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Chapter 7: Breaking the Paper Clone

Chapter 7: Breaking the Paper Clone

The lake was calm.

Then a ninja stepped on the water of the lake and rippled waves.

Uehara Naraku walked on the lake. step by step, followed Konan’s footsteps, slowly reaching his position, and after a two-day break, she would officially test him today.

She didn’t know what Pain really thought. He was a bit displeased with Konan’s decision two days ago but today he also came to watch the battle between the teacher and the disciple.

Konan closed her eyes, clasped her palms, and said in a low voice, “Naraku, don’t treat this as just a test before careless, my paper clone is not weak…”

Konan’s voice gradually lowered.

Countless pieces of origami paper flew out of her body. These origami papers flew through the sky and converged into a human form, forming a paper clone that was comparable to the main body.

This Paper Clone was different from the one formed by Shadow Clone Jutsu.

Ordinary Shadow Clone Jutsu formed an entity, but once it was hit by an attack, it would be forced to dissipate. A Paper Clone was very different. When Konan’s Paper Clone was struck, it could even divide into smaller ones that then fly into the distance to regroup.

In addition, a Paper Clone could release any Ninjutsu Konan could use. Even if it was made of ordinary pieces of paper, it had a sharpness that no shuriken could compare to while they were under the control of her Chakra. This wasn’t even mentioning the countless Explosive Tags hidden among the pieces of paper.

“Unfortunately, if you can’t even defeat a paper clone…”

Uehara Naraku raised his head, and a smile appeared in the corner of the boy’s mouth, and he spoke confidently, “Wouldn’t that make me too useless?”

He had worked hard for a month to accumulate Chakra and put it into the Goddess’ Tears, and he had the Jonin Level Chakra!

His previous loss to Itachi was because he was too careless and was caught by his Sharingan’s Genjutsu before he was freed by Konan.

Now, Naraku knew Konan’s skills, whether it was her Ninjutsu or her shortcomings, they were perfectly clear in his heart, plus his special skills…

If he couldn’t beat Konan’s Paper Clone with these advantages, he would eat the cards in his hand!

“We’ll find out once the test is over!”

Konan’s Paper Clone stepped onto the lake’s surface, moving towards Naraku, then it rushed over, loudly reminding him, “Naraku, it’s officially begun…paper shuriken!”

Dozens of papers were sent flying towards him!

The sharpness of the paper shuriken made them almost indistinguishable from those made of iron, but the flying speed and throwing angle were even weirder!

Naraku held four cards in each hand and quickly moved towards the paper shuriken and threw them at the paper shurikens!


Eight cards flew out, two of which were automatically enhanced by his Chakra. They exploded immediately, changing the direction of the paper shuriken!

The other six cards flew in the direction of Konan!

“Good job…”

The water was rippling again!

Konan was very satisfied with Naraku’s solution to her paper shuriken. Her Paper Clone gathered origami paper behind her, and they converged into a pair of wings, lifting her body into the air to avoid the card attack. Then, with the help of her wings, she launched another attack!

Paper dance!

Paper rain!

A single sheet of origami turned into a pile of densely packed paper that hide the sky and covered the earth as it obliquely flooded towards Naraku’s position, making it impossible for him to escape by foot!

“Wind barrier!”

Uehara Naraku symbolically clasped his palms and formed a hand seal. A wind wall formed about the water to block the Paper Rain’s assault.

However, that did not mean the crisis had been resolved…

Even if the wind barrier could block it for a few seconds, it was impossible to block it continuously. Konan’s Paper Rain could recycle the paper it used, so she could almost infinitely release her Paper Rain skill!

The wind wall slowly disappeared…

The Paper Rain flooded towards Naraku again!

Uehara Naraku dodged aside, avoiding another wave of paper rain, but this did nothing to resolve the crisis at all!

“It seems like I only use that move…”

Uehara Naraku clenched his fists sharply, the Chakra inside his body flowed quickly, his toes stepped on the surface of the water and he flew into the sky. Stepping on the air, he escaped the dense Paper Rain!

It was the flying skill, Dancing Air Technique!

“Naraku… can fly?”

Konan’s brows frowned suddenly. Flying skills were not uncommon, but flying into the sky out by stepping on the air like this was really unexpected.

The next moment, Konan saw Naraku’s silhouette rushing over!

“He’s very fast!”

Konan’s Paper Clone quickly stopped the Paper Rain that was shooting downwards, as countless papers overlapped to form a paper spear, which shot out in the direction of Uehara!

However, Naraku’s movements in the sky were surprisingly flexible, it was as good as on the ground, so he managed to dodged the paper spear.

“Can a body be so flexible in the air?”

The woman’s brows frowned first and then stretched out, “Naraku this little guy… he also can’t be underestimated!”


The two finally got into close combat confrontation!

It was just that Naraku’s Taijutsu was a bit bad. Even if he could move at will in the sky, he couldn’t beat Konan in Taijutsu!

‘There is no way….’

His life energy was only more than 600. Life energy was linked to his physical energy, strength, and speed. From the data’s point of view, it was barely at the requirement of a Chunin.

But it didn’t matter. As long as he rushed to Konan’s side, the battle would be over, right? A thundercloud storm had begun to accumulate around him!

“Lightning-Release ·Myriad Heavenly Thunder Prison!”

Thunderclouds continuously spat out lightning, splitting the Paper Clone in front of them into sheets of origami, and some of the origami even had electricity arcing off them. This scene surprised Naraku.

Electricity would only arc off origami soaked with water! But these wet sheets had a conductive effect. It was almost impossible for them to be destroyed by lightning…

“Teacher Konan, did you soak the sheets of paper in advance?”

“Not bad”

Konan nodded and didn’t deny it, “If I didn’t do this, it would be difficult for my paper clone to withstand fire ninjutsu…”


Naraku held his forehead helplessly. Konan actually guided the lightning through the soaked origami…

Countless origami paper flew to the other side to form Konan’s body again and said softly, “Naraku, aside from sticky oil, it is difficult for other techniques to completely destroy my paper clone…… If you have no other techniques, you cannot be allowed to participate in our dangerous missions.”

“Understood, then I can only use another secret Jutsu!”

The young man nodded and looked at Konan with a serious look, and formed a messy hand seal with both hands. He has always been making symbolic hand seals since his skills were all instantaneous, the hand seals were just a way of confusing people.

Konan looked at this scene calmly, but she took it seriously at heart.

But she didn’t stop Naraku’s approach. A spar between master and disciple should let dísciple show his true strength, right?

Also, Konan wanted to see what kind of powerful Ninjutsu her disciple, who took a stance with both hands, would suddenly become so serious about.

“Lifeform Disintegration Ray!”

After Uehara Naraku finished his messy hand seal, he firmly closed his fists, and his eyes suddenly turned towards Konan’s paper clone.

A burst of purple energy surged out!

Being attacked by the purple ray, Konan’s paper clone didn’t even have time to split apart, and it suddenly disappeared, turning into nothingness!

At the same time, Uehara Naraku’s mind rang again, another weird side mission had been completed…

[Mission completed: Defeated Akatsuki’s angel Konan once (1/1)]

[Reward: Holy skill – Moment of Sacred Judgment.]

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