Bestow Whole Favour on My Lovely Wife

Chapter 267 - You'll Know In A Moment!

Chapter 267 You’ll Know In A Moment!

“Let’s get down to business first.”

Tian Mi barely managed to stay awake under You Xuanyao’s intense kisses.

“Speak, I’m listening.”

You Xuanyao had no intention of stopping, but could he really say anything here? Could he be eavesdropped on again?

“Is this the place to talk? Will it be heard?”

Tian Mi’s voice was so low that it was like a buzzing mosquito. She was worried that the news that she had managed to find out would be heard, so it would be useless.

“It’s fine. I installed an anti-eavesdropping device in here. They can’t hear anything.”

You Xuanyao stretched out her hand to start Tian Mi’s clothes. Tian Mi pushed him away. She was talking about serious matters, okay? She was always so unserious.

“Do you know who I saw today?”

You Xuanyao stopped moving and looked up at Tian Mi with a puzzled expression. His little woman had returned to the Imperial Court to see who else she could see. She couldn’t possibly see Ling Yitian or something like that.

“I saw Wang Yaoyao.”

Tian Mi also didn’t want to go in circles with You Xuanyao. You Xuanyao frowned. Why did that damn girl provoke Tian Mi again? No, Tian Mi had been in Yue Kai recently. It had been a long time since she returned to the Imperial Court. Why did she meet Wang Yaoyao just now? Could Wang Yaoyao be crouching there waiting for Tian Mi? She wouldn’t be looking for trouble with Tian Mi again, would she?

“What did she say to you? Did she do anything?”

Tian Mi hurriedly shook her head and nodded slightly, confusing You Xuanyao.

“It doesn’t matter what he said to me. What’s important is that he knows my schedule like the back of his hand. You know that we are being monitored. You definitely didn’t expect Wang Yaoyao to be on their side, right?”

You Xuanyao sat up and fell into deep thought. Wang Yaoyao was not a big character, but she held Yue Kai’s shares in her hands. He had no choice but to make more plans.

“What else did she say?”

Wang Yaoyao must have said something to Tian Mi. Now that she had this chip, she would definitely threaten Tian Mi. The rest was not important. It was important that his little woman wasn’t hurt.

“She wants me to tell Senior Sister to stay away from You Xuanheng, or else she will harm us.”

Sure enough, Wang Yaoyao had a plan. However, this plan was a bit too unreasonable. You Xuanheng was like a toy to Wang Yaoyao. She might not like it much, but because she could not get it, she did everything she could. It was too childish.

“I want him to deal with You Xuanheng ‘s affairs on his own.”

You Xuanyao decided not to participate in this matter and gave full power to You Xuanheng to resolve this matter. You Xuanheng did not care what method he used. As long as he could appease Wang Yaoyao and protect her shares, You Xuanyao would not say anything.

This seemed to be a bit cruel to You Xuanheng, but the company was not Youyao alone. You Xuanheng had the responsibility to lead the way and protect their family business.

“But, how should I let him handle it? He and Senior Sister haven’t dealt with their own problems yet. With Wang Yaoyao, I’m afraid he won’t be able to handle it.”

Tian Mi was a little worried about his future uncle. The key was about Lin Zhitao’s happiness. You Xuanheng couldn’t abandon Lin Zhitao for the sake of the consolation of the group company, right? But other than that, was there any better way? In any case, with Tian Mi’s ability, she really couldn’t figure it out.

“You Xuanheng is no longer a child. It’s time for him to be alone. Besides, this affection isn’t something that bystanders like us can get involved in.”

You Xuanyao looked at Tian Mi’s worried expression and knew that Tian Mi and Lin Zhitao’s feelings were still the same old saying. It was you who couldn’t escape, not you who couldn’t force it.

“Don’t worry, if You Xuanheng and your senior sister really love each other, no one can break them up. Leave them to him. Their feelings will have to be tested.”

You Xuanyao hugged Tian Mi into her arms. Wasn’t the relationship between the two of them coming over step by step? How could it be smooth sailing? Tian Mi’s worries were understandable, but there was really no need to help her make any decisions, because everyone’s life was their own.

What You Xuanyao needed to do now was not only to calm Tian Mi’s mood, but also to solve her own needs. At the same time, she also needed to let his little woman’s mind clear and relieve her nervousness.

“What are you doing!”

“I’ll help you relax.”

“This isn’t relaxation, okay? We still need to pick up the treasure later!”

“It’s still early. Don’t worry.”

“What should I do if I lose my strength later?”

“Babies are all in my arms. I don’t need you to put in any effort.”

“I still have to cook for Baby!”

“Then you have to feed me first …”

You Xuanyao lowered his head and kissed Tian Mi. She stopped Tian Mi’s incessant resistance in time. The resistance in front of him was completely ineffective. You Xuanyao had always been so domineering!

Fortunately, You Xuanyao let go of Tian Mi before receiving the treasure. Tian Mi was powerless, like a wooden person, letting You Xuanyao put on clothes for her one by one, her small mouth pouting in anger.

“You carry me, I can’t walk!”

You Xuanyao knew what was wrong and obediently put Tian Mi on her shoulder. Just as she walked out of the office, she met Su Jing’s eyes. Tian Mi hurriedly patted You Xuanyao and asked You Xuanyao to put her down.

For some reason, ever since she found out Su Jing’s identity, Tian Mi felt uncomfortable looking at her. She always felt that her eyes were looking back and forth on her body, as if she was going to strip Tian Mi naked.

“You can get off work now. I’m not coming back to work overtime today.”

You Xuanyao gave a simple explanation and left Yue Kai with Tian Mi.

After receiving the two treasures, You Xuanyao took them to the supermarket and bought the ingredients for the night. The two adults and the two treasures returned home happily. Could it be that this was a family day? They had to spend it happily.

You Xuanheng disappeared all afternoon and finally rushed to the hospital to pick her up before Lin Zhitao got off work. He had to hurry to the private clinic to take care of You Xuanhui. He could only grieve that Lin Zhitao had followed her and eaten some takeout.

Lin Zhitao was hungry after a day of surgery. She sat in the car and drank the lean porridge with preserved eggs that You Xuanheng had ordered in advance.

“This porridge tastes good.”

“I bought it in Cheng Ji. Didn’t you say that you like to drink their porridge the most?”

“It’s so far away. Don’t you need to go to work? Aren’t you busy lately? Why are you running so far?”

“I just happened to go over there to do something, so I bought it for you.”

“What are you doing?”

Lin Zhitao stopped her movements and looked up at You Xuanheng. She didn’t know what was going on, but she always felt that You Xuanheng was strange today!

“You’ll know soon!”

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