Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 10: The Teacher Teaches Well

Chapter 10: The Teacher Teaches Well


Kamakura watched his last companion die. In a rage, he hit the ground with his fist. The mud and rain splashed on him, “Another idiot who wants to challenge Hanzo-sama…”

Decades ago, Hanzo of the Salamander was hailed as a Demi-God by the Ninja World, becoming the closest ninja to the ninja god, the First Hokage, so he encountered many assassinations and challenges.

The ninjas of Amegakure were used to it.

Kamakura had also seen many foolish young men who charged over with bravery. They thought they would be invincible in this world if they mastered a few Ninjutsu. After they entered Amegakure, they wanted to take down Hanzo, but most of them were killed by Hanzo-sama’s right- and left-hand men.

Kamakura suddenly thought that the boy holding a bamboo umbrella in front of him was also an idiot who didn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth and wanted to beat Hanzo-sama.

Instead of denying it, Uehara walked towards Kamakura and said lightly with a smile, “You are only half right. I want to take Hanzo’s head, but I also want to use his head to pay tribute to those killed by him… That old fellow has lived long enough, right?”

“Scoundrel! How dare you insult Hanzo-sama!” Kamakura gritted his teeth.

As one of Amegakure’s ninja, he absolutely couldn’t stand someone insulting the Demigod whom they regarded as their pride.

Just when Uehara thought this guy was going to fight for his life, Kamakura quickly threw out the kunai in his hand and put his hands together to form a seal.

“Water Release: Hiding in Rain Technique!”

A cloud of smoke rose from the rain…

As a ninja from the Amegakure, Kamakura was very familiar with how to fight and escape in the heavy rain!

This guy wants to escape!

Faced with a powerful enemy who killed all the ninjas stationed in the Amegakure stronghold, Kamakura knew his strength well.

That little demon, with no difficulty, killed six Genin and one Chunin. During the battle, he didn’t even put down the bamboo umbrella in his hand!

“This information must be sent back to the village…”

The silhouette of Kamakura turned, blocking Uehara’s sight with the help of the rising smoke, and he flew into a crevice between the rocks. He had been optimistic about this position.

As an ordinary ninja, once you encounter an undefeatable enemy, you have to send the enemy’s information to the upper echelons of the village as quickly as possible.

This was the law of ordinary ninja.

The rain was getting worse.

Kamakura didn’t dare to get out of the rain, instead, Kamakura cautiously hid in the crevices of the rocks, listening to the rain falling on the bamboo umbrella, the sound gradually diminished.

‘The boy, has he left?’

Kamakura slowly breathed a sigh of relief. He waited for a while before he became completely sure that the boy had left and then cautiously poked his head out to observe the surrounding environment.

As for the heavy rain, there was no trace of anyone on the ground.

The Amegakure’s Chunin Captain, Kamakura, finally felt relieved and slowly walked out of the cracks between the rocks, and he even noticed that the rain seemed to be a little lighter.

The sound of rain hitting the bamboo umbrella once again came to his ears…

‘He hasn’t left yet!’

‘The boy is still here!’

Kamakura lifted his head suddenly and looked into the sky!

He saw a dark silhouette in the sky, the silhouette floating through the air with a bamboo umbrella, making Kamakura’s eyeballs bulge…

‘The little demon! How can that kid fly in the air?’

Uehara Naraku fell down, holding the bamboo umbrella, allowing himself to look into Kamakura’s eyes. He tilted his head and asked, “Hey, even if you want to escape, don’t you have to ask for my permission first? “


Kamakura couldn’t help but shake in fear. He stared at the boy with a bamboo umbrella in front of him with his eyes wide open. He just whispered and said, “You…have already sensed my position…”


Uehara nodded. He squeezed out a card in his hand and inserted it into the Amegakure ninja headband on Kamakura’s forehead.

That card was obviously only a thin one, but it cut the iron ninja headband very sharply and inserted it slowly.

Kamakura watched Uehara’s movements, trembling all over. He was facing an enemy that could not be understood by common sense. He dared not move at all.

Kamakura could clearly feel a thin wound on his forehead, and his blood flowed from the gap in the headband little by little.

Just when Kamakura thought he was going to be killed, Uehara Naraku stopped and said softly, “Okay, go back and remember to tell Hanzo the Salamander that he escaped a disaster twelve years ago. This time, he can’t escape.”

Kamakura murmured nonchalantly, “…why…why didn’t you kill me…you guy, who the hell is…”

“Um…” Uehara pondered for a while, raised a finger, and explained with a serious face, “Maybe… I’m a kind-hearted person?”

If it was a month ago when Uehara had first come to the Ninja World, he might have indeed been a kind person but after living in the Land of Rain, a kind person could not survive in the ninja world, so he became a different kind of guy.

A person who had seen the broken world with his own eyes, the flower of evil would begin to bloom. The evil intent hidden in their human nature will drive him to become a human being that does not distinguish between good and evil.


Kamakura couldn’t help lowering his head and looked towards Amegakure’s ninjas’ corpses that were lying around. What kind of kind-hearted is this?!

Uehara waved his bamboo umbrella and landed on the ground, step by step, into the rainstorm. Halfway through, he suddenly stopped again and turned his head lightly and said with a smile, “Instead of killing you all, it is better to leave you alone and spread the fear from us to Hanzo the Salamander. The effect should be better, right?”


Kamakura was horrified and undecided.

Uehara waved his hand and said, “Go, go back and tell Hanzo the Salamander, the avengers from twelve years ago are coming back to claim his life!”

After speaking, the boy holding the bamboo umbrella slowly disappeared from Kamakura’s sight, leaving a mess.

“What happened twelve years ago…”

Kamakura knelt in the rain, thinking back on the history of the Amegakure.

Twelve years ago, Hanzo the Salamander led many trusted aides out to perform missions. The specific mission was unclear.

However, apart from Hanzo, the other Amegakure ninjas never came back. Since then, Hanzo also issued an order to hunt down the Akatsuki but the Amegakure ninjas never found any traces of the Akatsuki. So the matter had been dropped.

‘Now, is it the members of the Akatsuki who have come to take revenge?’

The heavy rain was getting heavier and heavier…


As soon as Uehara completed his mission, he saw sheets of paper dampened by the rain fluttering and converging into a woman with light blue hair. Her hair was wetted by the rain and it stuck tightly to her face.

It was his teacher.

Konan stretched out her hand to take the bamboo umbrella in Uehara Naraku’s hand, brought him to her side, and let them share the bamboo umbrella blocking the rain.

“I saw it just now.”

Konan looked downward at Uehara, tapped his shoulders, and softly praised the youngster next to her, “Naraku, you’re doing a good job.”

“Hehe, Konan-sensei taught me well.”

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