand, she unbuttoned her clothes one by one.

Did You Xuanheng catch a breath today? Shouldn’t he be taking off Lin Zhitao’s clothes? Why did he put on a strip dance? Was he trying to seduce her? Lin Zhitao didn’t want to eat this set.

However, the moment You Xuanheng took off his clothes, Lin Zhitao was so shocked that she was speechless.

There was actually a row of tattoos on You Xuanheng’s abdomen, which were red and swollen. It was obvious that they had just been tattooed today.

Lin Zhitao looked down at the tattoo carefully. It wasn’t a dragon or a snake. The patterns that she could often see were just a line of words.

You Xuanheng always loved Lin Zhitao!

This was too childish. But why was Lin Zhitao’s heart so warm? Was this her label? Who else could accept it in the future? You Xuanheng ‘s confession made Lin Zhitao feel hot all of a sudden.

Lin Zhitao stood up and looked at the man in front of her.

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“What does a man’s pain count as!”

“Does your mother know about this tattoo?”

“It’s none of my mother’s business.”

“If you don’t apply for a tattoo on your skin and body, then it’s unfilial.”

Actually, Lin Zhitao only felt a little distressed for You Xuanheng. She could tell from the red and swollen appearance that it was very painful. Wasn’t this man too stupid to use a knife on her body?

“Isn’t that for you? If you want my mother to blame me, you can stand on my side!”

You Xuanheng immediately carried Lin Zhitao into his arms.

“I didn’t ask you to tattoo these things. Why did you drag me into this?”

“Your name is on it. You can’t get away with it.”Read more chapters at L

“I didn’t get even with you. Why did you get my name tattooed on you? I have to charge you!”

You Xuanheng smiled and threw Lin Zhitao onto the big bed. He pounced over. The charge was good. He would pay now!

“Alright, I have as many as you want, but I don’t want to give it back! Remember, we’re already bound, and no one will be able to separate from each other in the future!”

You Xuanheng said as he put it into practice, not giving Lin Zhitao any chance to catch her breath.

Wu Shan Yun Yu was at ease. Lin Zhitao jumped off the bed and wrapped up her clothes and walked out. You Xuanheng frowned. He mistakenly thought that Lin Zhitao was going to take medicine. He hurriedly chased after Lin Zhitao before he even had time to wear his clothes. However, he saw Lin Zhitao return with a box of ointment and cotton swab.

“Aren’t you going to apply medicine there?”

Lin Zhitao pointed at the place where You Xuanheng ‘s tattoo was. It turned out that Lin Zhitao had gone to get some ointment for You Xuanheng, but it gave You Xuanheng a fright.

“Why are you so flustered? Do you think I like taking medicine just because I’m fine?”

Lin Zhitao felt a little guilty when she saw You Xuanheng ‘s appearance. You Xuanheng probably ran to get the tattoo to give Lin Zhitao the sense of security she wanted. Actually, the sense of security wasn’t something that she had to rely on others to give her. She also had to be strong enough in her heart to get it.

Lin Zhitao wiped the medicine off You Xuanheng and couldn’t help but shed tears. You Xuanheng carried Lin Zhitao into his arms and lowered his head to ask about her tears.

“Why are you crying? Are you crying because of the ugly tattoo?”

You Xuanheng teased Lin Zhitao, but Lin Zhitao couldn’t laugh. Why was Lin Zhitao crying? Wasn’t it because he loved You Xuanheng? How could so many needles not hurt? In exchange for Lin Zhitao’s reassurance, he had truly risked his life.

Lin Zhitao’s tears couldn’t be stopped, and now she was so anxious that You Xuanheng was in a bad mood.

“Who provoked our family’s peach treasure? I’ll teach him a lesson.”


Lin Zhitao stopped her tears and pointed at You Xuanheng. Wasn’t it all him? If it wasn’t for his inexplicable tattoo, Lin Zhitao would have been touched to this extent. From childhood until now, no one had done these things for her deliberately, okay? Don’t keep attacking and stimulating her like this. Her heart’s endurance is limited!

“I’m wronged, but come on, scold me and I won’t fight back.”

You Xuanheng straightened himself out and allowed Lin Zhitao’s small fist to pound on it. That was not a fight. It was clearly a tickle, causing You Xuanheng’s heart to itch. He couldn’t help but put Lin Zhitao on the big bed.

“Now we can make a good person, right?”

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