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Chapter 9: If you want to escape, you have to ask me, right

Chapter 9: If you want to escape, you have to ask me, right

Uehara Naraku was forced to train his Taijutsu for a week, and his life energy increased by 3 points. His efficiency was distressingly low.

Fortunately, his training did not need to continue for much longer.

The civil war of the Amegakure would soon begin. No one would have thought that a combination of the Six-Paths of Pain, Konan, and Uehara would overthrow the rule of Hanzo the Salamander.

The main force behind the war was currently only Konan and Uehara.

Due to Nagato’s physical inconvenience, Pain could not continue to fight for extended periods, so Konan and Uehara had to destroy the Amegakure’s ninja outposts in Land of Rain and the ninjas stationed there, forcing Hanzo the Salamander to gather his forces.

As long as Hanzo the Salamander summoned all of the Amegakure’s ninjas back to the Amegakure to protect themselves, The Six-Paths of Pain would be dispatched to collectively eliminate all the ninjas who had gathered to resist them.

The simple and innocent teenagers who had been trapped by Hanzo the Salamander and Shimura Danzo had grown their brains a little since then.

Uehara’s mission was to clean up a ninja stronghold and find related information. There were two ninja teams stationed in that stronghold with a total of eight ninjas, including two Chunin Captains.

His mission was to kill seven of them, deliberately let go of one of them, and let the Amegakure ninja send the news of the start of the war to the Amegakure.

It was best if it could cause panic in the Amegakure.

This was a bit of a test of his acting skills.

However, since Uehara Naraku considered himself one of the four major actors of Akatsuki and wanted to compete with Black Zetsu, Obito, and Uchiha Itachi, the most indispensable skill was acting.


The eastern part of the Land of Rain, a stronghold hidden under the cliff.

There are two Chunins and six Genins stationed in the stronghold in the cliff. Their mission was to monitor the situation, check if a large-scale army was entering, whether there were wandering ninjas and if anyone dared to resist Hanzo-sama.

The Amagakure’s Chunin Kamakura slowly swayed to the entrance of the stronghold, watching the torrential rain outside, with a dazed expression: “The bad weather continues every day, I don’t know when this cursed weather will ever stop…”


peng~ peng~ peng~ …

A strange sound slipped in.

The sound was not part of the rainstorm.

The Amegakure’s Chunin stopped talking and listened carefully to the outside world. People who grew up in the Land of Rain could easily discern the sound of rain hitting a bamboo umbrella…

Kamakura quickly turned his head and looked at his teammates, and his fingers quietly signalled that an enemy was coming!

After all, in such bad weather, especially such heavy rain, someone still inexplicably came to the Amegakure’s stronghold. He surely didn’t come to travel, right?

“That…Are you ready?”

A childish and shy voice came from the rainstorm.

Just as the Amegakure’s ninjas became speechless, a purple energy ray cut the entire cliff in half, and the majestic heavy rain fell…

The Amegakure’s ninjas ignored the rain falling on their faces and looked at the cliffs that slowly collapsed to the sides. This shocking scene nearly broke their minds…

“…What kind of ninjutsu is this…?”

“With a single blow, the entire cliff was cut open…”

When things came to an end, only Kamakura was still able to react. He flew behind the side of the rock and yelled out, “The enemy is strong, all of you pay attention and try to dodge his attacks!”

As Kamakura reminded his subordinates, he raised his head cautiously, observing the enemy who destroyed their stronghold…

It was a young ninja holding a bamboo umbrella.

Kamakura subconsciously felt disbelief. How could he look so young yet turn out to be such a powerful enemy?

However, it really was a young boy.

Uehara Naraku walked in step by step, looked towards the Amegakure’s ninjas with a smile, and whispered, “So, can we start?”

“Little demon. What’s your purpose here!”

Kamakura held the kunai in his hand tightly, his nerves became tighter and tighter. He couldn’t even tell whether it was rain or sweat on his forehead…

“What are you talking about?” Uehara raised his umbrella and revealed his smiling face but the words he said sent a chill down their spines, “I’m here… So naturally, I’m here to kill you!”

His immature face was smiling, but the bloody words he spoke made him look like a devil to Kamakura.

This little demon must be an out-and-out evil person!

“Scoundrel, kill him!”

Kamakura waved the kunai in his hand and rushed forward. Under the command of their Captain, his subordinates swarmed up alongside him. The group of Amegakure ninjas charged over, each holding a ninja sword, chain blade, and shuriken!

Uehara held his bamboo umbrella and sighed, “Life is so short, why do you still want to take shortcuts?”

A flash of golden light appeared on his body!

It was a golden dome that wrapped his whole person and blocked the mass of attacks for him!

An immaterial golden lightsaber appeared around the golden dome. A second later, Uehara waved his hand and the lightsaber swung, piercing through the bodies of the Amegakure’s Ninjas closest to him!


Kamakura was horrified by this inexplicable power!

From his perspective, neither shurikens and kunais nor ninja swords and chain blades could pierce the seemingly thin golden dome, which was extremely frustrating.

The boy killed most of the ninjas in the stronghold with a couple of gestures, and now only he and the other Chunin were left!

Fortunately, the other Chunin did not lose his mind and quickly formed a hand-seal in his hand, and a surge of water rushed out, “Water-Style: Wild Water Wave!”

Obviously, this C-Rank Water-Style Ninjutsu did not cause any trouble to the enemy at all. Uehara just turned around to avoid the turbulent water flow.

A spray suddenly turned into a water whip, entangled Uehara’s body!

“Water-Style: Flowing Water Whip!”

Kamakura’s hand was tightly wrapped around the other side of Flowing Water Whip, he had finally calmed down. Turning to his companion he quickly shouted, “You go back to the village and report the information here, I’ll stop him…”


The other Amegakure’s Chunin didn’t hesitate. After nodding, he rushed into the distance quickly. He didn’t believe that Kamakura could defeat the youngster either.

But… at the very least, they could send out some information.

As long as the Chunin. Kamakura could hold the youngster back for a while. He would be able to use the rainstorm to integrate himself into the environment and escape the battlefield!

“Ha, it’s not very nice to abandon your companion and run away like that is it?”

A card appeared on Uehara’s fingertips. Spinning it dexterously with his fingertips, he threw his card at the running Amegakure Chunin!

Obviously, it was just a card, but it was sharper than a shuriken.

Everyone saw the card swiftly cut through the heavy rain and pierced into the Amegakure’s Chunin’s body, and then a dull explosion rang out…

There were no bones left in the Amegakure’s Chunin who tried to escape.

Uehara broke free from the technique of Flowing Water Whip, raised the bamboo umbrella in his hand, and looked up at the only remaining Chunin, Kamakura, “Even if you want to escape back to Hanzo to report, shouldn’t you let me pick the one I let go?”

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