Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 8: Pain Who Cares About Members

Chapter 8: Pain Who Cares About Members

Moment of Sacred Judgment, a skill that causes an angel to descend.

After Uehara Naraku studied the effects of Moment of Sacred Judgment, he finally felt a little relieved, and he didn’t have to worry about his instant death in the future.

Moment of Sacred Judgment: An invincible shield appears around you or someone else for 3 seconds. Simultaneously, a holy blade will appear around them and cause great damage to their surroundings. The duration is equivalent to the amount of Chakra used with a minimum of 100 points. Cooldown, 160 seconds.


Konan’s main body beckoned Naraku who was still in the sky and waited until he landed before asking, “Hey, Naraku, was the technique just now a Kekkei Genkai?”

The formidable power of his Life Form Disintegration Ray was beyond her imagination!

When that purple energy first came into contact with paper clones, it didn’t feel very good then a burning pain burst out!

It felt like it was forcibly erasing its body!

“Um, I don’t know.”

Uehara Naraku shook his head and avoided the question, “I’m not sure if it is ninjutsu or Kekkei Genkai. If my father was still alive, I could ask him if there were any strange Kekkei Genkai abilities in our family. …”


Konan shook her head and did not continue to ask.

Perhaps it was because there were too many weird ninjutsus in the Akatsuki, such as Kakuzu’s Earth Grudge Fear, Sasori’s Eternal Life Human-Puppet, and so on.

Pain stepped forward, opening his mouth, and said in a cold voice, “His taijutsu is terrible, not even as good as yours, Konan, this will become a fatal flaw in battle…”

Konan, “…”

Pain insulted them both in one sentence.

Earlier, Pain had said that, no matter what the level of strength Naraku had, he had to participate in the Akatsuki’s battle for revenge. Why was he saying this now…

It was also true that what Pain said made a lot of sense. Naraku’s taijutsu was full of flaws, and even she, a ninja who was not very good at taijutsu, could tell.

Uehara Naraku scratched his head a little. His taijutsu was indeed a little worse, but as long as his life energy values increased in the future, that would naturally change.


Pain glanced at Naraku, then turned his head and looked towards Konan, “Now, you’ve tested him. His strength is clearly enough to participate in the mission!”

Naraku raised his head and looked at the light blue-haired woman, “Konan-sensei, what mission are we going to participate in?”

“An assault on the Amegakure stronghold. We’ll be forcing Hanzo of the Salamander to gather his confidants, before finally killing them!”

When Konan mentioned the name of that person, her face became cold, “Twelve years ago, Hanzo of the Salamander, known as the Demi-God, broke his promise and colluded with Shimura Danzo of Konoha and killed the leader of the Akatsuki and most of its members…”

Everything that happened that day, kept replaying in her mind day and night!

The Akatsuki organization, which originally thought it was about to step into the light, was destroyed overnight. Aside from her and Nagato, everyone else was killed!

Among the casualties, there was Yahiko, the leader of Akatsuki.

He was their companion who grew up with them, leading her and Nagato as they survived the harsh wars. He also chased the dream of peace, leading those who trusted him on his quest…

He did not die while trying to stop a war but died in a conspiracy, leaving a huge shadow in the minds of his two close friends.

In addition, Nagato’s legs were injured by explosive tags. Since then, he lost the ability to move and even reached an agreement with two evil people, leading the Akatsuki organization on a path of terror.

For revenge and to commemorate, Nagato chose to keep Yahiko’s corpse and make it the strongest Deva Path among Six Paths of Pain, thus making the Deva Path Pain in front of him the eternal leader of the Akatsuki.

Twelve years.

Konan and Nagato endured for twelve years. Once the Six-Paths of Pain were complete, they finally found a trace of confidence and decided to go to take revenge on the Amegakure.

Since it was revenge, as it should be, other people could not interfere.

It was just going to be the two of them who would attack the Amegakure, they wanted to go to their old haunt, where they happened to meet another youngster who should join them in revenge.

Naraku lowered his head and thought. They should have no problem attacking Amegakure this time. With the strength of the Six Paths of Pain, it would not be difficult to defeat Hanzo the Salamander. In other words, this is a pure soy sauce journey.

There were several parts to this mission.

For example, a series of missions that Naraku had overlooked until now.

[Advanced Mission 1: Kill ten wandering ninjas (10/10)]

[Reward: 100 Life Energy, 100 Chakra Energy]

[Status: Completed.]

[Advanced Mission 2: Kill ten official Genins (3/10)]

[Reward: Unknown]

Naraku guessed that the chain mission would continue, going from Genin to Chunin, and Jonin. It might even reach Kage level characters by the end.

‘Well, I guess I’ll see once I get there.’

With his current strength, facing a Kage level expert was pointless. With the system’s personality and the missions it released, Kage level experts must mean the Kages of the Five Great Countries Ninja Village, not missing-nin like Kakuzu.

Naraku’s only hope now was that the system’s future missions would only require ordinary Jonin instead of the bugged Jonin such as Might Guy and Kakashi, which would be impossible.

If you wanted to increase your strength, advanced missions were a must. Naraku predicted that these missions would give Life Energy and Chakra Energy.

The reward would not be too little.

In the beginning, when Uehara Naraku had transmigrated, he encountered some wandering ninjas who were not very strong. Just relying on his skills, was more than enough to kill them.

However, most official Genins were part of their own Ninja Village, which meant they mostly worked in groups when performing missions. In all of his days of wandering, Uehara Naraku only met one group of Genins in the Land of Rain, the Sunagakure team.

To complete his advanced missions, he had to find a ninja gathering place and there was no more suitable place than a Ninja Village.

It was a rare chance for him, he might be able to complete a large number of advanced missions at the same time, thereby greatly strengthening his strength.


While he was preparing, Uehara Naraku thought about how the situation was a little weird. According to the information about the Naruto World he had, Nagato would store his Six Paths of Pain when he didn’t need to use them to save his chakra.

Who would have imagined that, during the period before the war, Pain, instead of returning to where he should be, frequently appeared in the area where he and Konan practiced, commenting on Naraku who was training taijutsu from the beginning to the end and asking a bunch of questions.

“Your arm strength is too low to defeat the enemy…”

“Your kicking speed is too slow, so the enemy will catch your weak spot…”

“Too weak, little demon, is your fist here to tickle the enemy?”

The man with orange hair stood at the edge of the practice grounds and made a few comments from time to time, which was really detrimental to the image Uehara had of the Deva Path of Pain.

However, Uehara Naraku was not easy to affect with words.

Konan found it a little unbearable and said aloud, “Pain, Naraku is only twelve years old. He is still very young and has a long time to grow up…”

“I just care about the members of the organization.”

The orange-haired man argued back with a voice full of his convictions.

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