Bestow Whole Favour on My Lovely Wife

Chapter 269 - Call The Police If You Really Can't

Chapter 269 Call The Police If You Really Can’t

What else could Lin Zhitao say? Although You Xuanheng’s behavior was a little childish, it showed that he cared about Lin Zhitao in his heart. If Lin Zhitao continued to escape, it would be a bit unreasonable.

Moreover, Lin Zhitao also liked You Xuanheng. She had also fantasized about the eternity of the world. Perhaps it would be good to live with this man for a generation.

Lin Zhitao was immersed in the gentle water You Xuanheng gave her, so she no longer did anything deliberately. Perhaps this was all a matter of course. Lin Zhitao had thought too much before, and was too worried.

In the middle of the night, when You Xuanheng was hugging Lin Zhitao and sleeping soundly, he suddenly heard You Xuanhui shouting.

You Xuanheng hurriedly got up, put on a piece of clothes and hurried to You Xuanhui ‘s ward. A black figure flashed through the window. Who could it be? You Xuanheng couldn’t help but feel nervous.

You Xuanheng didn’t care who the escaped person was, so he hurriedly ran to You Xuanhui ‘s hospital bed to check on You Xuanhui ‘s condition.

Fortunately, You Xuanheng discovered it in time. You Xuanhui was completely unharmed, but he was a little frightened and his eyes were wide open.

“Who is it?”

When Lin Zhitao heard the commotion, she put on her clothes and rushed over to be protected by You Xuanheng. He didn’t know if the black shadow would return. He didn’t want Lin Zhitao to get hurt.

“I don’t know who it is, and I don’t know what his intentions are. It’s not appropriate to stay here for long. I’ll call my big brother and ask him to arrange a safe exit.”

You Xuanheng called You Xuanyao as he spoke.

You Xuanyao took Tian Mi to pick up two treasures early in the afternoon and bought some ingredients to cook a few delicious dishes at home. The family ate happily for four people. Tian Mi stayed in the two treasures’ house all the time, telling stories to the treasures and accompanying the babies on their toys. Only when the two babies fell asleep did she walk out.

You Xuanyao was still processing the documents at the dining table in the living room. Just like before, Tian Mi made a cup of coffee for You Xuanyao and sat down to accompany You Xuanyao.

“What are you looking at?”

“Look at you.”

You Xuanyao could feel Tian Mi’s gaze. Tian Mi’s smiling eyes made You Xuanyao lower her head and kiss her.

“I’m already an old wife, why haven’t I seen enough?”

“I haven’t seen enough in my entire life. Who told you to be so charming?”

Hearing Tian Mi’s words of affection, You Xuanyao ‘s face flushed red. He was so hot that he felt embarrassed. The two of them had always been together. You Xuanyao chased, Tian Mi ran, You Xuanyao stopped, Tian Mi dodged.

This was the first time Tian Mi had taken the initiative to tease CEO You. CEO You said that he enjoyed it very much. In the future, he could encourage the little woman to say something small.

“Looks like today’s work is coming to an early end. It’s time to visit our two-person world.”

“Why do you seem to say that I’ve delayed your work? You should work hard. I’ll go to bed myself.”

Tian Mi, who had just performed well, was now very unbearable. She had provoked the CEO. Dropping her next sentence was like running away. There was no such cheap thing in the world. If she did not serve CEO You well, Tian Mi would be doomed tonight.

You Xuanyao didn’t say anything more and carried Tian Mi on her shoulder. Tian Mi was shocked and her legs kicked randomly. You Xuanyao was afraid that Tian Mi would wake up the two treasures and patted Tian Mi’s butt lightly.

“It’s time to spank if you don’t listen. Do you also want the treatment of Tian Tian and Tian Bao?”

Why did You Xuanyao treat Tian Mi as his third child? No, my greatest treasure.

Tian Mi pouted her lips in displeasure. Not only was she carried head-on by You Xuanyao like this, she also treated herself as a child and was even beaten up. It had been almost 20 years since Tian Mi had received this kind of treatment

“Then quickly put me down, I’m dizzy!”

Tian Mi protested. You Xuanyao ignored her and walked to the sofa, throwing Tian Mi onto the sofa.

Tian Mi lay on the sofa and watched You Xuanyao’s body getting closer and closer. She stretched her foot and kicked him over. Short legs didn’t have the advantage. Before she could reach You Xuanyao’s body, You Xuanyao grabbed her foot.

You Xuanyao actually dared to resist. You Xuanyao was not prepared to let Tian Mi off so easily. He grabbed Tian Mi’s foot and let Tian Mi want to take it back, but he would not let go!

“Let go of me. I was wrong, okay?”

“If I let you off so easily, you’ll have to be disobedient in the future. I’ll have to punish you.”

“How do you want to punish me?”

You Xuanyao hugged Tian Mi’s feet and attacked her.

“How else can I punish you? I’ll punish you for giving me a football team.”

“Ah …”

The two of them were squeezed on the sofa, unable to move at all, and Tian Mi was not sleeping obediently and twisted, which really made You Xuanyao complain repeatedly.

Fortunately, You Xuanheng called You Xuanyao in the middle of the night. You Xuanyao had no choice but to get up and deal with You Xuanhui ‘s matters.

Tian Mi rubbed her eyes and looked at him. His man was too tired. He had just finished his intense physical exercise and was about to run out.

Unfortunately, Tian Mi didn’t know. Just the two of them sleeping in that position, You Xuanyao also found it difficult to fall asleep.

“Go upstairs and sleep. Be careful of catching a cold. I’ll be back as soon as possible.”

“I’ll go with you!”

Tian Mi got up to get dressed, but You Xuanyao held her down.

“You have to stay at home with Baby. You can’t let the two babies stay alone. If you have anything, you must remember to call me.”

Only then did Tian Mi realize that she had already brought back the two treasures. How could a foolish mommy like him be so incompetent?

“Then be careful. If you really can’t, call the police. Those people have guns.”

“Don’t worry, it’s alright. There’s You Xuanheng. Besides, they don’t dare to act rashly in broad daylight. They still have their own laws.”

Tian Mi escorted You Xuanyao out the door and stood on the balcony watching You Xuanyao leave the community before returning to the bedroom.

Lying in bed, Tian Mi couldn’t sleep. She was always worried about You Xuanyao. She always felt that many things had happened recently. She didn’t know when this kind of day would end. Tian Mi really seemed to be living a peaceful life with You Xuanyao and her two treasures.

Tian Mi couldn’t sleep anyway, so she decided to get up and see if the two babies had peeled off the blankets. It had been a long time since she had slept with the two babies. She felt that she was too irresponsible to be a mother.

Pushing open the door, the two babies were sleeping soundly. Tian Mi gently kissed the cheeks of the two babies and tucked the blankets of the two babies. Only then did she creep out.

Before he could return to his bedroom, he heard the door open. Why did You Xuanyao come back so soon?

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